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Bluetooth Projector For Phone To Buy - Reviews

By: Khadija Zafar

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Keystone 480 ANSI VISSPL


WiFi Projector, 7500L Mini Movie


Native 1080P Portable Outdoor


Full HD 1080P Supported Portable


Dice Portable Projector


WEMAX Bluetooth projector

Bluetooth projector for phones is a great option for outdoor and indoor entertainment such as playing games, watching your favorite show, and streaming videos and movies. Though previous years’ projectors did not give high-quality brightness, the recommended different brands show the best quality brightness with no blurriness on zoom. These projectors can easily complete tasks in your office regarding business presentations, and enable Excel, PDF, and Word via USB.

A giant display projector with a 25 percent zoom function and eye-friendly diffused reflection reduces the harmful effects on children’s eyes. Mini projector has a built-in battery that runs for 3 hours, suitable for your tour. These Bluetooth projectors are easily functioning with ease of setup and operation, portability, greater image quality, and extra features like the built-in stereo speaker and high-definition battery.

Our Big Electronic Store Engineer has tested all these different brands’ products and highly recommended them for your daily use as these are very entertaining with easy processing features.

Electric Keystone 15000L VISSPL 5G Bluetooth Projector for Phone With 50% Outdoor Zoom (Pearl White)

Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, 6D/4P Keystone 480 ANSI VISSPL 5G Native 1080P Projector 4K Supported, 50% Zoom Outdoor Movie Projector for iOS & Android Phone, Laptop, HDMI, USB, TV Box

This Bluetooth projector for phones provides marvelous features like 4k supported resolution, superb brightness with 15000L, and 80 percent sharpness, making your picture crystal clear and eye-catching. Give the finer adjustable screen with zoom out up to 400″ and suitable for indoor, outdoor home theater, and business presentations.

This Bluetooth projector has a built-in stereo speaker that delivers pristine audio fidelity and its 5.1 Bluetooth chip enables a wireless connection. Its supreme Wi-Fi connectivity method with 5G plus 2.4G solves all your connectivity obstacles and ensures you with its quality seamless transmission and advanced system with powerful running memory.

However, this projector doesn’t allow you to display Hulu, Disney, Netflix, etc, due to copyright issues but provides an opportunity to attach the TV stick.  Outdoor projector expresses the expensive color gamut with its rare color collection and over 17 million color range, making it remarkable.

This projector has been highly experienced by our higher-ups due to its excellent feature of outdoor movie setup and for parties. You can make your day memorable with this Bluetooth projector.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension8.8 * 7.1 * 3.6 inches
Item weight2.97 pounds
Speaker typeBuilt-in

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

cawilliamsjd purchased it and review that “Awesome!” This projector kicks ass! I ordered a different one for a similar price and it was awful, so I bought this one. The picture is so clear! The projector sits on my coffee table and doesn’t need a tripod, it comes with its own stand that works well. See more…

GROVIEW Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Projector for Phone with 15000 lux FHD and 300" display

GROVIEW Projector, 15000lux 490ANSI Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector, 300'' Video Projector, Supports 4K & Zoom, 5G Sync, Compatible with HDMI USB/ AV/ Smartphone/ Pad/ Laptop/ DVD/ TV Stick/ PS5

Get a stunning view of the picture with a Bluetooth projector for the phone and make your moments memorable with your family, friends, and close ones.  The Bluetooth projector has a dual stereo speaker of 5W and an SRS sound system with no connectivity hassle of cords and wires. Offering a cinematic viewing experience at home with its versatile, crystal clear image, sharp and native 1080p resolution, brightness up to 15000 LUX, and high contrast (12000:1) provided by LCD technology.

You will get a favorable bundle including this projector with remote control, 3-1 AV cable, HDMI cable, and power cord. The movie projector has an intimate screen option with a minimum of 50 inches and a maximum of up to 300″.This outdoor projector has a wireless dual-band Wi-Fi connection for smooth and quick syncing allowing you to play speedy gaming and watch HD-quality movies.  Giant projector with the best zoom function provides 25 percent zooming with crystal clear image quality.

