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By: Maria Nasir

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NexiGo Aurora Projector


Online Aurora Projector

Many people buy projectors to enjoy pictures and movies, but now the Aurora Projector with the latest technology has arrived, with the help of which you can create a starlight effect in your bedrooms, lounges or halls and enjoy the views of such natural light effects.   It can appear as if the starlight is shining in the sky brightly.

There are many other brands providing Aurora Projector but NexiGo and Airivo provide the best projectors and its features are amazing and latest technology is used in them to make their use more extensive and better. So, buying these projectors with such brilliant features can be a good choice.

In addition to these foremost features, these projectors also have built-in speakers so that you don’t need to connect any speakers externally.

They can make a brilliant and classy starlight effect with white noise in your rooms and they can be easily fitted in any small room. Also these projectors are approved and recommended by our experts because they can create any relaxing environment for everyone which is also good for mental health.

NexiGo 4k Ultra HD Aurora Projector with Stunning Visual Experience and Bluetooth Connectivity

NexiGo Aurora PJ90, 4K Ultra Short Throw UST Projector, Laser-Powered, HDR10, HLG, 3D, 85% DCI-P3 & 121% Rec.709, 60W Stereo Speakers with Dolby_Audio, Android TV

This smart Aurora projector can give you an incredible cinema experience. Due to its fascinating 3D display, you can smoothly enjoy dynamic action scenes and your favorite content, pictures, or movies. Advanced laser technology has been installed in it due to which the aurora projector provides you hyper-realistic images and pictures with dynamic display and sharp colors.

The quality of the striking light coming out of this projector is excellent. It also uses advanced technologies like HDR10 and HLG and displays the best quality, 3000:1 high-contrast pictures. HDMI ports are also provided in it, with the help of which, if you want to connect the speaker externally, you can use the best Bluetooth feature.

Moreover, its high-powered stereo sound system is the best with an outstanding rumbling bass quality with 3.55mm audio jacks. This small projector is perfect for any room size.

Our experts highly recommend this product because it can give endless entertainment due to its multi-streaming services and the already installed Android TV system it. In addition to these best features, it also has wireless connections and micro-adjustment features as per the size and shape of pictures.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions

17.76″L x 13.05″W x 3.92″H

Minimum image size

80 inches

Maximum image size

150 inches

Special features

Dolby audio, cinematic sound with 60 W speakers, stunning visual experience, projector lens cover.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Beatbox 504 purchased this product and reviewed   “It worth my money,” and it is a really, really amazing and beautiful projector screen.

Airivo Tabletop, Energy Efficient Aurora Projector with Multi-Color LED Display and Bluetooth Speakers

AIRIVO Northern Lights Aurora Projector (Black+ Gold)

Airivo came up with an aurora projector, which has a gold finish. Compared to other and older light projectors, this projector is better in both functions and qualities has three-in-one qualities, and has the best white noise. It also has a speaker, but if you want to connect a speaker externally, it can also be connected via Bluetooth.

Its best feature is that it can offer a view of the starlight, northern light sky, and the seven-color Galaxy Light. Thus, it can provide a very relaxing environment for sleeping.  You can have a great time with your family and friends by enjoying this unique environment. It also uses a new technology with the help of which the starlight shines and blinks and presents a very beautiful and attractive view.

It also expands the use of the life of the projector. It has different color variations with the help of which you can enjoy by selecting your desired color starlight according to your mood. There is also a speaker installed inside this projector with the help of which you can play any relaxing sound.

Apart from this, one of its amazing features is that it has eight different types of soothing sounds that can help your babies sleep. Moreover, it also has white noise, which can be a very effective therapy for those suffering from insomnia.

Our experts highly recommend this product because it has the best light projection with soft music beats, and it can also create disco effects for parties. It also has an automatic shut-off system which can save energy.

Product Specifications

Lightening method


Mounting type


Control method


Connectivity protocol


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The different colors emitted from the projector depend on what gas is being emitted and also depend on the exchange of energy between the gasses. As oxygen emits mostly green-yellow light and nitrogen gives off red light.

Usually, the most common color of Aurora is green. This color is produced when gas molecules like oxygen strike with charged particles.

When an ionized nitrogen emits a deep blue or purple color is produced, which is a rare color of this type of projector. The emitted ionized nitrogen gas must be produced at low altitude.

Yes, if you want to connect speakers externally then you can connect them with Bluetooth. Projectors also have internal speakers.

Yes, the aurora projector can also project a seven-color galaxy starlight effect. Specifically, Airivo came up with the latest technology aurora projectors whose starlight can also shine and blink.

White noise in aurora projectors makes a soothing and relaxing sound which has a positive effect on crying babies and also an effective therapy for those who suffer from insomnia.

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