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An image (or moving images) is projected onto a surface, most frequently a projection screen, by an optical device called a projector or image projector. Although some more recent types project images directly using lasers, most projectors create images by transmitting light via a tiny transparent lens. A virtual retinal display or retinal projector is a projector that projects an image directly into the retina as opposed to using an external projection screen. There are many different kinds of projectors for sale and purchase online. We also have branded projectors available. If you’re interested, please visit our website, 

Types of projector

There are three types of projector

  • Cadmium Ray Tube (CRT)
  • Displays with liquid crystals (LCD)
  • Processing of Digital Light (DLP)

Cadmium Ray Tube 

A CRT projector essentially functions as a video projector. It generates images using a tiny, highly-bright cathode ray tube. The CRT face is covered with a lens that focuses the image and enlarges it onto a larger projection screen

devices that use liquid crystals Liquid Crystal Display’s meaning can be roughly inferred from its name. The words “LCD” and “solid” are analogous to the liquid and solid states of matter. A Liquid Crystal Display projects an image or object using liquid crystal


devices that use liquid crystals  Texas Instruments created the video technology known as Digital Light Processing (DLP), which is used in front and rear projection systems. Both front and back projections employ DLP. It is typical for TVs to use rear projection, and front projectors made for businesses and classrooms also use it. Such a projector is quite helpful. The” Big Electronics Store” also allows online purchases

Disadvantages of a Projector

  • In a dim environment, a projector is frequently required. It requires maintenance regularly. 
  • The cost of installation may be higher in some cases depending on how it is installed For the vast majority of projectors, an external audio system is necessary.

Today, projectors are essential and must be installed or bought from Google. To make an online purchase visit our site

Good Projector

Projectors come in a variety of designs and price ranges, ranging from a few hundred dollars to well over five figures. Choosing the best model for your needs can be challenging, but we’re here to help. To purchase items online, visit the. Below is a list of the best choices from our several reasonable projector guides. We have suggestions for excellent living room projectors, economical home theater projectors, premium 4K movie projectors, and more

An Excellent Home Theater Projector for Gaming?

Picture quality and speed are crucial factors when choosing a home theater projector for gaming. However, they are essentially essential for any excellent home theater projector With 4,000 lumens of brightness, this Optoma gaming projector lets your video game come to life on the screen. The ideal situation for setting a new high score or spotting enemies in the distance is when the pictures are crystal clear. Thanks to this projector’s extremely low input lag of 4.2 milliseconds, games operate with almost no blur. Set the 4K projector to a lower resolution for a 240Hz refresh rate if you want to play esports games professionally. And for as much as we’ll advertise this projector. A good projector, which is available online, is crucial for gaming. You can buy things from our website.

 what is a good projector for most people?

The $899 Epson 2150 is the projector I will recommend to my friends as being the finest of the devices I reviewed. The image is excellent because it is large bright, and has lovely color reproduction. 2150 is an LCD projector, thus it can project up to 300 inches and still produce a clear image at 130 inches. It has a 1080p image, but unless you’re watching it on a screen in a completely dark auditorium, it won’t look much different from 4K. A Good projector can be installed at home. If you want to buy it online, go to our website, ” for more information.

Good quality projector

How many lumens does a good-quality projector haveLumens are units used to describe projector brightness. You require a minimum of 1500 lumens for home theater projectors where ambient light is kept to a minimum. A good quality projector for lecture halls, boardrooms, and rooms with windows should have at least 2500 lumens.

what is the finest projector available? There is nothing quite like going to the movies, with the scent of popcorn, the quiet of the theater, the lights going down, and the movie starting. More easily than you might imagine, you can create your little movie theater. If you spend the correct amount of money on the best possible materials, you might even create something superior to your neighborhood theater. Naturally, selecting one of the best projectors money can buy is the key to the experience, and we have it for you right here. The only way to truly experience a giant screen is with the greatest projectors, which can produce images up to 300 inches in size.


We’ve compiled a list of our top projectors, which includes native 4K and Full HD versions that also support HDR, as well as some short-throw projectors for people with limited rooms. There are even one or two portables that would be great to carry to a garden party to enjoy outdoor movies. The most popular projector we sell is one of the good quality projectors. If you’re interested, you can also purchase items through the website.

