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By: Halima Sadia

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The oil-filled electric heater is a common form of convection heater in domestic settings. As it is filled with oil, it is heated by electricity, not by burning oil fuel; the oil acts as a heatreservoir. There are different colors of these radiant heaters like black, grey, white etc.

The oil electric radiators in the current generation heat evenly and quickly, allowing them to maintain an even temperature and use less energy. There are three different settings of low, medium and high. It has different advanced features of remote control,cord storage and smooth castorsfor easy movements and easy to store. There are different safety features of automatically shut down, tip-over switch, overheat protection etc.

Kismile Portable Fast Heating and Noiseless Oil Filled Electric Heaters in Black Color

Kismile Portable Electric Radiator Heater, Oil Filled with 3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat & Tip-Over Protection For indoor use, 1500W (Black)

Kismile oil filled electric heaters defend coldness and warmth your rooms in short time of only 10 minutes. First of all set the temperature then turn on the heater and wait for the heater to heat up slowly and then enjoy the warmth.  The heater has cord storage and smooth castors for easy movements. So that it can be placed in any room in the house. There is no more worry about your children or pets stepping on wires. 

There is several safety features built into it. When the heater parts overheat, the unit will shut down automatically. Tip-over switch will turn off when tipped forward or backward. You can tell right away that the unit is plugged in by the power indicator light.

Our experts recommended this electric heater because it is efficient and economical.

Product Specification

Special FeaturePortable, Overheat Protection, Noiseless, Tip-Over Protection, Fast Heating, Adjustable Temperature, Manual Thermostat, Wheels
Form FactorPedestal
Product Dimension9.4″D x 13.9″W x 26″H

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kim purchased this and review that  “Better than expected.”  I’ve tried several heaters that did not do much. Our downstairs stays chilly and it’s a pretty open area.

COSTWAY Grey Radiant Energy Saving Oil Filled Electric Heaters with Adjustable Thermostat

COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater, 1500W Portable Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, 3 Heat Settings, Overheat and Tip-Over Protection, Electric Oil Heater for Living Room Bedroom, Indoor Use

It is lightweight and compact, this space heater is easy to store. The heater can be moved easily from room to room and its four universal casters and handle on the front. It is possible to wrap the wire around the storage when it isn’t in use, which saves space and is clean. It has permanent sealing oil and does not need additional oil to operate. Oil filled electric heaters are quiet and will not disturb you while you sleep or work. The maximum 1500W power of this oil filled heater is perfect for heating medium to large rooms in the winter, keeping you from feeling cold.

In addition to its 3 heat settings (low, medium, and high), this radiator heater has an adjustable thermostat that provides energy efficient and constant heat to your home or office, reducing costs. The oil filled heater can be adjusted according to the heating area to meet your individual preferences. It is automatically disconnects the power when it is tilted to the ground at a certain angle or the temperature is too high, which reduces accidents and improves safety.

We selected this radiant heater because it is quiet, works reliably and has great  manual settings.

Product Specification

Special FeatureOverheat Protection , Tip-Over Protection
Form FactorPedestal
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sharon s Langley purchased this and review that “Perfect heater” I really like this heater. It works much better than some of the heaters I have purchased

Dreo Black Portable Remote Control Oil Filled Electric Heaters with High Heating Efficiency

Dreo Radiator Heater, Upgrade 1500W Electric Portable Space Oil Filled Heater with Remote Control, 4 Modes, Overheat & Tip-Over Protection, 24h Timer, Digital Thermostat, Quiet, Indoor

This heater has cool touch design keeps the heat element and fins that prevents burns. It should only reach 80°C at most during use due to a special treatment on the exteriors. It has spindle-shaped openings, 225 mm larger and Dual U-shaped heating tubes ensure the heat is doubled and distributed quickly, evenly, and efficiently over a large area. The smart ECO mode adjusts the room’s temperature automatically

It has a remotecontrol for muting, setting a timer, and accessing other functions. It’s easy to move this big guy thanks to the wheels. It’s super easy to assemble. This oil filled electric heater has a 24-hour timer that is adjustable in 1 hour increments. The standby time can be set as well as the auto off time. Stay warm at home at all times.

We choose this heater as it received five star rating because it is quiet and effective, It works very well.

Product Specification

Special FeatureLarge heating area, remote control, high heating efficiency, save energy, quiet
Form FactorPedestal
Heating Coverage300sq

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Robyn Daly purchase this and review that  “Holds temperature perfectly”  my condo has heating element/fan units built in to the walls. They are not particularly energy efficient, they are somewhat noisy, and the thermostats are touchy.

TRUSTECH Portable Radiant Energy-Saving Oil Filled Electric Heaters in White Color

Oil Filled Radiator Heater, 700W Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, Overheat Protection, Portable Radiant Heater for Indoor Use, Quiet Indoor Portable Heater for Home and Office

This is noiseless, making you feel the warmth like a hug; with this radiator heater, you will never feel cold again. Portable oil filled electric heaters are highly durable, with steel internal components, and oil doesn’t need to be changed frequently; they can operate in cold temperatures, too. Overheat protection is provided when the space heater reaches approximately 105 degrees. This radiator heater is equipped with an adjustable power knob to provide heat while saving energy. It can work at 700W and quickly heat 120 square feet, which will allow your home to feel warm rapidly. Oil radiator heaters with adjustable thermostats can provide fast heating; Instead of heating the entire house, the oil heater heats a small area efficiently.

Our experts recommended this heater as it is noiseless and perfect for small spaces.

Product Specification

Special FeaturePortable, Electronic Thermostat, Overheat Protection
Form FactorPedestal
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Emily purchase this and review that “Simple to use” Good quality 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The heater has overheating protection for added safety, but it should not be left unattended for extended periods of time.

Since an oil-filled heater consumes less energy and emits less carbon dioxide, oil room heaters are known to be great for the environment. As a result, they generate more heat for a longer period of time.

Oil central heating systems can leak at any point. The smell of oil may be noticeable but you may not be able to observe the leak at first glance, unlike some leaks that are more obvious, like a split in your tank.

A well-designed containment system should not cause any problems with heating oil’s distinctive odor, although it does have a unique odor.

The cost of running them is about half that of fan heaters. It also retains heat better, provides a safer working environment, and reduces air drying.

They produce heat using oil, so they require less electricity than other types of heaters. Also, oil-filled heaters emit no harmful radiation, making them extremely safe for use.

The oil contained in electric oil heaters is in sealed tubes that reduce the risk of sparks or open flames coming into contact with it. If the heater leaks oil or has tipped over, the hot oil could catch alight.

There is a risk of fire if the heater is covered. Ensure that the heater is kept away from any combustible materials, such as furniture, curtains, bedding, clothes, or papers, by at least 90 cm.