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By: Halima Sadia

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Samsung 36 inch gas range


Thor 36 gas range


Convection oven in stainless steel


Burner gas cooktop

Samsung 36 inch gas range provides fast heating and manages precise temperature, which makes cooking more efficient. These are made of stainless steel which makes it strong and beautiful. They are available mostly in black color. This color gives perfect and inspiring look.

Their 36 inch range capability makes it professional gas range. So you can easily prepare a variety of meals for large family or restaurants.

Some of the gas ranges have oven for different dishes. They have glass door due to which you can easily watch the food into it. Different gas ranges have various burners like 17400 BTU burner, 8200 BTU burner and 18,000 BTU etc. These Samsung 36 inch gas ranges are controlled with knob.These gas ranges are durable and non-sticky and due to its stainless steel material, it is easy to use and easy to clean.

Stove Base Electronic Durable Non-Stick and Reusable Samsung 36 Inch Gas Range in Black Color

Premium 36" Stove Top Protector for Samsung NA36 Gas Cooktop Range (0.63 mm) X3 Triple Thickness is Tougher Stronger and More Durable | Custom Fit | Non-Stick | Reusable | X3 Thicker | NA36K7550TS

Samsung 36 inch gas range is made up of high quality fiberglass cloth, with a non-stick Teflon coating. Three times thicker material used in it which makes it heat resistance and durable. Due to dual action of PTFE coating and glass fiber it is heat resistance of as high as 550°F so that you can continuously cooking at 550°F without heating and melting.Samsung 36 inch gas range is 5.8 cu. ft. free-standing and can easy to use and clean. It can be easily washed with hot soapy water or under the faucet. Samsung 36 inch gas range is recommended to you because it received five star rating and is a good product, easy to use, user- friendly and works great

Product Specification

Fuel TypeGas
Ignition System TypeElectronic
Control TypeKnob

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Pat Jackson: purchased this item and reviewed as “Great purchase” So much easier to clean my stovetop

Empava Stainless Steel Samsung 36 Inch Gas Range with High Power Burner and Storage Drawer

Empava EMPV_36GR01 Stainless Steel 36 inch Professional Single Oven Gas Range with 5 Deep Recessed Burners Cooktops, 36

Empava manufacture this single wall oven having five burners with latest and complete exterior design that is eye-catching.

There are four versatile burner sizes available for making all your favorite dishes: a dual-ring 17400 BTU burner, a rapid 8200 BTU burner, two semi-rapid 6900 BTU burners, and an auxiliary 5000 BTU burner that distribute heat evenly while simmering, boiling, stirring, steaming, melting and caramelizing.

It delivers the maximum BTU power to propane and natural gas cooktops. With its automatic shutoff protection, it protects your home and family from gas leaks.

There is a maximum countdown time of 12 hours and 59 minutes, and a maximum temperature range of 150°F to 475°F that helps to cook perfectly and accurately. 

Its 2 removable Oven racks helps to clean it in easy way and 4 adjustable rack position helps in cooking of various size of items. During cooking, its slide-in gas range come with large oven window and halogen oven lights allows you to see the food without opening the door.

Our experts recommended this product because customers are satisfied with this product as it is beautiful, New range for kitchen and easy to use.

Product Specification

Drawer TypeStorage
MaterialStainless Steel
Fuel TypeGas

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Edward P. Lloyd: purchased this item and reviewed as Great looking stove” my siblings and i, and my nieces and nephew, and my children pitched in to by this for my mom. It looks great. i’m not sure how well it works. One person found this helpful

Thor Kitchen Stainless Steel Pro-Style Samsung 36 Inch Gas Range with ‎6 Cubic Feet Capacity

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Freestanding Pro-Style Professional Gas Range with 6.0 cu.ft. Oven, 6 Burners, in Stainless Steel - LRG3601U

THOR Kitchen manufactures this powerful performance of a professional Samsung 36 inch gas range at a reasonable cost. This stainless steel gas is designed with professional features. It is high powered of 18,000 BTUburners and providefast and intense heat for making large meals for family and restaurants. It has 6.0 cu. ft. capacity that is enough to accommodate various dishes and betters your cooking. There is an additional drawer that helps to provide space for cooking trays and other kitchen utensils.

For fast and effective cooking, a convection fan provides controlled heat distribution.

There is reflective gas tube broiler that distributes heat evenly so that your food is seared evenly and has a sealed juice seal. This product is highly recommended as it has received five star rating and quite, easy to use and works great.