Best ultra short throw projector

The Hisense L9G is the best ultra-short-throw projector featuring a Tricolor laser and a brightness rating of 3,000 ANSI lumens. The L9G is one of the more costly Lasers TV (4k smart laser ultra-short throw projector) on the market, costing between $5499 and $5999 depending on the screen selected. Even so, it may be the best-designed UST projector we have tested in the previous two years. What sets the best ultra short throw projector from most Laser TVs is its color performance. The unit’s TriChroma RGB 3 Laser light engine enables the L9G to achieve an astounding 107% of the BT.2020 color space resulting in images that are more realistic with improved color accuracy, depth, and brilliance. this product is available on the internet. if you want to buy online so visit our site. To be clear, neither OLED nor LCD flat-panel televisions on the market today can display as much of the BT.2020 color range.

Hisense is one of the very few projector manufacturers that also make intelligent flat-panel televisions. The L9G is compatible with the same Android TV smart platform that Hisense offers in their most recent flat-panel TVs. The seamless integration of Android TV with the projector’s menus provides a simple and well-designed user experience. You may easily purchase the best ultra short throw projector on our website if it is suitable for you.

How does the best ultra-short throw projector perform in daylight?

If utilized with an ambient light reduction (ALR) screen and presuming that the projector has a respectable power output, exceeding 2500 ANSI Lumens, the best ultra Short throw projector performs admirably in daylight. Less powerful projectors will have a somewhat washed-out image in the daytime, but they are still useful if you have a nice screen. 

Gaming projector

How do we pick a projector for video games? You should opt for a gaming projector with a high refresh rate and low latency if you intend to play competitively online. When you try to react, it won’t feel like your character is moving through muck since the information you need will arrive in your eyes more quickly.


If playing competitive games isn’t your thing, you can accept a larger latency—the average gamer typically can’t tell the difference above 60ms. A 60Hz projector will do just fine unless your gear can produce more than 60 frames per second. Visit our website, and get a gaming projector if you’re interested.

What Are a Gaming Projector’s Benefits and Drawbacks? There are benefits and drawbacks to purchasing a gaming projector. The benefits and drawbacks of using a gaming projector are summarized here.

significant screen size Compared to most TVs, a projector can produce images that are significantly larger and typically costs less. This is one of the finest ways to embrace your need for a big-screen experience. that is Refresh rates can be very high. If you are interested in a gaming projector, you may buy one from our website” online. Some high-end gaming projectors have very high refresh rates, like 240Hz, so you get a picture that is far better than a standard TV and costs less money as well.

Your room has to be set up.

Premium projector

For those special movie nights, the Hartwood Premium Portable Projector is the ideal projector. For the best possible video quality, this premium projector supports 720p and 1080p resolution. From 40 inches to 200 inches, it keeps a clear image, making it ideal for entertaining both little groups and large crowds. In addition to Wi-Fi support built-in, this premium projector offers HDMI, VGA, USB, micro-SD, and Bluetooth. Due to its portability and lightweight, this outdoor projector is ideal for usage at home, at a friend’s house, in a backyard, or even while camping. The convenient remote control that is included allows you to quickly and simply browse and modify the settings while relaxing in your chair or sofa. The premium projector is accessible online; if you’re interested in buying it or using our service, please visit our page. You can easily buy a premium projectors from our online store.

A premium projector requires more setup time than a television. As projecting to a wall while playing a game is rarely effective, you’ll need to set up a screen and make sure the room is suitably dark for the projector to work. The requirement for different speakers is common. Although some projectors come with built-in speakers, many of them are subpar. To get the most out of your gaming experience, you should either purchase separate speakers Although some projectors come with built-in speakers, many of them are subpar. To get the most out of your gaming experience, you should either purchase separate speakers you can purchase this branded item from us if you via sit our projectors but only if you are interested.

4K Home Cinema projector

Home cinemas, also known as home theaters or theater rooms, are home entertainment audio-visual systems that are put up in a room or backyard of a private home and attempt to replicate the feel and ambiance of a movie theater using consumer electronics-grade video and audio equipment. According to several research, watching a movie in a theater results in higher ratings and more intense feelings for the movie.

what is the purpose of a 4k home cinema projector?

