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By: Sumayya Batool

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Red Microwaves oven

Modernization and technological advancements have benefited humans a lot, making their life easy. On the other hand, they have also posed the increased risk of ill health and disease. One of the necessities of human beings is the attainment of quality and healthy food. To cook it, a hazard free and easy microwaves oven is invented.

Red microwaves oven is manufactured by many brands and companies to give the user’s kitchen a retro stylish and classy look while meeting all cooking and heating requirements at the same time. These ovens have auto cook and auto defrost menus to make it feasible for the sure to meet their cooking needs fast and hassle free.

Moreover, this microwave oven provides even heating along with the timer to heat and cook according to the user’s choice. The safety lock prevents the hazards and accidents associated with most equipment. Thus, red ovens are the best choice to give our kitchen the good old days look with all the modernity.

Among all the brands manufacturing red microwaves ovens, some are chosen and reviewed by our experts and professionals to be listed among the best ones for provision of high-quality microwave ovens at reasonable prices. All the selected microwave ovens are listed below to be purchased according to your choice and convenience.

Magic Chef Countertop Touch Controlled Red Microwaves Oven with Auto cook and Auto Defrost Menus

Magic Chef 0.9 Cu. Ft. 900W Oven in Red Countertop Microwave

Magic chef brand came up with new technologies and modernized red microwaves oven for the feasibility and convenience of its users. For safety purposes this red microwave is equipped with a child safety lock to keep your kids safe and secure at home.

Furthermore, magic chef has introduced the option of auto cook menus to make it easier and quicker for its hungry users to prepare their meals instantly and deliciously. Its auto defrost menu enables its users to avoid going through the hassle of setting different times and temperatures for every other meal they need to defrost in the microwave.

Additionally, it utilizes just 900 watts of power and energy and gives you the option of 10 different power levels to provide you with the best cooking, heating, and defrosting results according to your desires and demands. It’s 0.9 Cu. feet capacity is ample enough to cook any meal you ravish, and the red exterior and red cabinet gives your kitchen the lavish and stylish design to accentuate its beauty and elegance.

Our experts and professionals have specifically recommended this magic chef red microwaves oven for its classic and elegant design, auto cook and auto defrost menus, and child safety lock along with the 10 power options it provides.

Product specifications

Capacity0.9 Cubic Feet
Special FeatureSafety Lock
Installation TypeCountertop

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

SamsMom purchased this product and reviewed “This is a Great Microwave”. She further said that she loved this microwave. It’s good looking in red and everything about it is great.

NA Button Controlled Retro Style Red Microwaves Oven with Child Safety Lock and Turntable

NA B25UXP45-A90/Red 23L/0.9cuft Retro Microwave Oven with Display Screen/Silver Handle

NA brand has introduced its retro styled red microwaves oven with the special feature of child safety lock in the market for its customers ease and convenience. This feature allows you to keep your children safe even when you’re out at work. The red oven is also furnished with an interior led light so that you can view the inside without opening the door.

Moreover, glass red microwave has 5 different power options to tend to your cooking requirements while utilizing just 900 watts of power. The auto cook mode of this oven makes it easier and faster for its user to cook their customized meals quickly and conveniently.

It is also equipped with a turntable which rotates 360 degrees to provide access to even heating and cooking throughout your favorite meal. It further embellishes your kitchen giving it a stylish and elegant look.

The amazing features of child safety lock, 5 power options and auto cook mode have made this NA red microwaves oven being worthy of recommendation by our expert and professional enthusiasts.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions11.42″D x 19.61″W x 15.2″H
Capacity0.9 Cubic Feet
Special FeatureTurntable
Installation TypeCountertop

ZSQZJJ Button Controlled Retro Glass Red Microwaves Oven with Timer and Defrost System

Microwave Oven B20UXP52/Red 20L/0.7cuft Retro Microwave Oven With Display Screen/Gold Handle

ZSQZJJ company has manufactured a retro styled red microwaves oven with glass material and button-controlled settings. This red oven has a timer dial which gives you the convenience of setting the time for cooking or heating from 1 to 30 minutes.

Moreover, the red microwave is embellished with a gold handle and turntable to cook your favorite meals and delicious dishes evenly and adequately with 360 degrees heating all around the food. The 6 power options allow you to set the power through the dial according to their food’s requirements and needs.

Additionally, the microwave oven has 0.7 cu feet capacity to cook all your favorite foods while utilizing just 700 watts of energy. It has an intricate and beautiful design which will beautifully complement your retro styled kitchen giving it a perfect look.

This ZSQZJJ red microwaves oven has perfect features of timer, defrost system and 6 variable power options which make it a perfect option to be recommended by our experts and professionals.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions10.16″D x 17.76″W x 13.94″H
Capacity0.7 Cubic Feet
Special FeatureTimer, Defrost, Turntable
Installation TypeCountertop

UNBOKS Stainless Steel Countertop Red Microwaves Oven with Child Safety Lock and Touch Controls

Stainless Steel 0.9 Cu. ft. Red Microwave Oven (Red)

UNBOKS brand came up with a shiny and sleek designed red microwaves oven to provide the kitchen a best look they can refer to. This stainless-steel red oven has a child safety lock to prevent mishaps and accidents because of your toddlers.

