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By: Saad Mukhtar

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When it comes to the simplest, fastest, and most affordable appliance to keep you warm, tank-top heaters are a great choice. It comes almost completely assembled out of the box. These heaters are easy to assemble, install, and operate. You need just a few minutes to mount them on a propane tank, and they’re ready to run on.

Mr. Heater tank top heaters are available from 15,000 BTU to 45,000 BTU and have one, two, or three burner heads, giving you more heating power. These heaters are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. The best feature about tank-top heaters we personally like is that they are equipped with automatic safety shutoff valves. The gas flow will automatically stop if the heater fails to operate for any reason.

We highly suggest Mr. Heater tank-top heaters for those who work in garages and have outdoor activities. You can use them to heat up your garage or to keep you warm during outdoor activities and work on chilly days.

Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater for Outdoor with Heat Output of 30000 BTUs and Tip-Over Protection

Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater (Propane Cylinder not Included)

This heater has a two-headed burner that provides excellent heat. It works well, attaches easily to a propane tank, and produces great heat. It is constructed with high-quality chrome and stainless steel to ensure reliable heat. This Mr. Heater tank-top heater pumps out enough heat to combat the cold and windy conditions. Its heat output ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 BTUs, and multiple heat settings allow you to enjoy heat depending on your needs. The adjustable swivel head design allows you to provide heat exactly where you want it.

It is easy to assemble and install. You must have a lighter to get it lit, and you can only light one burner if you want. Due to its safety shut-off valve and tip-over switch, the tank-top heater will keep you safe while providing efficient heat.

Buy this heater online; it performs very well because the heat is directional; you don’t need any special valves to hook it up to the propane on the grill. It only takes about 2 minutes to set up. Overall, it’s a nice solution and more practical than the big patio heaters, which cost more compared to this.

Product Specification

BrandMr. Heater
Special FeaturePortable, Low-Oxygen Safety Shutoff, Adjustable Temperature, Noiseless, Tip-Over Protection
Form FactorTank Top
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Alex Dawson purchase this and review that “Great propane based space heater” Been using these for years. They don’t do well over time if you leave them outside to oxidize, keep them stored away from the elements.  

Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater for Outdoor with Heat Output of 45,000 BTUs and 360° Burner Head

Mr. Heater Original 540-Degree 45,000 BTU Tank Top Radiant Propane Heater,chrome,Silver

The multi-directional radiant propane heater mounts directly to a 20-lb tank for easy use and outstanding heat. It is specially designed for outdoor use or even for use in a garage. The unit comes almost fully assembled. All you need to do is insert the bottom tank collar bracket into the upper one, align the pre-drilled holes, and tighten the Phillips head screw.

Mr. Heater tank top heater fits on top of a 20-gallon propane tank. It is very powerful and comes with three different heat settings. It runs for 14 hours at a low 30,000 BTU. Medium (36,000 BTU) runs for 12 hours, and High (45,000 BTU) runs for 9.5 hours. One of the best features of this tank-top heater is that it has a safety shut-off if it accidentally tips over.

Due to the push-button TE valve, it is easy to light. To light this propane heater, insert a long-reach lighter into the hole in the base of the reflector. You have to press the red button, which will release some gas, and then you use a lighter to light it. If you want to shut the unit down, simply close the valve on the propane tank and turn the heater regulator to the off position.

We absolutely like its 360° burner head, which actually articulates. So, you can change the orientation of this heater to be kind of directional. Mr. Heater tank top heater is a convenient way of heating on-the-go with an easy-to-carry design.

Product Specification

BrandMr. Heater
Special FeatureAdjustable Temperature, Noiseless, Adjustable Tilt Head, Tip-Over Protection
ColorSilver, Black
Form FactorTank Top
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Brandon Edwards purchased this and review that “Works well” We use this to heat a small outdoor area, it does so easily

Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater for Outdoor with Quiet Operation and Heat Output of 15,000 BTUs

Mr. Heater MH15 Single Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater, Silver

The Mr. Heater tank top heater is a great source for efficient heat from sporting events to ice fishing and has been the top choice. The liquid propane tank top heater mounts directly on top of a disposable 1lb cylinder, making it easy to use. Mr. Heater tank top heater does not have an automatic igniter, so you will need a lighter to light it up. This MH15 little heater puts out plenty of heat. With 10,000–15,000 BTUs of heating power per hour, it provides excellent heat and is perfect to keep toasty. It features an adjustable high-medium-low regulator to adjust heat according to your needs. For keeping warm in chilly weather, use it in the garage or for outdoor activities.

We highly recommend this heater for anybody that camps or ice fishes in cold areas. This is small, but very powerful. It puts off plenty of heat with no problem, and it does so well after about 20 minutes of use.