Our most recent 4K PRO-UHD1 technology is included in the Epson Home Cinema 3200 to provide a superb 4K HDR2 home theater experience. The Home Cinema 3200 properly presents all of your favorite entertainment with an extraordinary level of brightness and color accuracy thanks to powerful processing algorithms for resolution enhancement, color, and image processing. You may also experience 4K HDR gaming at a smooth 60 frames per second from the newest generation of consoles,4K home cinema projectors, and streaming devices thanks to support for the latest 18 Gbps HDMI 2. 0 specs. Whether you’re playing 4K games, streaming your favorite shows, or just enjoying a blockbuster movie in HDR. Simply beautiful is how to describe the Epson Home Cinema 3200. That is now the pinnacle of projection. The 4K home cinema projector is well-liked worldwide. This is a lovely shape at a fair price. If somebody wants to buy these goods online we provide a sale on them.

Puppy Hachi infinite m1 projector

Discontinued August 2022, from Hachi A stand-alone smart home entertainment system with an interactive touchscreen projector that incorporates unmatched capabilities including voice control as part of the user’s smart home ecosystem, touchscreen responsiveness comparable to capacitive screens, and a unique built-in OS You may buy a puppy Hachi infinite  m1 projector online.

The puppy Hachi Infinite M1 Projector’s advantages? The Hachi Infinite M1 Pro, the most recent version of Puppy Robot’s UST interactive projector, can act as a one-stop audiovisual hub for work, play, and learning. It can host presentations for business meetings, allow video chats with family or coworkers (useful for those working from home), aid in learning for children, provide big-screen entertainment, and more.

The optical engine of the device can produce up to 600 ANSI lumens, which is 100 more than its regular Infinite M1 stablemate and twice as much as the first puppy cube. It can handle 720p resolution, which is functional but we’d hoped for a higher resolution at this price point. This made using the M1 Pro a little easier on surfaces like grained wood, although a matte, neutral-colored surface worked best. If you’re interested, you can purchase these goods from our website online.

How can use the puppy Hachi infinite m1 projector?

Due to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, the idea of swiping, touching, and typing on a tabletop (or a wall, if the device is brought up close) didn’t seem too strange, and the M1 Pro’s sensors were accurate and responsive enough to make touch control seamless and feel quite natural. However, you must be cautious of shadows, especially when performing multitouch activities. Visit our website to see and purchase the puppy Hachi infinite m1 projector if you’d want to. Nevertheless, we were able to access YouTube using the Chrome browser that was already installed, but only when the puppy Hachi infinite M1 Projector was flush against the wall (with a 23-diagonal-inch image size). The thrown image grew when the unit was pulled away from the wall, but it blurred and touch interactivity stopped working. Nowadays, thanks to the extremely quick internet, you may sell your products online and conduct online shopping. 

Vankyo projector

For the price, this projector performs admirably and is effective in low light. It’s reasonable that you can’t see much while lights are on or in the evening outside because they don’t advertise it to function with lights on. But it is visible in low light both indoors and outside, and the speakers are suitable for casual watching. the Vankyo projector is the most suitable for you.

What is Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector?

Because of its outstanding value, the VANKYO Leisure 3 projector is a favorite among millions of customers. It can project a high-definition image up to 16 feet away, or 4.9 feet away, that is between 32 and 176 inches wide. It works in any room. The MStar advanced color engine-powered projector offers a contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080. Lumens for this model are 59.79. A Vankyo projector allows you to use any project anywhere. This thing is available to buy online. If you visit our website, “Big Electronics Store,” we can provide this product for you online.

what is a vankyo projector important for?

Do you require a projector for home entertainment? Your first choice for a projector should be Vankyo. Your spare time will undoubtedly be improved by our assortment of portable projectors, HD projectors, and home theater projectors. Our home Vankyo projector ought to be the best option if you’re seeking anything affordable. Pitch the bestseller on Amazon however you choose. HD projectors are the ideal choice if LED, high definition, gaming, and video are the topics that matter to you the most. A portable projector, however, has you covered if you prioritize its small size because you may want to carry it wherever you go. Vankyo projector can be purchased online and are useful for enjoyment when working till you’re exhausted.

Is the Vankyo projector suitable for video games?

  1. Enhances gaming immersion on a projector. Gamers are increasingly eschewing TV screens in favor of gaming projectors for a more immersive experience. With native full HD 1080P resolution, the VANKYO Leisure E30 provides players with a very immersive gaming experience. For gaming, the Vankyo projector is superior. You can purchase it from our “site Big Electronics Storeonline if you’re interested.

