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Doorbell camera for apartments To Buy - Reviews

By: Khadija Zafar

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Feit Electric Doorbell Camera


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REOLINK Video Doorbell Camera

The doorbell camera for apartments is a security gadget that can secure your home. It is typically installed very easily without damaging the property. It is a very rental-friendly doorbell camera with low prices. The best is to adjust the camera’s angle according to your reach. The camera captures, snaps, or records the video and is stored in the Micro SD card. Doorbell cameras meet all your demands legally.

It can be mounted on a wall or a door. These security cameras are designed for the anti-theft to secure your home and make your house a safe zone. You are providing full protection to the doorbell mount camera away from rainfall and dust. Your device has internet access, so you can receive the notification on your phone and talk to the visitors.

The following products are from different brands and have different features. Our experts have picked up the best doorbell cameras for apartments. In conclusion, this product meets all your demands and assists you properly. Overall, this camera is considered the best due to its unique features and good customer reviews.

Stouchi Blink Video Mount Security Doorbell Camera for Apartments with No Drilling (Silver-Regular)

Blink Doorbell Mount No Drill, Stouchi Anti Theft Blink Video Doorbell Camera Mount for Apartments, Doorbell Mount Bracket Holder Kit, Doorbell Security System Accessories, Not Block Doorbell Sensor

Doorbell camera for apartments are a perfect piece of equipment that ensures our security with the help of tech. It is a very renter-friendly security camera for apartment doors that don’t need any kind of drilling and demands a few minutes to set up. It can be easily installed with the help of a doorbell mount kit for adjusting, featuring an exclusive property of a gasket screw style that intercepts the plate of the mount doorbell.

It keeps your blink video camera from being purloined when the door is closed. This  Security camera for apartment doors requires no battery or charger and it is wireless. One of the most favorable attributes of this device is that it doesn’t obstruct the doorbell motion sensor. These cameras are ideal for inward-opening doors but wistfully are not perfectly suitable for outward-opening doors.

The door thickness to put in this Security camera for the apartment ought to be around about 0.8″ to 2.2 ” with the door width junction being more than 0.1 inches. Its unique and outstanding design makes the security of the house to the upper level. A Doorbell security camera is the best innovative design for apartments, houses,  rentals, dormitories, businesses, and a lot more.

Our experts have highly recommended this Doorbell camera for apartments because of its unique feature of blink video doorbell and no drilling. This camera is very easy to install as it doesn’t require any property damage. Blink Video Doorbell Camera is excellent for everyone who wants more versatility with mounting a video doorbell.

Product Specifications

Battery required


UsageAnti Theft

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Curtis Hanson purchased this product and reviewed it as “Great for apartments.” Bought this and the camera for my brother-in-law for his apartment because he kept having issues with neighbors. Works great, is easy to install and no one has been able to steal it.

Mordely Anti-theft mount doorbell camera for apartments with adjustable angles (Black)

Doorbell Camera Mount for Apartment Door No Drill, Anti-Theft Adjustable Angle Doorbell Mount for Video Doorbell 4/3 Plus/3/2/1 (2020-2021 Release/Pro-Pro2)

Doorbell Camera for Apartments are a new realm that steps into the most experienced security system and are specially designed to ensure the security of apartment living. The Mount doorbell camera can be rotated and adjustable to an angle of 45 to 135 degrees. It is broadening the reach of viewing, by adjusting the angle of the Mount Camera.

Its T-shape model doesn’ block the doorbell camera sensor and gives clear vision at night. This doorbell security camera for apartments gives three types of methods to install it. The door can be used with or without drilling and the third one is a wall mount using drilling installation. It is precisely designed for inward-opening doors not perfectly suitable for outward-opening.

The door thickness must be in the range of 1.14″ to 2.02″ and also verify that the mounting doorbell tape gap width is up to 0.06″.Its upgraded feature is an Anti-theft mount doorbell camera which can enhance your safety protection.  Security doorbell mount cameras for apartments give a broad range of video doorbell models including the 1/2/3+ and 4 generations. It makes sure that you can mount your preferred doorbell camera easily without any similar issues.

Our experts have highly recommended this product because this mount doorbell camera is packed with more authority features than any other, with the sole aim of safeguarding your apartments. Its special design provides full protection away from rainfall or dust to the doorbell camera.

Product Specifications

Dimension item

( L*W*H): 4* 2.9* 6 inch

Power SourceNo
Special FeatureAdjustable

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

LEESE has purchased this product and reviewed it as “Perfect for the Right Size Doorbell Camera” The Moredely doorbell camera mount is perfect for the right size doorbell. My not a brand name doorbell camera looks similar to the blink camera but it must be a little bigger because it did not fit.