Product Specification

BrandMr. Heater
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas
MaterialStainless Steel
Power SourceGas Powered
Item Weight2.7 Pounds

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Hwmorgan51 purchased this and review that  “This is the best buy”  Lots of heat. Love it  

Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater for Outdoor with PiezoIgnition and Heat Output of 15000 BTUs

Mr. Heater MHC15T Single Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater

The single tank-top heater from Mr. Heater’s is ideal for job sites, camping, hunting, and much more. It will be directly connected to a 4–20 lb. bulk cylinder. It is easy to use, quick to set up, and needs ventilation as it is designed for the outside. It heats for a long time on one propane tank, and it is easy to start and use. With a powerful output of 8000, 12000, or 15000 BTUs, this heater can warm up a space in less time. The safety shut-off valve ensures peace of mind. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to go on the go and do other outdoor activities.

We saw that this single tank top heater is easy to carry and a great tool for heating a small area when heat is preferred. It keeps you warm and doesn’t burn too much fuel. It needs good ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide buildup, which can be dangerous.

Product Specification

BrandMr. Heater
Special FeaturePortable, Noiseless
Form FactorDish
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dale Schafer purchased this and review that “Easy to light” Love it works excellent  

Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater for Outdoor with Triple Head and Heat Output of 45000 BTUs

Mr. Heater F242915 MH45T Triple Tank Top Heater, 10000 to 45000 BTU/Hr,Chrome

When the temperature gets cold, the Mr. Heater tank-top heater helps keep you warm. This heater is constructed from stainless steel and is very durable and attractive. It is easy to hook up and use. The three burner heads will give you more heating power, and heat will be generated very directionally. It mounts easily to any 20-lb. propane cylinder and is great for the garage or construction site.

It pumps out 10,000 to 45,000 BTUs per hour to keep you toasty warm. With its adjustable high-medium-low regulator, you can enjoy the heat as much as you need. The heating elements do have wing nuts, which can be loosened to a limited adjustment angle. It cannot be adjusted up and down, only slightly side to side.

After a deep analysis, we decided to pick this heater due to its performance; even customers are satisfied with its heat power. It is not good for children because it’s an open flame with high heat, but it is perfect for adult gatherings to stay warm.

Product Specification

BrandMr. Heater
Form FactorTank Top
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
Product Dimensions26.63″D x 6.87″W x 12.25″H

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Vince Villano purchased this and review that “Great price.” Pretty economical unit. Works well for keeping my fur babies warm in our garage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It comes ready to go; no fitting is required. Just remember when screwing the heater’s hose connector on to the tank valve to do so in the counter-clockwise direction, which is the standard thread direction for LPG connections.

Yes, leaving it out in the rain will definitely ruin it. It needs to be kept in a dry environment when not in use.

You might want to install a carbon monoxide detector. It’s harmful to use the room heater all night. It’s recommended not to use the room heater overnight or leave it unattended for a long time.

No! It is an outdoor heater, or best at an empty garage with proper ventilation. Heat radiates out, so anything 5 feet away is safe, but ventilation needs to be taken into consideration.

It is not recommended to use either type of heater in the rain. The rain could damage the catalyst on this heater and the burners on the sunflower-designed heaters.

Like the smaller versions that stand on top of your bulk bottle, they have a built-in gas regulator that is enough to stop the contaminants from reaching the heater.

No! It does not tilt or swivel. This heater works excellently and warms up quickly. Moving the heater after it is working is dangerous because of the intense heat that it delivers.

These can be used in large indoor areas. In such a case, there’s plenty of open space, so ventilation isn’t an issue. But these should not be used in small spaces.

They make a special cup holder that will fit the bottom of a small propane bottle. However, the heat shield may be too close to the windshield. So, it is really not a good idea to use this heater in a golf cart.

The heater comes with the heaters, the propane gas line, and a connector to the propane tank. It also comes with a bracket to mount it to the propane tank itself and a set of instructions. It does not come with a propane tank or a lighter to ignite or start the heater.

This attaches through the standard threaded fitting built into the propane tank. The heater is supported by a bracket that attaches to the tank handle. Everything is provided with a heater; you just have to add a tank.

It comes with everything you see in the item picture except the propane tank. It has a low/med/high knob, and with all three burners, it has to be well below freezing to be able to leave it on high for very long.

Using a tank top heater can lead to overheating, which can be dangerous for your fish and other aquatic animals.

Do not use any type of propane heater overnight or leave a fire unattended either. These may help to warm up your home, but they also create a very high risk of fire.

The heat energy that is transferred from one body to another is called radiant heat. The process of transferring radiant heat is known as radiation.