A touch pad is also installed in the red microwave to make it easy for you to control its functions by just touching it with your fingers. You can easily place a microwave on your kitchen countertop to avail yourself of its best customized heating and cooking features along with the timer and defrost accessibility.

Furthermore, this red oven will complement your kitchen furnishings elegantly and delicately, it uses just 900 watts of energy with 10 different power levels to give you the best food heating and cooking you desire and deserve. The oven’s 0.9 cu ft capacity provides you with enough space to cook your favorite meal while giving you access to view it via its led light clearly.

UNBOKS stainless steel countertop red microwaves oven is specifically mentioned and recommended by our professionals for its beautiful design, 0.9 cu ft capacity, child safety lock, 10 power levels, and touch controls.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions15.6″D x 19.02″W x 11.06″H
Capacity0.9 Cubic Feet
Special FeatureTimer, Defrost
MaterialStainless Steel

Galanz Retro Styled Stainless Steel Red Microwaves Oven with Defrost, Auto cook and Reheat Programs

Galanz GLCMKZ11RDR10 Retro Countertop Microwave Oven with Auto Cook & Reheat, Defrost, Quick Start Functions, Easy Clean with Glass Turntable, Pull Handle, 1.1 cu ft, Red

Galanz brand idolizes manufacturing the best retro styled microwave ovens equipped with the modern technology to give your kitchen a classy look while tending to all your cooking and heating requirements. The Red microwaves oven has all the essential and modern technologies including a glass turntable to heat and cook your food evenly by rotating it to 360 degrees.

It is equipped with the 7 auto cook and 10 auto reheat functions to make your cooking and heating easy and fast. The 12.4″ turntable in this oven makes it easy to clean the equipment by removing the turntable. If you have a taste for classy kitchen then this red oven will perfectly complement your kitchen décor.

The Red microwaves oven manufactured by Galanz company is highly recommended by our professionals for its retro look, 1.1 cu ft capacity, auto cook, reheat and defrost options along with the quick start button making it the best choice for your kitchen.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions 16.9″D x 21.1″W x 11.2″H
Capacity 1.1 Cubic Feet
Special Feature Auto Cook, Defrost, Turntable

COMFEE' Compact Countertop Red Microwaves Oven with Cool Touch Buttons and Fast Multistage Cooking

COMFEE' CM-M093ARD Retro Microwave with 9 Preset Programs, Fast Multi-stage Cooking, Turntable Reset Function Kitchen Timer, Mute Function, ECO Mode, LED digital display, 0.9 cu.ft, 900W, Red

COMFEE’ designed a red microwaves oven which features the most looked after retro style and environment friendly eco mode for its customers convenience and benefit. This microwave oven has 7 preset auto cook menus to make it easy and fast for the user to prepare and ravish their favorite meals in seconds.

Moreover, the red oven operates at a power of 900 watts with 10 different power levels and a bright LED display along with interior light to make it convenient and visible for its users. The oven’s turntable has an auto position memory function which returns the cup or plate to its initial position after heating or cooking thus enabling you to avoid unnecessary burning of your hands.

Additionally, red microwave features an express cooking option, mute function and eco mode to give you ample time to cook your meal perfectly and seamlessly while protecting your environment and energy usage at the same time. Furthermore, the child safety lock prevents all the unnecessary accidents for your toddlers with this microwave.

COMFEE’ red microwaves oven with its excellent features of child safety lock, eco mode, 0.9 cu ft capacity, retro style and auto cook menus as well as 10 different power levels is highly recommended by our experts and professionals.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions15.41″D x 19.09″W x 11.51″H
Capacity0.9 Cubic Feet
Special FeatureSafety Lock
Wattage900 watts
MaterialStainless Steel

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

P. L. Garrison purchased this product and reviewed “So far, so good”. He further stated that this red microwave fits in a small space and has a very nice interface for usage. He liked the feature of returning the mug to its original position and the door handle along with the quick reheat option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The 900 watts of magic chef red microwaves oven with 10 different power levels gives you the liability to cook a variety of meals according to your choice.

The voltage used to operate a microwave must be the same as mentioned and specified on the oven (i.e. 120 volts) as using other voltages will be hazardous and may cause fire.

Metals such as aluminum foil and stainless steel should be avoided in microwaves as these metals reflect microwaves thus increasing the temperature in the oven that may cause fire.

Microwave oven uses microwaves which don’t alter the chemical nature of food thus making it harmless and healthy and safe to be used for cooking purposes.

There is no evidence that food cooked in the microwave causes any harmful effects; rather its stated that it’s healthier to eat microwave cooked food than other sources in some ways.

If a broken or altered microwave is used it will leak electromagnetic radiations which are very hard to detect.

Normal heating doesn’t destroy bacteria in the microwave however if you heat or cook your food for a long time then it will completely kill the bacteria.

Interior light just makes it easy for the user to view the food while the microwave is working while giving it an elegant look. It’s not a must for the microwave to be operational.

Microwaves don’t have the huge risks as x-ray, but large exposure may cause skin burn or cataract as they heat up the body tissues.

It’s proven by CDC that microwaves kill bacteria and viruses but not all the microwaves used in ovens are the same.

It’s safe to maintain a distance of at least 15 centimeters with a microwave oven while cooking. Also make sure that the oven is not leaky or broken.

Never turn on an empty microwave as it is very dangerous and may lead to a huge fire.