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By: Muhammad Salman Khan

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Eufy outdoor security camera

Security cameras have become a common basic need in today’s era, so there are various types of security cameras available in the market, and choosing the right one among them becomes very difficult. So, to make the selection easy our experts have tested and reviewed the following best security cameras.  These EUFY outdoor security cameras are great option that packed with a lot of features. The excellent night vision in them helps you to see all the objects clearly in the darkness of the night and the motion sensor in these cameras helps you to see all the things happening around your home.

The wireless connectivity of these Eufy outdoor security camera helps to set it apart from other security cameras. The floodlights and spotlights of these cameras have a lot of features they shine their light more than ever on any object in front of them and help to see the object very closely. The batteries in these cameras are very powerful and it keeps their performance active for a whole year on a single charge without any complaints. These are completely weatherproof and they perform well in any weather. The resolution of these cameras is very powerful due to which they capture everything very cleanly and finely and help in presenting a clear view.

Solar-Powered Wireless Eufy Outdoor Security Camera in Black and White with 2K Resolution

eufy security S230 SoloCam S40, Solar-Powered, Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, Battery Camera, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fee (Renewed)

This Eufy outdoor security camera is solar-powered you will never need to change the battery. When the sun goes down, the battery will keep the camera working with its full functionality. It is very easy to connect and view with the app. The most we like about this security camera is that it captures a good range of clear footage in the dark at night and activates a powerful light in response to any movement, helping all objects to be seen clearly. Also, we observed that its night vision displays all the colors in the footage very accurately.

It can record clear and clean footage of about the last 60 days and has an AI sensor that only records when a human is in front of it, not when there is an animal, so that your data is well-spent with reason. Due to wireless, it is easy to install anywhere outside your home or office.

Privacy and protection are top priorities for everyone, so our experts recommended this security camera because Eufy outdoor security cameras ensure that your data is always safe.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Special FeatureNight Vision
Product Dimensions.35 x 4.49 x 1.97 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Carl W.Anderson purchased this product and reviewed that “Battery works great w/solar” he was very inspired by the easy installation and great picture quality of this security camera and replaced all 10 hard-wired cameras with these.

Waterproof Eufy Outdoor Security Camera with Powerful Floodlight and Harsh Warning Siren

eufy Security Floodlight Camera, 1080p,2-Way Audio No Monthly Fees, 2500-Lumen Brightness, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Weatherproof Junction Box Required) (Renewed)

This Eufy outdoor security camera from Eufy Security offers a great feature of floodlights against Traditional floodlights with 2500-lumen Brightness. Also, an amazing feature of this camera is that it increases its light intensity when there is any movement and light intensity remains normal when there is no movement. Its hardware installation method is very simple and can be installed at any location with ease. It can show transparent and clear footage even in the dark of night, with the help of which we can see everything in front of it and it can render all the colors displayed in both light and dark vision very finely and with clear contrast.

The attractive feature that we have noticed in this security camera is that it also provides a high-quality live-streaming option to see any movement at your location easily and provides excellent clear footage of an angle of about 140 degrees to a wide area. We consider it a good option and we would highly recommend this due to its high image quality and especially the brightness feature of this Eufy outdoor security camera is very amazing.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity Technology


Special Feature2-Way switching
Product Dimensions

7.1 x 7.9 x 12.2 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rusty purchased this product and reviewed that “Camera works great” Rusty had been quite satisfied moreover said the lighting function is excellent. Using the app, adjusting the camera’s sensitivity is simple.

SoloCam L20 Wireless 1080p Eufy Outdoor Security Camera with Color Night Vision

eufy Security SoloCam L20, Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, Battery Camera, Spotlight Camera, Ultra-Bright, 1080p Resolution, Color Night Vision, No Monthly Fee (Renewed)

This outdoor security camera has night vision that’s why it can see all the movements outside your home in the dark of night and it is capable of storing up to 60 days of recordings with eight GB of memory. When there is the slightest movement, its spotlight turns on and rotates towards the movement and records it with high precision.

