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By: Khadija Zafar


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As the best projector for the home, the RCA Bluetooth projectors are the best for the house providing the best cinema movie at home. It gives you the feeling and potential for a theater-like ongoing movie and able you to make a fresh day with your friends and family. 

For seeking out the best home projector, our experts have done research regarding it and bestowed the buyers with the RCA brand. This RCA brand gives the best and most stunning performance with its grateful features.

Compact Bluetooth projector has different features that are in demand such as connecting with a Compatible device or via Bluetooth, a Rechargeable battery, Full HD View, precision and crystal clear images, best for gaming and movies. It has the best built-in Speaker and a built-in DVD player that are best for tours as you can watch what you want to with the best view, with no need for an extra speaker to attach. There are the six most famous and demanded projectors with different values and features.

Portable DVD and movie player RCA Bluetooth Projector for Home Compatible with Phone and Laptop

RCA RPJ140 Projector With Built-in Bluetooth & DVD Player - Movie Projector - 1080P Supported For HD, Video & Screens - Portable DVD Projector For Home Theater Compatible With Phone, Laptop, PS4, Xbox

Regarding electronic appliances, the RCA gives the best between value and performance. Enjoy the best theater at home with an RCA Bluetooth projector, providing the best view with quality pictures, unlike the many other projectors with high prices but no quality. This Bluetooth projector has a built-in DVD player, making it a perfect option for filling your free time at the apartment if you do not get a separate DVD player.

To make an ideal and enchanting sound, this Bluetooth has a built-in stereo surround speaker to allow you to enjoy every scene by restoring every sound effect detail. You can connect your speaker wirelessly with Bluetooth. RCA Bluetooth support directly plays the CD, DVD, CD-R, and CD-RW, etc. but not a Blu-ray DVD and it has a micro SD support card that permits you to use it with smartphones, PCs, laptops, and many others. Provide a quiet environment with 80 percent less noise fan for better performance. This projector is not recommended for a PPT or an office presentation.

Our experts have highly recommended this RCA Bluetooth projector because of its special features like compatible devices and noise-free fans. You can connect any smart device with a newly enhanced cooling and fan system that surprisingly provides a noise-free environment.

Product Specifications

Item Dimension12 x 8 x 5 (LxWxH) inches
Item Weight3.63 pounds
Speaker TypeSurround, Stereo, Built-in

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kindle Customer has purchased this product and reviewed it as “Great value for the money.”We purchased this unit to provide an outdoor theater environment for our four grandchildren. This was a fantastic buy.

Black Portable 1080p Home Theater RCA Bluetooth Projector Recommended for Gaming (Renewed)

RCA Bluetooth 1080p Home Theatre Projector (Renewed)

The need for TV at home is a must but it is rather costly. In contrast to TV, the RCA Bluetooth projector is an appealing trend for many of us to enjoy a theater view at home with family. Enjoy the cinematic view with an RCA Bluetooth while sitting at home with the most favorable features. Bluetooth projector gives you an HD maximum resolution, LCD technology, Bluetooth technology, integrated HDMI ports, 1 composite A/V input, and 1 VGA.

HD maximum resolution enhances impressive viewing with amazing picture quality and  LCD technology feature gives you a maximum potential flat screen of up to 150 inches. Its connectivity technology VGA port allows you to connect various devices with RCA projectors such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and content streaming devices. This compact device allows users to watch movies and play gaming at home by hooking it to their smart devices. (as a laptop, Fire TV stick, TV box, etc.)

Our experts have highly recommended this RCA Bluetooth projector product as the special feature of Connectivity of Bluetooth. You can connect any device to your projector without the hassle of wires through Bluetooth.

Product Specifications

Item Dimension12 x 8 x 4 inches
Item Weight3 Pounds
Special featurePortable, Bluetooth

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Terrell Pennywell has purchased this RCA Bluetooth projector and reviewed it as “Better than the other similar to it” I’ve bought 2 other projectors off of here with off-brand names and they don’t compare to this RCA projector.

Black Portable Outdoor and Indoor RCA Bluetooth Projector Especially for Home Movie (480p)

RCA - 480P Home Movie Projector with Bluetooth | Portable Indoor & Outdoor Projector | Compatible with HDMI, USB, Laptop, iPhone & Android Phone

The need for an actual TV is no longer appealing due to the very costly in contrast to the projector. RCA Bluetooth Projector covers all features that a TV can hold to make a cinematic environment at home. You can connect all your compatible devices like HDMI, laptop, and Android phones with the projector via Bluetooth. It can provide a sharp and high display with a native resolution of 800 x 480.

The Bluetooth projector offers a broad range of compatible devices like HDMI ports, A/V input, USB, VGA, and a TF/ micro SD slot. It also supports various versatile multimedia such as video, audio, and picture formats. This digital projector provides seamless connections with Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphones for a mythical audio experience by reproducing the sound with remarkable pitch and clarity. Without the hassle of tangled cables, you can enjoy your movie night at home.

Our experts have highly recommended this RCA Bluetooth projector because of its special feature of Compatible devices. You can connect any compatible device like laptops, PCs, Firestick, etc. with your home theater projector

Product Specifications

Item Dimension

6.1 x 7.9 x 3.3 inches

Item Weight1Pound
Special featurePortable, Bluetooth

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Louise. S has purchased this RCA Bluetooth Projector and reviewed it as a “Movie Night”. RCA is not a brand you hear about often, if at all now. But his little compact projector is nice and great for movie nights inside or outside.

