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By: Maria Nasir

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In homes, schools, and offices, it is very important to keep small and important things in a safe place so that they do not get lost and can be easily accessed when needed, for which wall-mounted hooks are a great and wise choice.

These black command hooks are perfect for this purpose because they can be mounted on various types of walls which include painted walls, surfaces covered with glass, walls made of metals, tiles, wood, marble, and other smooth surfaces.

Because these hooks can be used on a variety of surfaces, there is no need to build a separate or special space to install command hooks. Moreover, these versatile black hooks do not damage the decoration of the wall and the house at all, nor do they create any holes in the wall, because they are very easy to remove and install.

A simple and strong adhesive strip is used to install them. Additionally, these wall-mounted hooks can hold a variety of different things strongly including keys, jackets, uppers, kitchen tools, utensils, towels, and many more.

All these features make them a perfect product. Our experts have chosen this product because they are among these strong, versatile, classic, and sleek-looking hooks from the best brands Galguz, Dealsgogo, and Command. These brands are known for their best and standard products. All of these mentioned features regarding this product indicated that they are perfect and can be a great choice.

Strong and Versatile Wall Mounted Designer Black Command Hooks with 4 Adhesive Strips.

Command Medium Designer Hooks, Black, 2-Hooks, 4-Strips, Decorate Damage-Free

Strong black command hooks made up of plastic include 2 hooks and 4 indoor strips which are medium-sized. 1 command hook can hold 3 pounds of weight. These command hooks sustain the integrity and beauty of the wall and leave no holes, marks, or sticky residue on the mounted wall because they are attached with adhesive strips that are very easy to remove and apply, they do not damage the wall and do not spoil the decoration on the wall.

Many command hooks require nails and a hammer to mount on the wall but these black hooks do not require any tools to mount on the wall, simply a strip over it will stick to the wall easily. You can hang bags, hats, dog leashes, scarves, and many types of accessories on it. Also, if black wall-mounted hooks are being used in the kitchen, utensils can be hung on them.

Additionally, towels, Clothes, and many types of things can also be hung on it. These designer hooks are very strong and versatile in that they can be used firmly on a variety of wall facets which includes painted walls, wood walls, glass surfaces, tiles, metals, and other flat and plane surfaces.

Our experts highly recommend this product because these wall hooks do not leave any marks or sticky adhesives on the wall. These command hooks are perfect to use inside the cabinets, cupboards, and closets, in your college dormitory, apartments, offices, and homes.

Product Specifications

Weight of hooks 0.634 ounces
Hooks dimensions1.35 x 3.78 x 6.65 inches
Material Plastic

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Amazon customer purchased this product and reviewed “it is a good product”

Galguz, Stainless Steel Adhesive Black Command Hooks, Compatible With Various Wall Surfaces.

Towel Hooks, 4 Pack Heavy Duty Command Hooks, Adhesive Hook for Bathroom Wall Mounted, SUS304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Hooks for Towels, Matte Black Wall Hooks for Hanging Towels

These simple and sleek black command hooks are of superior quality. These sturdy and durable wall-mounted black hooks are made of stainless steel and their outer surfaces are finished with electroplating treatment. Additionally, these excellent command hooks are waterproof, anti-rust, and scratch-resistant so they last longer.

These black hooks made of stainless steel are more durable than steel hooks and their simple design can be easily matched with any wall décor. The wall-mounted portion of these black hooks is big, strong, and thick so that it doesn’t fall off from the wall and a short little cylinder is also installed at the bottom portion so that hooks can prevent items from falling off and hold them well.

Also, the edges of these hooks are made very smooth so that it doesn’t damage the things hung on them and don’t hurt your fingers or hands. The black command hooks are designed in a way that you can use them with any wall design, it will look beautiful, compatible, and fashionable.  These hooks are very easy to use and install on the wall.

Our expert highly recommended this product because these command hooks are mounted with many types of walls and can be securely stuck on tiles, marble, metal, wood, glass, and other smooth surfaces. Their features make them perfect.

Product Specifications

Hooks weight 6.4 ounces
Dimensions3.74x 2.76 x 2.32 inches
MaterialStainless Steel
Style Modern

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Autum Phillips Purchased this product and reviewed “These are great hooks‘ ‘ and these matte black hooks are very sticky and of high quality. Now, I will seize another set of these hooks”

Dealsgogo Durable and Versatile Large Black Command Hooks have a Finish Type of Metal and Stainless Steel.

Large wall hooks for hanging 10 Pack Black Hooks - Versatile Hooks for Clothes, Kitchen Utensils, Pots & Pans, Bags - Mug Hooks Under Cabinet

These adhesive black command hooks can rotate 180 degrees so that they can be widely used for a variety of purposes and can be mounted on many walls like in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, closets, wardrobes, and decorations including many hooks like ceiling hooks, mug, coat, key, plant, bath towel, pictures hooks and many more.

It is very easy to install these command hooks on the wall and no additional tools (i.e.: hammers and nails) are required to install these hooks. The wall should be dry and clean before using the hooks. These wall-mounted hooks are transparent and have a compact design that makes them almost invisible which makes them perfect and ideal to use on any home decoration, even for any decoration and lighting on occasion, the use of these hooks is perfect.

These black hooks can be mounted on a variety of walls but these are not suitable for plaster walls, lime walls, and wallpapers. In addition to these qualities, these command hooks are foldable so that they can be folded when nothing is hanging on them.