You can activate the siren and flashing light in this Eufy outdoor security camera when you sense any unsafe movement outside your home. Another good feature is that it provides a 2-way audio setup so you can talk directly to anyone who comes to your door and has an AI sensor that only notifies you about human movement and not the movement of animals and plants. As it is wireless, you can fit this anywhere. Also, you can operate this security camera with the help of a battery which gives you a good time. Color night vision and 2-way audio setup are the amazing features of this security camera, so after reviewing and observing these features, we recommend that this is an excellent product.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity Technology

Wireless, Wired

Special FeatureNight Vision
Product Dimensions4.53 x 3.15 x 4.53 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dave R purchased this product and reviewed that Another great Eufy producthe loves the local storage of this Eufy security camera and is satisfied with the spotlight of the product.

Weatherproof 2K Resolution Eufy Outdoor Security Camera with Color Night Vision and Spotlight

eufy Security Solo OutdoorCam C24, All-in-One Outdoor Security Camera with 2K Resolution, Spotlight, Color Night Vision, No Monthly Fees, Wired Camera, IP67 Weatherproof (Renewed)

Here we picked up the security camera that has an F2.0 aperture lens, which captures images of the entire scene outside your home very cleanly and elegantly. You can easily insert up to 128 GB SD card into this security camera and make secure, transparent, and clear recording 24/7 hours and you can connect it with Wi-Fi and use it through Google Assistant and Alexa.

The powerful light in this security camera activates when any movement is detected outside your apartment, it also helps you to see colorful footage in the dark of night and the magnetic mount and 20-foot cable allow you to install the outdoor security camera flexibly anywhere in your space. Also, we observed that this security camera’s AI system can accurately detect and inform you about any human movement. The high resolution of this outdoor security camera plays its role well in offering you the best and clearest scenes.

Due to the flexible installation of this security camera by cable and magnet, it is in high demand so taking this feature our experts have declared it as an excellent choice.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity Technology


Special FeatureNight Vision
Product Dimensions2.6 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Len E. LaClair purchased this product and reviewed that “No subscription” and further she said that one is her second purchase and she is satisfied with Eufy camera’s work against others.

Wireless Eufy Outdoor Security Camera System with 2K Resolution and Advanced Night Vision

EufyCam 2 Pro 2K Indoor/Outdoor 2-Camera Security System - White (Renewed)

This security camera is wireless and battery operated and its battery feature is that you can enjoy it for a whole year by charging it once. The best thing about this Eufy outdoor security camera is that it captures and clearly shows your home’s surroundings with its high resolution. A special feature is that you will not incur any additional costs once you purchase it. The F2.0 aperture lens is a nice feature of it which helps in recording a large area with clear and excellent image quality in the dark of night. It is completely weatherproof and does its job well in any weather. And will notify you within seconds if any unsafe movements are detected.

Due to its two-way audio setup, you can respond directly to anyone who comes to your home. The smart technology in this security camera lets you easily distinguish between humans and other objects and notifies you when any humans are present. You can view any part of your home from anywhere by connecting this security camera to the internet. This security camera’s AI system and smart technology are the best options and we have seen people praising these features of this camera a lot, so we recommend that this is the best purchase.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature Night Vision
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor, Indoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

David Lynas purchased this product and reviewed that “Works well” and added that the installation of this security camera is very easy and the picture quality is very good.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Its capacity to withstand freezing, corrosion, waterproofing, and outdoor durability has all undergone rigorous testing.

Up to 25–30 feet (8–10 meters) distant, also this Eufy outdoor security cameras can detect objects in lateral motion.

The Eufy app displays a small wifi indicator in each camera’s settings screen that alters when you watch a live camera view.

Yes, Eufy outdoor security cameras offer secure local storage and you can store your data for up to two months by inserting a memory card.

Eufy security cameras can easily detect motion and when there is any human movement in front of the camera, it also alerts you about it.

With just one charge, you may enjoy a 180-day battery life and save countless trips to charge the battery.

Of course, Operating temperatures for the Eufy security Cameras outside are -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C).

Indeed, it works with Homebase 3, although at the moment, it is limited to the storage feature.

The spotlight can be programmed to turn on on a timetable, in response to sound or motion, or both. Only when the spotlights are on is full-color night vision provided.

You can record offline using the SD card and you can also view it directly in the app when connected to the network.

Yes, The advanced technology installed in this security camera enables it to show all colors with clear differences at night vision.

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