Nebula projector

The nebula projector is the most dimly lit projector we’ve measured in recent memory and boasts standard definition resolution. I measured 85 lumens despite Anker’s guarantee of 100. For instance, the AAXA P6X costs only a little more, has a resolution of 1,280×800, and measures 487 lumens, or around 5 times higher brightness. However, as I explain in the comparison below, brightness isn’t everything. Although it can’t do more work, the nebula projector is best for use in homes.

It is preferable to position your network as close to your projector as you can because the Nebula projector lacks an ethernet port, which enables you to link your router directly to your device. Try keeping your Nebula projector and network no more than three meters apart. Visit our website if you’re interested in the item we’re selling.

How successfully have you connected a Nebula projector to Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi setup for your Nebula projector is easy and convenient. Without a laptop or phone connected, you may install and explore streaming services directly from your projector.

Do you have network issues? Don’t be afraid! If necessary, perform a factory reset on your projector and check the connection and encryption of your Wi-Fi router. Keep in mind that Nebula support is available via email or phone and can provide additional assistance. You can purchase this product online because it is on the market and available there.

Laser projector

Simply put, compared to comparable lamp-based devices, laser-based projection offers longer-lasting brightness, less maintenance, and better color and contrast. Today’s projectors employ solid-state lasers, which are exceptionally bright, offer larger color gamuts, deep black depths, and never need lamp replacement. This item is widely available online, and payment is required.

Do a 4K laser projector worth the price? Although laser projectors can be more expensive, we believe you’ll find that you eventually receive your money’s worth. Additionally, they have excellent specifications and a 4K display with vivid colors that is comparable to many of the industry standard displays. We need some sort of laser projector. Heavy laser projectors are expensive, however, we sell expensive laser projectors online, so you may get one from our site.

Are laser projectors superior to LEDs? In spaces with ambient light, laser projectors often generate a cleaner, more vivid image than LED ones. Additionally, a laser projector image frequently has superior visual contrast and is sharper.

Additionally, LED projectors provide benefits. This technology is widely used in portable projectors since, on average, they are smaller, lighter, and cheaper than laser projectors. They also have a significant long-term value because they typically last 10,000 hours longer than a laser light source. This item is crucial and very helpful for a home. On our website, the laser projector is accessible online.

The way a laser projector functions. Between models, there are differences in the details. The majority of laser projectors employ an RGB system, which uses three lasers to produce the three primary colors. The image created by these lasers is then projected onto the screen thanks to a chip covered in small mirrors that can be adjusted. The lens then enlarges and concentrates the light that has been reflected before it shines on your screen or wall. The laser projector must operate quickly and with great importance. You can check the brand of the product we sold in a previous sale.

Bluetooth projector

Yaber U10 WiFi & Bluetooth projector initially had an outer space style design, inspired by the space series of films. The U10’s features include a portable design with 1080P resolution, 5GHz/2.4GHz dual-band WiFi, bidirectional Bluetooth, and an advanced 4-Point Keystone Correction Function (50° for four angles). The U10 WIFI projector eliminates the freezing issue and provides you with smooth, enormous images. This Bluetooth projector can only be used in that location. If somebody is interested, they can buy the very best Bluetooth projector from our website online.

the benefits of a YABER V6 WiFi  Bluetooth projector?

With native 1080p full HD, 9,000 lumens of brightness, and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, the YABER V6 WiFi Bluetooth Projector is a feature-rich projector that will improve your viewing experience. You can therefore take advantage of screens that range in size from 45 to 350 inches and have an aspect ratio of 16:9/ 4:3. It’s a pretty powerful ratio. Additionally, it has dual six-watt Hifi Stereo speakers and an SRS sound system that provides surround sound. Due to their excellent speakers, Bluetooth projectors are quite well known. We conduct this online goods sale. A Bluetooth projector, a power cable, an HDMI cable, a three-in-one AV cable, a remote control, a lens cover, an instruction booklet, and a bag are included in the box.

A cutting-edge German LED light source with a 100,000-hour lamp life is included with the Yaber V6 Bluetooth speaker. The capability of this Bluetooth projector to play Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files from a USB Stick, however, is one of the most distinctive characteristics that set it apart from the competition. This product is readily available on our website. This item is for sale online by us.