Feit Electric video doorbell camera for apartments with motion detection and Micro SD Card Storage

Feit Electric Doorbell Camera, Wireless Video Doorbell, 2.4 GHz Wifi, No Hub, Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Night Vision, 1080p HD, Micro SD Card Storage, Hardwired or Battery, CAM/DOOR/WIFI/BATG2

Stay updated with the Feit smart video doorbell camera for apartments and other motion detectors as this is the best version that can secure your home or apartment from being theft. It is a battery-powered doorbell camera though wireless, you can plug the battery in when you need to recharge.

Its 6700mAh battery ensures that the camera keeps operational when the power is outages. Doesn’t matter if your Wi-Fi is off, you can read the license plate and also record the faces. This security doorbell camera for apartment door records continuously and is attached to a storage 128 GB micro SD card. This doorbell camera gives the best night vision up to 30 feet with a 140-degree range.

The camera detects any motion or activity and sends notifications to your device by capturing the video or picture. Security camera has two-way audio allowing you to see and communicate with the visitors. Electric detector cameras are very efficient and trusted as their quality testing makes sure that they give hassle-free installation, have high safety standards, and are wet-location-rated.

This Doorbell Camera has been highly recommended by our expert because of its Geofencing feature, You can off/on the device to pretend to be leaving early or come home late. Also reduces the false motion triggers of pets or cars by setting the device and applies only to humans.

Product Specifications

Dimension of product

2.6 * 3.9 * 7.1”

Battery type

1 Lithium Ion battery is required. (included)

Special FeatureNight Vision, Motion Sensor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Christine O’Connor has Purchased this product and reviewed as it a “ Great quality picture and works well.” I upgraded my original Feit doorbell camera to this one. Glad I did. Picture quality, sleek, modern design, longer battery life. The only con is unless you have your phone with you, you do not hear when someone rings/presses the button.

Anjielo Smart Video Intercom Doorbell Camera for Apartments with 7-inch Monitor and Two-Way Audio

ANJIELO SMART Video Intercom System,1080P HD Camera WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Monitor 7 inch Wired Doorbell,Support Two-Way Audio,Remote Unlock, PIR Motion Detection,Night Vision

Security doorbell camera for apartment doors are the latest innovation carefully crafted by the engineers to enhance the crystal-clear images. Doorbell cameras boast incredibly sophisticated designs tailored to keep your home secure. This doorbell camera for apartments is an unfading device that can spontaneously alter the infrared LED in darkness for a transparent image. Smart camera support intercom system, that provides two-way communication.

Its indoor monitor will ring when the guest comes and you can open the door by clicking the button and welcome your guest. Smart doorbell cameras are not considered to be wireless as they are connected to the Wi-Fi. Its monitor works on Wi-Fi but cables are required for indoor monitors and doorbells.  Security doorbell cameras can record snaps or videos automatically when someone triggers motion detection.

This data is stored in a Micro SD card. More than 2 doorbells and cameras are interconnected to at least four indoor monitors for seamless multi-device integration. Its 1080 HD Camera and infrared LED lens enhance the security to the next level. They are enhancing home security and making your life safer.

This product is highly recommended by our experts due to its HD camera and motion detection feature. This Doorbell Camera detects motion and automatically takes snaps and records videos. Its HD camera takes crystal-clear images at night.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension

5.91 L * 3.94W * 0.39 H In inch

Connectivity Technology


Installation TypeScrew-In

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, the doorbell security camera can be perfectly removed. This doorbell mount is perfect for renters since it is easy to remove and install. It is too easy to remove without leaving a scratch on the door.

No, A doorbell camera can be charged through an already-existing rechargeable battery pack. There is no manual need for any charger or battery to charge the doorbell security camera.

Many Mount doorbells need Wi-Fi to function properly. You can also connect it to your phone and save or record the video for safety.

Yes, It is amicable for the rentals and apartments as they can be removed smoothly after installation. It requires no drilling for installation and from it, there can be no damage to the wall or door.

It is not necessarily required to have access to the internet but being connected to the net will allow you to reach all the features like motion detection etc.

Doorbell cameras can record from the range of a few days to several months. This range depends upon the storage capacity of the device.  It gives clear night vision.

Yes, doorbell cameras work without the internet such as wired doorbells, and battery-powered doorbells. But smart doorbells can work properly by being connected to the Wi-Fi.

Doorbell cameras are allowed mostly in apartments as they don’t require drilling. So, no damage to property. However, some apartment complexes may not allow doorbell cameras and some may allow after certain restrictions.

Yes, the Micro SD Card is available with a Reolink doorbell camera. This SD card stores snaps and record video. Its maximum size is 256 GB.

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