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By: Arooj Bibi

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Popcorn kettle cleaner


Kettle spout cleaning brush

A kettle cleaner has become an essential kitchen craft nowadays. As the trend of using electric kettles is increasing, cleaning narrow spouts and internal surfaces of kettles has become a headache for users. The kettle cleaner formula and brushes have aided people in maintaining hygiene and fine-looking products.

The Cleaner prolongs the life of your utensils by removing stains and thus preventing corrosion. This cleaner has an effective formula to clean kitchen appliances saving your time and effort. Cleaning with a good quality cleaner formula and brush will prevent you from laborious manual scrubbing and leave a fresh fragrance on your appliances. The Cleaner is equally effective in cleaning all types of kettles. This does not contain any harmful agent.

Cleaner Brushes will perform multiple cleaning tasks for you like brushes dusting the figurine, and they help in scrubbing stains out of kettles and other kitchen equipment. This long narrow brush is particularly for cleaning kettle spouts. It perfectly fits in the vessel and scrapes off dirt and grime.

Brushtech – a famous brush brand has introduced high-quality plastic brushes that have long round shapes. The round shape improves their cleaning efficacy. Carnival King – another famous cleaning formula that efficiently removes all stains, lime scales, etc. from the kettle.

Carnival King Popcorn Kettle Cleaner having Highly Concentrated Formula and Bottle Cap

Carnival King 31 oz. Popcorn Kettle Cleaner

The Carnival King brings you a new highly effective kettle cleaner made of a concentrated formula. This easily removes grease residues, oil buildup, and carbon particles stuck to your kettle. This gives a professional clean. The instructions to use kettle cleaner, to get maximum benefit, are given on the label.

The cap of the cleaner is dual dispensing. This will help you in measuring and dispensing the required amount of cleaner. Its formula is safe for use in all types of kettles, irrespective of the material they are made up of. It can also clean similar metallic items like the inside of popcorn machines, cookware, sheet pans, racks, etc. The Cleaner does not harm any coating of utensils.

Our experts recommend this cleaner because of its formula that can easily wipe out all the grease, oil buildup, etc adherent to the kettle. This will revitalize your kettle’s appearance and will extend its lifespan.

Product Specifications

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

The Review of “JLH” is IT WORKS!! I had tried everything to get the butter and oil off of the inside of our popcorn machine with no luck. A bit of this in a sink of hot water and I was able to get the plastic door/walls of the machine clean!

Round Shaped Brushtech Plastic Tea Kettle Cleaner and Spout Cleaner Brush (white)

Brushtech Tea Kettle Spout Cleaning Brush

The kettle cleaner brush is an essential kitchen accessory. It has a round shape, perfect for thorough cleaning of a kettle. Brushtech round kettle brush is safe to be used in delicate china utensils. It is made up of plastic and is light in weight.

The brush, by Brushtech, is highly durable and it can easily deal with tough cleaning tasks. It has high-quality elastic bristles that remove any adherent smudge from the kettle without scratching the kettle’s surface. It can be easily maneuvered to clean hard-to-reach areas. The narrow long cleaner brush easily fits in the kettle spout and removes stubborn stains. It can deeply clean the spout of the kettle, and give you a whistle-clean spout.

Our experts have selected this product for its first-rate bristles that will help you clean almost all types of kitchen accessories. It is a handy, and all-in-one dishwashing partner. The cleaning brush is perfect for your kitchen aid.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions11 x 3 x 1.5 inches
Item Weight0.01 Ounces

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

The review of “N.B.” is “Works perfectly for the juicer spout!” I ordered this product hoping it would fit the spout of my juicer so I could clean out the vegetable enzyme buildup. It works perfectly! It is fat enough that it gives a good scrubbing to the spout (metal juicer) and is very durable. Also easy to clean! Very happy with it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An electric kettle used solely to boil water should be cleaned and washed at least once every two weeks.

Just mix 1 oz. of Kettle Cleaner formula with half a cup of warm water. Now stir it to dissolve, and pour it into your kettle to heat and then clean.

This formula is great for a busy concession stand, also this cleaner allows you to clean your kettle daily and it also cleans all types of metal kettles.

You can simply wash the brushes with neutral soap and water. After it is washed, wipe the brush with a towel, and do not keep it under a direct heat source.

Yes, this brush is multi-purpose, it can be used in cleaning kettles, stained utensils, and other greasy items.

No, it just gives you a clean hygienic kitchen article. The brush has nothing to do with beverages kept in the article.