IPhone projector

To assist you in making an informed decision, we spent hours researching a wide range of the top features and factors you should take into account when making your purchase of an iPhone projector. We advise only taking into account projectors that offer seamless iPhone connectivity, whether via a direct wired connection or by wireless alternatives like Bluetooth when you compare the many projectors that are available for your mobile devices. Be sure to take into account alternatives with sufficient brightness and resolution for your requirements;

What advantages of the iPhone projector? 

At least 480p resolution and 300–500 lumens of brightness are advised. Finally, seek for user-friendly controls that can be manipulated with a single hand or finger. These are some of the things that you should consider when getting the best projectors. yes, we can provide an iPhone projector to suit your personality for this you will go to our site and purchase.

iPhone projector from Top Vision?

A simpler method of iPhone connectivity is provided by the TopVision Mini iPhone projector. The TopVision merely requires the lighting charging cord that came with your iPhone, unlike many other projectors that need some sort of adaptor to connect to your smartphone. You can connect additional entertainment equipment, such as Amazon Fire TV sticks, Google Chromecasts, and DVD or Blu-ray players, using the provided HDMI input. For added flexibility, the TopVision also has an SD card slot and two USB flash drive slots. You can purchase an iPhone projector online.

Apple iPhone projector Elephas W13

The best smartphone projector for creating substantial screens for group viewing occasions is the Elephas W13. This small projector is very adaptable, with the capacity to project photos from your phone up to a maximum screen size of 200 inches. Additionally, it has a tripod, making it easy to put up in almost any place. Unfortunately, the power wire that comes with the projector is a little too short, so you might need to use an extension cord to power it, especially if you’re outside or in a bigger viewing area. With the Elephas’ ability to connect to your iPhone over Wi-Fi, versatility is significantly strengthened. The iPhone projector is well-known for online shopping. We conduct this product’s internet sales.

greatest mini projector for iPhone? A good projector today can fit in your pocket and connect to that pocket-sized supercomputer known as a mini projector for iPhone with ease. Two pockets, two fantastic gadgets, and endless enjoyment Finding a decent mini projector for iPhone is not difficult, but you need to be aware of what to search for.

A tiny projector for an iPhone is measured in lumens for brightness. The lumen count will be low in comparison to large projectors because compact projectors, whether they are DLP (digital light processing) or LCD (liquid crystal display), use small bulbs. However, if you set it too low, you won’t be able to see the image unless it is completely dark. Better lumen counts. The finest projector for your personality is the mini projector for iPhone, which you can buy online.

Led projector

Even DLP or LCD technology can be used by LED projectors to create images. LED projectors are more dependable, more compact, and lighter than previous projectors. They are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient with a 20,000-hour lifespan and fewer parts. The greatest projector to buy is the led projector because it is portable and handy

What is an LED projector used for? The led projector is a device that uses light-emitting diodes to project video content onto a flat screen. It provides users with superior picture quality. Additionally, it does away with the requirement to project content using antiquated halogen lights. Customers can create images with this projector that are easy to buy online.

Individual LED projectors? Standalone LED projectors: These projectors require a connection to link their bodies to an external source to project content. For meeting these needs, USB and HDMI cables are frequently employed. The project receives video signals from external devices, which in turn display content on the screen. These standalone LED projectors have rechargeable batteries integrated right into them, giving them more than enough power to function. You can connect a led projector with the cords if it is more convenient for you. This item is conveniently met online.

LED projectors on USB LED projectors with a USB connection: LED projectors with a USB connection require users to attach an external device to their body. Frequently, these gadgets are referred to as USB projectors. The essential input video signals and operating power are originally obtained from external systems via the USB cord. The power and signal that are produced are used to project video onto a screen. Due to the absence of an internal battery, these devices are considerably smaller. The external system serves as the primary source of electricity. The led projector is a product that you can quickly and affordably purchase online.

