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By: Maria Nasir

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Frigidaire 2.2 Cu. Ft


Frigidaire countertop microwave


Frigidaire Multi Function Microwave Oven

A Frigidaire countertop microwave can be an excellent choice because of its top-quality features and modern technology. The microwave is a modern invention and is a basic necessity for heating food and cooking simple meals quickly. But a Frigidaire countertop microwave can be the best choice because it saves time and energy and makes your work easier.

Many brands provide countertop microwaves but Frigidaire is the best brand and chosen by our experts because it is known for its superior and quality products.

These Frigidaire countertop microwaves have many great features including a defrost system (which is so amazing that it can defrost any frozen food in a short time and evenly from every side of food to keep the food fresh and retain its taste.

This microwave has a genius sensor cooking (which helps you cook and avoid burning food so, in this way, it cooks more deliciously) as well as options for automatic timers and clock functions.

These superb countertop microwaves have many great features that make them a perfect product. That is why these are highly recommended by experts and make your work easier, they will be the best choice.

Stainless Steel Frigidaire Countertop Microwave with Power Cords and Automatically Adjustable Sensors

Frigidaire 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel

This Frigidaire countertop microwave is equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the power levels and set the cooking times accordingly so that a variety of foods can be cooked automatically without any effort. Also, its heating power is so strong and good that it melts butter or cheese instantly so that you can cook your desired food as soon as possible and you don’t have to wait for the butter or cheese to melt. It’s straightforward to set up this countertop microwave and with just a single touch it starts cooking quickly.

Moreover, the programming and cooking control system of this Frigidaire countertop microwave is so good that you can cook a variety of food, from popping popcorn to baking potatoes in just one touch. Apart from these excellent features, a timer can also be set in this microwave. The defrost system of the microwave is so amazing that it defrosts any frozen food quickly and evenly.

Our experts highly recommended this product because this microwave oven is equipped with an electric clock and timer that helps you keep track of cook times. Additionally, an extra-large glass turntable is placed in it.  Along with all these features, the interior lights of this countertop microwave enhance the visibility of its interior, making it a perfect product.

Product Specifications

capacity2.2 cubic feet
Microwave dimensions 21.38″D x 24″W x 13.88″H
Special features 10 power levels, electronic timer, control lock option, one-touch keep warm, effortless reheat.
Material usedsteel

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dakota Kellermeyer purchased this product and reviewed “This microwave works amazing” . I bought this microwave because our old one has broken down and this microwave has been upgraded every week. This is great and very powerful.

A Frigidaire Countertop Microwave which has Genius Sensor Cooking, Defrost System, and Glass Turntable

Frigidaire 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave in Black

The black countertop microwave oven has a large capacity of almost 2.2 cubic feet that can easily contain large-sized dishes and molds. This large and glossy countertop microwave has a 16-inch glass turntable, which can be easily taken out and placed inside. Another advantage is that it will make cleaning the microwave very comfortable.

Also, it is furnished with a clock and kitchen timer, which you can set a timer for cooking and do any other work without anxiety. Frigidaire countertop microwave has 10 cooking power levels, which makes you able to select the cooking level as specified by the food. Additionally, this microwave works with Genius sensor cooking, which prevents burning the food and makes it more delicious by cooking it evenly.

The defrost system of the microwave is so active that you can effortlessly defrost frozen food evenly. It heats the food in such a way that if you are going to serve the food in 15 to 20 minutes, then the food stays hot by that time.

Our experts particularly put forward this product because this microwave contains electronic clocks, a large glass turntable, excellent controller buttons, timer functions, 10 different specified programs, and its door can also swing from right to left.

Product Specifications

Special featuresEffortless defrost, sensors for cooking, one touch can keep food warm, power levels
Microwave Dimensions19.38″D x 24″W x 13.88″H
Capacity2.2 Cubic Feet

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Vee Pittman purchased this product and reviewed, “This microwave has worked so well for a long time.”

And it is still new. It works so well so far.

Stainless Steel Frigidaire Countertop Microwave with Auto Cook Options and Large Glass Turntable

Frigidaire EMW112OAMZ Stainless Steel Microwave Oven, Multi-Function, Programmable, 1.1 Cu Ft 1000-Watt, residential kitchen, Stainless

This wonderful stainless steel microwave is versatile and has 10 power cooking levels which heats, reheats, or cooks a variety of food with a single touch on buttons of power levels so that you get perfection in cooking all kinds of foods, from pasta to reheating frozen pizza and roasting. Besides these, this Frigidaire countertop microwave has quite simple start options and set-up that make the cooking faster by simply pressing and holding the buttons.

There are interior lights in the microwave that illuminate the interior of the microwave and increase the visibility of the contents. An electronic clock timer is also installed in this countertop microwave that helps the user to hold on to the track of cooking time.

Our experts highly recommend this product because this microwave can heat or reheat soups, puddings, noodles, boiled vegetables, and many more by simply touching the buttons. A large glass turntable is also fitted in it to accommodate large items. The defrost system is very efficient and best

Product Specifications

Special features Cooking power levels, large glass turntable, auto cook options.
Dimensions14.8″D x 20.28″W x 11.97″H
Wattage1100 watts
Capacity of Microwave1.1 Cubic Feet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can fix the countertop microwave on any shelf and cabinet in your kitchen for a built-in look.  In this way, a countertop microwave won’t take up extra space and will fit easily.

Countertop microwaves can consume about 600 to 1000 watts of electricity. On average, if you use a microwave for 15 minutes daily, it will use 73 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. If the microwave works on automation, it will likely take up less power.

Countertop-style microwaves do not require cleaners or filters inside. Usually, filters are required in stove top microwaves because countertop microwaves work on automation and have many programs installed.

It is best to leave two or three inches of space around the microwave to give it proper ventilation and allow it to dissipate heat easily and it will not build up too much heat.

It depends on how the microwave is being used and how well it is maintained and cleaned. On average, a microwave can work smoothly for about 7 to 8 years, but if it is used properly and not used roughly, its lifespan can be extended to 10 or 12 years.

Basically, microwaves are designed for reheating and cooking simple meals. If your eggs are half-boiled, you can fully boil them in the microwave. But it is better to boil the eggs on the stove.

Firstly, you have to look at the layout and design of your kitchen to determine which microwave will be suitable for your kitchen and needs. You can easily select the microwave according to the specifications and programs you want to have in the microwave.

Microwaves do not only heat water but also cook many things. The heating system of countertop microwaves is strong so it can cook a lot of things, you can even cook pasta in some microwaves.

Microwaves work by using electromagnetic waves, which are absorbed by the molecules of food placed in the microwave. The molecules start to vibrate and gain energy, which creates heat to cook the food evenly.