Product Specification

BrandThor Kitchen
Form FactorFreestanding
Controls TypeKnob
Voltage120 Volts

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

cbrown: purchased this item and reviewed as “Happy with my 36 Thor” Sturdy, built well, shipped with good protection, easy to decorate, installs easy, had an industrial Jenna’s before and Thor one far surpasses it. people found this helpful

Cosmo Stainless Steel Samsung 36 Inch Gas Range with 6 Sealed Burners and 6.0 Cu. Ft Capacity

COSMO COS-EPGR366 36 in. Slide-In Freestanding Gas Range with 6 Sealed Burners, Cast Iron Grates and 6.0 cu. ft. Convection Oven in Stainless Steel, 36 inch

Cosmo produce this high quality Samsung 36 Inch gas range with professional design. It is made up of corrosion-resistant stainless steelwith bright mirror-finished knobs and bright LED indicator lights above oven knobs enhance its beauty and make it durable. The large 6.0 cu. ft. capacity helps to make food for large family or restaurants. Its gas cooktop with 6 sealed burners helps you to manage dishes and cookware. The cooktop ha variety of burners like 2 x 18,000 BTU, 2 x 12,000 BTU, and 2 x 9,000 BTU that helps to increase the  capability to cook precisely and controllably from simmering to boiling. It has apowerfulfan that removes the cold spots and divides the heat all around the food. A cooling ventilation system in the oven cavity prevents heat from building up, an overheating protection system protects you from burns, and the oven handles are cool-to-touch so you don’t get burned.

This Samsung gas range is highly recommended to you as it is beautiful, great freestanding stove, and great for cooking.

Product Specification

Drawer TypeStorage
MaterialStainless Steel
Form Factor Slide-In
Fuel TypeGas

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Roger w eby: purchased this item and reviewed as Great to Cook ON” this is the first brand new appliance i have ever owned, i am old and i appreciate the modern tech involved with this stove and range. to the engineers that designed and built this range stove, thank you

Black Stainless Steel Fingerprint Resistant Samsung 36 Inch Gas Range with Illuminated Knobs

SAMSUNG NA36N6555TG / NA36N6555TG/AA / NA36N6555TG/AA 36 inch Black Stainless 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

Samsung is a very popular brand which manufactures this 36 inch gas range. It has a black color, which makes it a very beautiful item. Stainless steel material is used to manufacture it, which makes it sturdy and gives inspiring look. It has five heating elements that manage the heat and helps to cook various dishes. There are knobs in the Samsung 36 inch gas range to control the fire flame for making different foods.

We choose this product because it has received five star rating as it is perfect appliance in the kitchen, easy to use and looks beautiful.

Product Specification

Item Weight69.4 Pounds
Ignition System TypeGas Pilot
Control TypeKnob
Installation TypeDrop-In

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

L. Davis: purchased this item and reviewed as Gets Hot, Looks Good, Isn’t Durable” unfortunately, after six months of very light use, the grate finish has started to chip and the base metal is rusting. samsung claimed that this was a “cosmetic” issue and each of the three grate sections could be purchased for a scratch or dent is a “cosmetic issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Using the knob, you can adjust the flame of the burner, Gas-powered heating elements heat of a gas range.Temperature and heat output of the heating element are controlled by a thermostat.

A 36-inch model is recommended for an upscale remodeling project. They offer enough oven space for dinner parties and can fit at least five pots and pans comfortably.

There are good reviews for Empava induction cooktops. They combine high-power technology with attractive designs to grant flexibility and resilience. They are also very easy to install and clean.

As Samsung ranges break so rarely, it’s difficult to collect some meaningful data on repair and failure rates. Most of our repairs have been minor, like repairing a misbehaving sensor.

As a company that values quality control and durability, Thor Kitchen appliances are built to last. They use durable materials, such as high-grade stainless steel, that ensure longevity.

The Samsung Gas Ranges can be converted to use Liquid Propane. The LP Orifices and installation instructions are included.

The Cosmo kitchen appliance focuses on contemporary styles and uses easy-to-clean stainless steel. It is known for its innovative products that are user-friendly and functional.

A long gas grill lighter can be used to ignite the burners manually if there is a power outage in your home.

Samsung is a most trusted brand. According to Samsung, 8 of 11 categories ranked highest in Customer Satisfaction, with the most awards for Kitchen and Laundry Appliances.

Cooking with a gas range is the ideal choice for home cooks who enjoy cooking. You don’t have to feed an army, but you can handle holiday meals and family gatherings without taking up too much space.