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Little Elf Camera


Pet Cat Dog Cam Compatible

The Little elf camera wireless pet camera offers a 14-day free trial of its cloud service, and its cutting-edge encryption technology can secure the data. To assure you won’t lose any data, SD card storage (up to 128G) is also an option. Little elf camera home security camera is not just a home guardian; it’s also a potent aid. You can determine whether a break-in or a baby fall aids you with smart motion detection. You can keep up with the action by using the motion tracking features, which deliver real-time notifications to your phone. Little elf camera security camera provides a complete, clear view of your property thanks to its 130°Pan, 90°Tilt, and 6 IR-LED automatic night vision, 


which extends to 33′ and can be plainly seen in total darkness. You can communicate clearly with your family from wherever with the Littlelf Smart App thanks to the Little elf camera built-in speaker and anti-noise microphone. Never miss a critical moment with the baby monitor’s four simultaneous viewing screens. 2.4G wifi quick setup for indoor dog camera (not 5G). With the APP, you might communicate the intriguing moments with anyone. Just say “Alexa, show me the baby room” to quickly connect to the Little elf camera and Alexa. Generate a 360°panoramic preview of the entire space to monitor every nook and cranny of your house. 


Click anywhere on the panoramic photos to quickly locate the area you want to observe; excellent for home security, baby monitoring, and canine camera monitoring with an app.The Audio Bug Surveillance Device has advanced night vision with 8 850 nm infrared LEDs that switch on automatically in low light. It also has a sophisticated audio system. Real-time alerts are sent to your phone via the Little elf camera APP when motion is detected by the surveillance detection equipment. You can feel secure in your house or place of work thanks to this. Clarity is guaranteed and your home is protected round-the-clock by an intelligent IR-Cut switch. 

Little Elf Camera, Litokam Little Elf Camera, 1080P Indoor Security Camera For Baby Elf Camera

litokam Little elf Camera, 1080P Indoor Security Camera for Baby / Elder, Pet Camera with Motion Detection, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, 360 Degree Wireless Camera, WiFi Camera Work with Alexa

Litokam, which was established in 2021, gained popularity and evolved into a family as well as a brand. A group of homeowners, animal lovers, and carers who all enjoyed laughter, security, and safety. They were aware that Litokam was on their side, ensuring the safety of their homes and loved ones, allowing them to sleep soundly at night. The Elf Camera  has 2K resolution and high-tech optic lens of the Litokam interior security camera generate images with finer details and exceptionally clear quality. The interior security camera supports both Ethernet cable and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networking (Not compatible with 5GHz), and offers a larger viewing range with horizontal 360° and vertical 110° functions for full coverage of your home with no blind spots. Smart Perceive Technology is used by indoor security cameras for homes to find motion. Once motion is detected, your phone will receive an alarm notification that you can push quickly. You won’t miss any significant movements if you simply open the APP to quickly see what occurred! It is possible to customize the Motion Detection sensibility.

You can stay in touch with your child, pet, or nanny anywhere you are thanks to the Little Elf Camera Smart APP, which has an internal microphone and speaker. The indoor camera’s sophisticated IR-Cut switch allows it to transition between day and night modes automatically in response to variations in lighting. The night vision range is up to 33 feet in complete darkness, and you can manually turn it on or off as you like. Videos can be saved to a maximum 128GB TF card or cloud storage (14-day free trial), ensuring that you can play them again at any time. High-levelEven if the indoor camera is stolen or damaged, nobody will be able to view the recordings you are recording thanks to high-level secure encryption. Numerous individuals can see concurrently on iPhone and Android phones using this pet camera phone app (there is no limit to the number of accounts).

You might allow friends and family to view enjoyable times on your security camera. To help you monitor everything in your home, the Little Elf Smart app can control numerous cameras for security reasons and show 16 live videos on one screen. Every movement your baby makes can be recorded. Let it serve as your baby’s safety guard’s finest ally. Watch over your canine and feline companions at all times and places. If accidents occur to senior persons, an automatic recording and push notice will be sent. Watch your kids’ movements throughout the house. Never again stress over it. The Elf Camera has a small footprint, measuring just 3.94 by 3.94 by 6.22 inches. A lightweight design that weighs only 13.7 ounces. This makes it the ideal travel buddy for taking pictures while moving around.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

T. Edmonds purchased and reviewed that ‘little elf camera’ This camera is fantastic. I love the video feature. It allows me to record all day and find out which animal is getting into mischief. Also like the ability to pan the camera to look throughout the room, very handy for when I am away. I do wish that it had a rechargeable battery which would allow me more flexibility to move it to other areas of the house. 

Elf Camera, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Pet Cat Dog Cam Compatible With Alexa, 2 Pack

litokam Little elf Indoor Security Camera, 1080P Baby Monitor Camera with Phone App, WiFi IP Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Pet Cat Dog Cam - Compatible with Alexa, 2 Pack

Elf camera 2 Way Audio & Manual Night Vision In total darkness and soft light, you can see what’s going on with 6 IR LEDs. With the smart camera APP, you may also deactivate. With the help of our wireless security camera, you may always and everywhere have a two-way conversation with your loved ones.Real-time alerts and human motion detection Our indoor security camera solely detects human activity, minimising false alarms brought by by changes in the light or flying insects. Your phone will receive notification of any alerts right away. Ensure that you are not troubled by frequent notifications by adjusting the detectionany’s sensitivity.


Maximum 128GB Micro SD Card Storage is Free for 14 Days (Not Included).For 14 days, you will receive a free, continuous 7-day cycle recording of all discovered To ensure that you may replay the video recordings at any time, moves are made in the Cloud. Even if this wifi camera is stolen or damaged, high level encryption technology will keep your videos safe and prevent anybody else from viewing them.This baby monitor allows several users to see concurrently on an iPhone and an Android phone (there is no maximum). You might let your family and friends use your camera for special occasions. A smart software that can control several cameras and show 16 live videos on one screen will help you keep an eye on everything going on in your home.Work with Alexa & Get a Money-Back Guarantee 5G is not supported; the camera only supports 2.4G WiFi. 


Enable the APP feature in the Amazon Alexa app, then link the APP and Ask Alexa to put your wifi elf camera live feed right there on your Echo Show’s screen. Please feel free to send a message to us if you have any installation problems or suggestions as we strive to give our customers the finest customer service and product. When using Alexa to use your baby monitor, just say, “Alexa, show me the baby room,” to see a live video from your camera. You can monitor your baby’s activities and feel secure thanks to the baby camera. You can modify the smart elf camera detecting zones so that you are only alerted to the movement that concerns you. It can cut down on unnecessary alarms and false positives. The wireless security elf camera can store data on Micro SD cards of up to. 

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kita purchased and reviewed that ‘elf camera’ I like this product for what i paid…cheap price great quality. I am too amazed lol…it came w 2 individual cameras…easy set up like 5 mins or less easy…only dislike right now is they half to stay plugged up and a light stays on if u trying to hide it if not then this is all the way great.