This projector has been highly recommended by our experts because of its splendid feature of tabletop mounting. This tabletop mounting projector allows an easy setup at home or backyard but is not permitted for traveling. Well, it’s up to you whether you use it for traveling or not.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension10.63 x 9.06 x 3.94 inches
Item weight5.85 pounds
Recommended use

Tabletop Mount

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

kojak35 purchased it and review that “Pleasantly Surprised” I did a lot of research on these lower cost projectors and I finally decided on this Groview 15000 lumen projector. I was skeptical because of the research I did. I wasn’t expecting it to be very bright. However it is brighter than expected. See more…

Home Cinema Bluetooth Projector for Phone having 120W Soundbar and 5.0 Stereo Subwoofer Bass for TV

WiFi Projector, VILINICE 7500L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector ,Portable Phone Projector with Wireless Mirroring,1080P and 240" Supported, Compatible with Fire Stick,HDMI,VGA,USB,TV,Box,Laptop,DVD

For an optimal home cinema experience, Bluetooth projectors for phones are the best and cover all the best features such as less noise and a ceiling system. This projector can free you from being tangled in wires and provides wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

For the wired connection, you should use the original data cable. Due to copyright issues, it is appropriate that you watch the movies or your favorite series on Netflix, Hulu, etc, via only connecting to the laptop, Fire Stick, Ruko, or Chromecast. Though it is not applicable for presentations or office work, it is highly recommended for your home, giving you a theater-like viewing and enjoyment. 

Stunning 120w soundbar system that gives you the vibes of cinema at home with 4 cone speakers and magnets for greater sound and clear audio. This mini projector has an impressive feature of the built-in cooling system, for if your projector is heated up for more usage, its cooling system helps to cool down your projector.

Our experts have highly checked this Bluetooth projector because of the advanced DSP and bass technology. This advanced function allows exceptional clarity in audio and selects the given four music modes: classic, natural, jazz, and popular.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension12.01 L * 3.94 W * 7.4 H inch
Item weight1.5 Kilogram
Speaker typeStereo

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Maria Estrada purchased it and review that “works great!” i love this! small and functional for my space.

HAPPRUN Outdoor Bluetooth Projector for Phone having 100" screen Compatible with HDMI and Fire Stick

HAPPRUN Projector, Native 1080P Bluetooth Projector with 100''Screen, 9500L Portable Outdoor Movie Projector Compatible with Smartphone, HDMI,USB,AV,Fire Stick, PS5

Bluetooth projector for phone is top-notch in its various features as it has a built-in dual stereo speaker and supports the ceiling. Bluetooth projector equipped with many 3.5mm headphone jacks and HDMI, and compatible with laptop, Firestick, external speakers, iPad, PS5, PS4, etc. Bluetooth projectors provide a giant screen of 200 inches with an adjusting option whether you like a huge or a small one.

It is a great choice with suitable indoor and outdoor movie night theater opportunities. For a greater view, keep a distance of 6.8 to 16.4 feet and a mini projector allows the keystone correction set up and gets the perfect screen position. This projector has a built-in Hi-Fi stereo speaker that offers crisp clear sound and you don’t need the extra speaker for audio and other audio equipment through a Bluetooth 5.1 chip. It does not support connecting smartphones and Alexa.

We recommended this product for the phone for its special feature of 1080p native resolution which enhances its popularity and brightness.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension

9.45 L x 7.87 W x 3.54 H inch

Special FeatureNative full HD 1080p
Item weight4.5 pounds

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mark’s review VINE VOICE purchased it and review that “WOW Very Impressed” Considering the price this is very impressive. Pros of the HAPPRUN 9500L: It’s bright, in a good way. I am projecting on a white ceiling above my bed. Why sit on the couch when you can lie back and watch a movie? The colors are bright and clear. See more….