Inflatable projector screen

The KHOMO GEAR inflatable projector screen is first on our list. You don’t have to worry about where to put your projector because this amazingly flexible screen has projection material on both its front and back sides. A very quiet blower is also included with this inflatable projector screen to ensure that noise does not interfere with your viewing. Online purchasing is the best for this product.

convenience inflatable projector screen by KHOMO GEAR? For ease of carrying and storage, this projector screen comes bundled with a storage bag. It’s also extremely easy to clean due to its detachable white screen. For added convenience, it is available in two different sizes, allowing you the opportunity to choose the one that best meets your needs. Due to the exceptionally silent blower and the front and back projection capability, this inflatable projector screen is recognized as the best overall on our website, and purchasing ratio is right.

inflatable projector screen for use at home?

The VIVOHOME inflatable projector screen is our final suggestion. High-quality, highly durable 210D Oxford fabric is used to make this projector screen. This projector screen gives you the versatility for a variety of various projector installations because it has projection material on both the front and the back. The inflatable projector screen also includes a fan pump that can quickly inflate this sizable projector screen and simply maintain its inflation for several hours. This item is incredibly popular and well-liked all around the world; thus, purchase it at a discount. Even better, you can maintain and clean the screen more easily thanks to the detachable projection surface. To ensure a stable setup, the inflatable projector screen comes with a free-standing mount, tethers, and yardsticks. Most workplaces, manufacturers, and software companies use this item. most things can be bought online

Pull down projector screen

A new projector brings happiness and pride to your house. There is something that most people do, and even I have done it, so we’ve all been there. Purchasing a projector that isn’t worth its cost? That’s not it, no. There is another issue that only a very small number of people pay attention to. Can’t guess it yet? It is a pull down projector screen. People focus on the area needed for the projection, but they don’t give the screen any concern. What I did was the project on a wall because I thought it would be okay. Surely a projector is what it is?

Okay, no. I didn’t understand the distinction between a projector screen and any other surface till later. As a result, I’m utilizing my prior experience in this piece to emphasize the value of a projector screen and to outline the advantages of a pull down projector screen. This can be the ideal option if you’re like us and only care about high-quality products. A huge pull down projector screen that is meant to endure a long time should be purchased. It is composed of quality materials. The pull down projector screen is available for online purchase and is utilized in large rooms and hallways

Ceiling projector

The height of the cloud base, often known as the ceiling, above the ground is measured using a ceiling projector or cloud searchlight. It works in tandem with an alidade, which is typically placed at a distance of 1000 feet (300 meters) and set as level as feasible.

What is the price of installing a ceiling projector? A professional installation of a retractable laser projector, a Dolby Atmos surround sound system installed on the ceiling, soundproofing, furniture, and a popcorn maker will run you about $100,000. Can you install a ceiling projector from the internet?.

Can a projector be mounted on the ceilingAn advantage of using a ceiling mount over a shelf at the back of the room is that you can position your projector much closer to the screen. You will benefit from the unit’s maximum brightness if you do this. Pro: Because ceiling mounts keep the projector out of the way, they are preferred by many users. Ceiling projector usage is extremely low. Visit our website if you wish to look.

Best Portable projector

The overall top portable projector? The cylindrical shape and innovative and customizable design of the Freestyle projector, which weighs only 1.8 pounds, set it apart. Turn the cylinder 180 degrees and point it at a screen, wall, or ceiling to view the information being broadcast from your device through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Depending on where you set the best portable projector, the Freestyle automatically adjusts the screen size between 30 and 100 inches. It produces images with a 1080p resolution and 550 lumens of brightness. The best portable projector can be acquired online and is widely used in large organizations, workplaces, and other places.

Best Smartphone Portable Projector? Display material straight from any computer or mobile device practically anywhere by using the ultra-portable Kodak Luma 350 projector. Additionally, Luma’s built-in Android OS lets you stream material straight from well-known streaming services when it is connected to Wi-Fi. This type provides the brightest and most clear images in low light thanks to its 350-lumen brightness. The projector can be connected to an external power source for longer viewing sessions even if the internal rechargeable battery only lasts for two hours. The best portable projector is available to you online and is compatible with you. We offer this product for 20% less and in pure form.

Best Portable Projector for Movies? The WebiMax Dice is a portable projector in the shape of a cube that includes Android TV 9.0 for simple video streaming. When connected to Wi-Fi, this projector can run apps for any of your preferred video streaming services or stream content directly from Google Play. Dolby Audio and DTS-HD are supported by dual 10-watt stereo speakers, however, the audio quality isn’t great. If you want to purchase, please visit our website as we are selling this best portable project.