Our experts highly recommended this product because these black Command hooks are perfect to use in any way. Its superior and multiple features make it a standard and excellent product. Moreover, these command hooks can also be used on concrete and tiles.

Product Specifications

Hooks weight 5.9 ounces
Dimensions2.7 x 1.6 x 1.7 inches
MaterialPC+ stainless steel
Special features Foldable

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Melinda purchased this product and reviewed “it is very easy to assemble these hooks” and these are perfect to use.

Strong, Versatile and Modern Black Command Hooks, Easy to Install and Remove and Diversily Mounted.

Command 3M [Removable]: Small Matte Black Hooks [4 Hooks/Pack] (Matte Black)

These glossy metallic black command hooks are made of stainless steel. These hooks are very easy to install and no additional sources like nails and hammers are required to install these hooks. You can hang a variety of things on these wall-mounted hooks because these can hold strongly. While making these command hooks, care has also been taken to ensure that they do not leave behind any sticky material, adhesive residue, or damage to the wall when removed.

So, in this way, these command hooks are perfect and safe to use in the inner side of the cabinets, closets, and cupboards in your college dormitory, apartments, corridors, homes, and offices. These black command hooks have three types of finishes: brass, stainless steel, or matte black. These finishes are perfect to use with any wall décor and likewise will not spoil the beauty and décor of your wall at all as it is completely safe to use. 

Our experts highly recommended this product because these command hooks can hold a variety of different things like jewelry, keys, utensils, kitchen towels, oven mitts, and other kitchen items, decorations and accessories.

Product specifications

Hooks weight0.352 ounces
Dimensions6.8 x 3.9 x 0.7 inches
Special features Removable
Material used Polythene

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sadie purchased this product and reviewed “These small hooks are just perfect” I use these small hooks on my thin RV walls and I only use a command strip to hang my things and keys and these hooks are perfect.

Classic Large Wall Mounted Metal Black Command Hooks with adhesive strips and Damage Free.

Command Forever Classic Large Metal Wall Hooks, Damage Free Hanging Wall Hooks with Adhesive Strips, No Tools Wall Hooks for Hanging Decorations in Living Spaces, 2 Metal Hooks and 4 Command Strips

These bronze large metallic black command hooks come up with two large metallic walled hooks and four large adhesive strips. The purpose of these adhesive strips is that you can use these command hooks over and over again, and if you want to reposition these black hooks, you can replace them with the help of strong sticking strips. Each adhesive wall-mounted hook can grasp up to 2.5 kilograms of weight and can hold heavy and big things strongly.

These command hooks cannot leave holes in the wall because these can be simply applied to the wall with the help of adhesive strips. These adhesive strips cannot leave any sticky residue or marks on the wall. So, you can hang hats, calendars, keys, and cleaning tools again. black command hooks work on various types of smooth surfaces which include finished woods, painted walls, laminate, mirror surfaces, metals, and tiles.

Our experts highly recommended this product because these wall-mounted hooks are very easy to install on the wall and remove from it. You can easily apply and remove them by using adhesive strips. Also, can be reused without leaving any residue and damage to the wall

Product specifications

Hooks weight 1.6 ounces
Dimensions0.57 x 4.75 x 6.75 inches
Material used Metal
Special features Lockable

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

DFinn purchased this product and reviewed “These are awesome hooks” and we bought 4 of these hooks to hang them on the sides of doors and they are fantastic. Before these, we had other command hooks of different sizes and we decided to hang heavy coats and jackets on them and they fall from the wall but these are perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most hanging hooks come with extra strips in their packages so you can reuse and reposition them. Hanging strips make it easy to put on and take off. If there aren’t hanging strips with hooks. So these are for single use, and if you want to use it again, you need extra hanging strips.

If you have placed the Command Hooks in a place with high humidity levels, such as a bathroom, the adhesives may become weak, and the hooks may fall off. Or if you’ve used command hooks on a heavily textured wall, it doesn’t provide an adequate surface, so the hooks may fall off.

No, command hooks do not damage the wall decoration. There are adhesive strips with command hooks. With the help of which, it is very easy to attach and remove the command hooks from the wall. So, in this way, command hooks can’t deteriorate wall decoration.

Yes, Command Hooks can be used on any dry, clean and smooth surface wall. So, command hooks can also be used outside the house.

Depending on your creativity, you can apply any kind of paint on the command hooks, it won’t damage them, but if there is spray paint that has too many chemicals, it can damage the material of the command hooks. Command hooks are available in every color. You can get command hooks of any color by matching them with your wall.

It is better not to hang heavy objects with up command hooks as this may cause the command hooks to fall down because of the heavy object, so it is recommended to hang light objects with command hooks such as towels, clothes, many types of utensils and many other things.

Most command hooks can be used for both indoor and outdoor use and you can even use them inside the cabinets and closets. The wall on which you want to install these command hooks either the wall is indoor or outdoor should have a plane and smooth surface.

Yes, the command hooks can be used on glass windows because glass windows have smooth surfaces. So, it is safe and very easy to use hooks on glass windows.

Different products have different ranges. It also depends on size and material used in command hooks. However, weight holding limits range from 1lb up to 16lb.

No extra tool is required to install the command hooks, rather it is installed with the help of adhesive strips. The advantage is that it will leave no residue and damage to the wall. These can easily be repositioned removed and installed easily.