PENSEBA Mini portable Home Theater Bluetooth Projector for Phone with Full HD Screen (White)

2023 Upgraded Mini Projector with Bluetooth and Projector Screen, Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Video-Projector, Home Theater Movie Projector Compatible with HDMI,VGA,USB,AV,Laptop,Smartphone

Experience a stunning Hi-Fi sound effect while watching a movie with the built-in speaker in our PANSEBA Bluetooth projector that provides an extra Bluetooth function that supports your speakers and headphones wirelessly. Enjoy the premium cinematic view at home with the bigger screen of our Bluetooth projector for phones that brings 50 percent more brightness than other mini projectors.

It is equipped with an upgraded contrast ratio of 8000:1 and also supports the best resolution of 1080p. The upgraded mini projector chips of 2024 enhance the clarity of the picture with no blurriness when you zoom out your picture and can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. This projector is more adorable than any previous models as it produces no noise, all credit goes to its fan-cooling tech as its powerful cooling system cools the heat of the lamp efficiently.

This product has been recommended by our experts due to its special features of Gaming and home cinema. With this projector, you can enjoy the cinematic experience at home.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension

7 x 5.5 x 2.6 inch

Special Feature5.1 Bluetooth, Portable, With projector screen
Item Weight

3.3 pounds

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Chris purchased it and review that “This is my second projector from this seller and we are extremely happy with it” A couple of years ago we purchased an older version of this projector that quickly became our go-to entertainment while camping. As the kids have gotten older, they love to set it up wherever they go. See more….

Lumens Native WEMAX Dice Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Projector for Phone With Auto Keystone (Black)

Mini Projector for Outdoor Movie, WEMAX Dice 3 Hrs Battery Video Time Portable Projectors with WiFi Bluetooth, 700 ANSI Lumens 1080p FHD 4K Support, Android TV 9.0, Dolby Audio, Auto Focus Keystone

Make your evening memorable with our portable WEMAX Bluetooth projector which provides 3 hours long battery time with a 16000 mAH battery. This mini projector delivers various features like the high-quality resolution of 1920x1080p and displays the incredible 4k movie playback. The Bluetooth projector for phones provides instant clarity with its 4-point auto keystone correction function which adjusts the projected image within ± 45 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

Here your movie comes to life while holding up the built-in stereo speaker that supports Dolby and DTS for a cinematic sound experience. To give the command, it gives you access to the Google Assistant by pressing the button on the remote. Allows you to mirror your phone screen wirelessly and also lets you download apps from Google Play such as Prime Video, Hulu, Disney, etc.

This product has been highly experienced by our seniors because of its standalone feature. It is a built-in speaker which gives crystal clear audio with buffer bass.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension

6.1 x 4.92 x 6.3 (L x W xH)  inch

Special FeatureAutofocus, 4-point keystone correction, Side projection
Item weight4 pounds

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Wesley Rodriguez purchased it and review that “Excellent little projector.” I wanted a good projector under $1,000, but I needed it to be compact. The shelf we normally use in the living room is about 6-7 inches wide, so with the cables connected, there was no way something 9+inches was going to fit. See more….

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Make sure that your projector supports the screen mirror. Connect to the Wi-Fi, open a setting of your source (smartphones), and enable screen mirroring.

Yes, the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interference) allows you to connect your TV to the projector and transit a high defined data.

Some Bluetooth projector has a built-in speaker with high-quality sound. But if you want to attach a speaker, you can connect any sound system including the soundbars, home theater system, portable bluetooth speaker, etc.

Yes, there is a built-in Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth option on a projector. So you can easily connect your projector via Bluetooth.

After plugging your HDMI cable into both a laptop and a projector, go to the display setting and adjust it according to your needs.

Each projector comes with a VGA or HDMI cable port. You can easily connect your projector by using it.

There is an option on a projector with an HDMI or VGA cable. Simply you have to connect one end of the port to the laptop and the other end of the port to the projector.

For IOS phones, you have to use the HDMI adapter to connect it to your phone.

There are two options for connecting the Android phones. First, if your phone supports the MHL, connect through it. If not able to connect it through MHL, you should prepare the chrome-cast for connecting.

Due to copyright issues, the HDCP agreement does not allow direct play. So you can watch this by connecting to a laptop, Fire Stick, etc.