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Honeywell Ceramic Heater To Buy - Reviews

By: Saad Mukhtar


Heat Genius Ceramic Heater

Enjoy your comfort with the Honeywell Heat Genius ceramic heater. You can use it in any home room for comfort and personalized heat. This home heater can be used in medium- or large rooms like the living room, and family rooms, and as a heater in a bedroom. By turning down your whole house thermostat a few degrees and heating just the room you are in, a portable heater can help you save money by giving you the right level of heat you need, where you need it.

This Honeywell ceramic heater offers intelligent and powerful heating capabilities. With just a button, you can warm your room or floor and get excellent comfort. It also helps you save on heating costs while providing soothing warmth.

Easy to Use Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Multidirectional Heating and Digital Control (Black)

Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Heater, Black – Easy to Use Space Heater with Multi-Directional Heating, Digital Controls and Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell ceramic heater provides six customized heat settings to give you control over your comfort. This personal heater features a programmable thermostat. You can adjust the temperature to what you want the room to be, and it will keep your room at that temperature. It is not noisy at all, yet it provides a lot of heat. This Honeywell heater offers multiple safety options, including 3X overheat protection and thermally insulated wiring for safe operation. It features a cool touch plastic housing, tip-over protection, and a 2-hour auto-off heat phase timer option. It has a thermometer and thermostat, so you can set it to turn off at the target temperature.

We like its ease of use and love that it shuts off once it reaches the temperature. It’s quiet even without quiet mode, and it has no smells compared to others. Keep your home and office toasty and warm by getting this ceramic heater online.

Product Specifications:

Special FeatureOscillating, Overheat Protection, Noiseless
Heat Output1500 Watts
Form FactorPedestal
Product Dimensions10.2″D x 5.9″W x 17.15″H

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kevin purchase this and review that “Works great” With oil prices the way they are and a family that likes to be on the hot side of warm during the winter, I bought this unit for our living room as a compromise to help keep the thermostat a little lower until we can install a pellet stove.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Honeywell heater is great. The heat from this unit is fast-generating, and the settings are simple. It provides great and warm heat for you and your area in no time.

The Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower offers a beautiful, slim, space-saving design with a powerful 1500-watt heat output for effective whole-room comfort.

No, they don’t use any more electricity than any other type of heater of the same wattage. Ceramic might mean the heater can be smaller or longer-lasting as the material can withstand higher temperatures without fatigue.

A ceramic heater’s efficiency ranges from 85% to 90% on average. Ceramic heaters use less energy. A ceramic core heater requires less time to heat up, retain, and radiate heat once turned on, so you won’t need to leave the radiator on as long.

Is it possible to leave a Honeywell heater on all night?
Any kind of electric heater carries a great deal of risk, so leaving it running overnight is unsafe. A fast-moving fire may start while you are asleep and are unable to intervene in time if a space heater tips over or overheats from operating for an extended length of time.