Portable Home Theater RCA Bluetooth Projector with Rechargeable long-lasting battery

RCA - RPJ060 Portable Projector Home Theater Entertainment System, Long Lasting Battery - 2.5 Hours per Charge - Outdoor, Rechargeable, Speakers - Enjoy without any Cable on the go - Phone/Stick/PC

RCA Bluetooth Projector is ideal for travel as it has a huge lithium battery with a 2.5-hour runtime after a full charge. This Bluetooth projector has a built-in handle and two built-in speakers with high 8-watt as don’t have any need to carry a speaker with you. Its Bluetooth connection makes it simple for you to experience the greater stereo sound.

This is the best option for enjoying the movie and other content while on the move because it does not require any cable or wire to operate after charging. Though it is unsuitable for PPT or business presentations, it is best for the house theater or cinema. Our digital projector supports 1920*1080p resolution as it provides the best size range view and can maintain a projection distance from 4.9 to 16.4 ft.

For a mirrored screen, connect the Smartphone or USBs via cable or synchronize the mirrored screen through Wi-Fi. Our digital home theater projector displays your preferred movies and pictures on your home wall with a screen potential of 150″.


Our higher-ups have highly recommended this RCA Bluetooth Projector because of its special feature of a huge 8400mAh lithium battery and two built-in speakers. This battery helps you to cover your two-and-a-half-hour with splendid pictures.

Product Specifications

Item Dimension

12.25*11.75*9 inches

Item Weight6 pounds
Special featureOutdoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Amazon Customers have purchased this product and reviewed it as the “Best Camping Projector”. Man…I have been trying battery-powered projectors for a month now..returned them all..just terrible..this one is perfect

Backyard Smart Home Theater Roku RCA Bluetooth Projector compatible with TV and HDMI (Black)

RCA Roku Smart Home Theater Projector - Stream Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+ and more - Portable Projector Compatible with TV, PC, HDMI, USB, VGA - Living room/Backyard Projector

Experience the stunning visuals with the projector, delivering crystal clear, vibrant, and highly defined pictures that you have never checked. This RCA Bluetooth projector is the best stand with America’s No.1 streaming platform Roku. There is an option for you to use a pre-installed Roku streaming stick to stream Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming platforms or connect the smart device to the projector via Bluetooth.

The bundled voice remote protects you from unhinging noise and does other things using the Roku voice. The Roku App provides a fun and fast way to control voice changes and assist you in searching for what you want to watch. No need to worry about the compatible device as you connect any smart device.

Make your weekend with your friends and family as this Bluetooth projector supports you in any other way you want. A viewing distance is preferred as 6.5 for the best view and viewing sizes from 36 inches to 150 inches.

Our higher-up has recommended this RCA Bluetooth projector because of its highly demanded features of lightweight and Roku Streaming. This projector is best as transport for your tour and is easily stored.

Product Specifications

Item Dimension

10x8x5 inches

Item Weight1.9 pounds
Special featureBuilt-in speaker, lightweight

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Futuremom has purchased this product and reviewed it as a “Game Changer”. This is the first time I have purchased a home projector and I’m very pleased with this product. It was easy to set up, especially because I already use Roku on the television sets in my house.

Compact Built-in DVD Player RCA Bluetooth Projector with Foldup Screen and Remote (White)

RCA RPJ241-COMBO-WHITE-V Bluetooth 480p LCD Compact Projector with Built-in DVD Player, 100-In. Foldup Screen, and Remote (White)

Watch movies, sports, and games on the RCA Bluetooth projector with the best combo of a 100-in Folding screen and remote. No need for a separate speaker as there is a built-in stereo speaker that inhibits the unhinging noise and provides clear sound with the powerful sound of 8-watt. A 3.97-inch projection LCD is 98 percent larger than any similar projector, providing crystal-clear, stunning, and razor-sharp images with true-to-life colors.

It’s super large LCD combined with the super bright LED projection lamp gives an amazing experience with images ranging from 30 inches in size to immersive 150 in. on any flat surface surface as the wall of the house etc.

The compact projector is equipped with 2-HDMI ports that enable us to connect compatible devices such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, and streaming devices (Hulu, Netflix _and others). You can also use the input connection in the RCA projector as USB, A/V, and VGA.

Our experts have highly recommended this RCA Bluetooth projector because of its demanded feature of a foldup screen and remote.

Product Specifications

Item Dimension

6.3*8*3.7 in inches

Item Weight4.6 pounds
Special featureBuilt-in media player

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can connect your phone without HDMI through Bluetooth or cable.

Well, the RCA projector has a built-in speaker but if you want to connect the speaker with the projector then you can connect it through the cable or Bluetooth as well.

RCA projector allows you to play gaming by connecting it through the HDMI port.

Yes, through Bluetooth or cable, you can connect your smartphone to your projector.

Yes, if the size that has already been is adjusted not according to your requirement then you have only to move the lens to adjust your screen angle.

A great range of smart devices such as laptops, android phones, iPhones, PCs, etc can connect to the projector and also boast two HDMI ports so you can easily be able to connect Gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming devices, and much more.

Yes, the RCA projector enables you to connect any smart device via Bluetooth to entertain yourself with this multi-media home theater projector.

RCA projector does not need any extra battery as it has a built-in battery that if you fully charge it then the runtime of it takes 2 and a half hours.

yes, there is an option for you if you want to connect your projector to the TV. Just plug the HDMI cable into the input port of the projector and the VGA cable into the output port of the TV.

RCA projector allows the compatible device to be connected. There are 2 HDMI connectors in a projector you can connect to it or through wireless USB to play a multi-media file.