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Using the RV space heater could make your winter cold night too hot, so enjoy the winter nights. The mini space heater is a portable electric heater that you can move very easily from one place to another place. It provides a very fast heat due to its modification and adjusted plumbing, warm engines that can provide a fast and huge amount of heat. Its modification is very simple, but its strength is very strong and not damaged by overheating.

When this heater is used then you should keep it in a flat and hard place. 

Overall, considering all its features, benefits, and positive customer reviews, the RV space heater is a great choice for individuals who require a heater for RV life.

METKIIO Portable Small Space Heater with Timer and Overheating Protection

METKIIO Space Heater – Portable Mini Heater for Home and Office – Energy-Efficient Small Space Heater with Overheating Protection – Retro Heater for Bedroom, Camping Tent, RV Trailer,Green

With 3 heating modes, 900W high power, 400W medium power and a cooling fan to set the optimal temperature enjoy the warmth during colder days or a refreshing air blow on warmer days. The Metkiio indoor heater features a user-friendly design.

The space heater protects against overheating by using refractory materials and PTC ceramic heating technology. It will shut off when the temperature hits 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it features an intelligent design that turns off the heater on its own when it is overturned. With this energy-efficient and contemporary electric space heater, you can enjoy a refreshing blast of air on a hot summer day or warm up tiny rooms on chilly days.    

We recommend this RV space heater because it is lightweight and portable you can easily move it from one place to another.                                                  

Product Specifications:

Special FeatureLightweight, Fast Heating
ColorForest Green
Burner typePTC Ceramic Heating
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Thomas McIlheran purchased this item and reviewed as “Great for camping and on my desk” i bought this because we were going camping in freezing temps and i wanted relief at night. it warmed the tent a bit, but up close it did the trick. i also use it on my home desk during.

BLACK+DECKER Infrared RV Space Heater with E-Save Function and LED Digital Control

BLACK+DECKER Indoor Space Heater, Infrared Heater with E-Save Function, 1500W

This RV space heater has an LED digital control so that you can control the heat of this heater easily. This heater has a special feature like a heater and fan combo that can adjust the temperature of your room and it is equipped with a powerful high-velocity fan motor that can control heating and cooling air efficiently (2-in-1 fan heater combo).

This heater has an energy-saving function due to the thermostat’s electronic programming. RV space heaters provide fast heating for small places like your bedroom and office room. With a weight of just 2.3 pounds, it can easily be placed from one place to another.  The dimensions of this heater are 7.6 inches (19.3 centimeters) in height, 4.4 inches (11.18 centimeters) in width, and 9.2 inches (23.37 centimeters) in length. This heater can be adjustable in many places like your office desk, garage worktable, bedrooms, and shelf.

We picked up this product because it can heat small rooms very quickly and is energy-saving.

Special FeatureManual
Burner Type‎Radiant
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Spencerpurchased this item and reviewed as“Perfect for this icy weather” this little thing is keeping my room nice and warm in the temperature outside is -8° f. i just turned on eco mode and it’s working great…….

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The majority of trailers and RVs are factory-equipped with an RV propane heater. Propane is used by this kind of heater to heat the rig. However, it still needs some battery power to turn on and keep the fan running.

When the heating comes on, have you ever had to crank the TV up a notch or two? There are several reasons why RV furnaces are infamously loud. Usually, the high-speed fan is the source of the majority of the noise, which is subsequently increased by the enclosure the furnace is placed in.

Another RVer reports that his unit uses 11 amps. This person has a larger rig and a furnace with a higher output. If the RV is not connected to shore power, this load—combined with other common 12 volt power uses—may completely drain a typical battery in a single night on a cold night when the fan may run for several hours.