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By: Arslan Afzal

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Costway portable washer and dryer


Costway mini washing machine


Costway portable washer


Costway washing machine


Costway portable washing machine


Costway washer

A Costway portable washer is a lifesaver and, in my opinion, a definite necessity if you don’t have laundry facilities in your apartment complex or home. You can do all of your washing in your kitchen or bathroom with a Costway portable washer.

Even if you do have shared laundry, a portable washer can be a lot more dependable and private alternative because you won’t have to wait for the machines to be open, buy a huge bag of quarters, or be concerned about someone stealing your wet laundry and leaving it on a soiled counter. They can be a suitable solution for tiny homes, apartments, some dorm rooms, and the RV and boating communities. Although Costway portable washer come in a wide variety of designs, a good device should be lightweight, simple to operate, and energy-efficient.

I bought the Magic Chef 0.9 cu ft Costway portable washer, which has a footprint of roughly 21 square inches, after doing a lot of research. It was one of the smaller washing machines I’d ever seen. This machine has been a pleasure to use for the past seven to eight months. It is always easy to set up and leaves my garments feeling and smelling clean. My electricity cost hasn’t gone up at all as a result either.

Costway portable washer And Dryer,9.92Lbs, LED Display, 8 Water Levels, Compact Laundry Washer

COSTWAY Portable Washing Machine, 9.92Lbs Capacity Full-automatic Washer with 10 Wash Programs, LED Display, 8 Water Levels, Compact Laundry Washer and Dryer Combo for Home, Apartment, Dorm, RVs

Our Compact Twin Tub Costway portable washer and dryer is the best choice for laundry in a small space. As for a portable washer and dryer, it will be perfect for use in a variety of settings, including camping, mobile homes, apartments, and condos. Your clothing still need to be hung up to dry even if the spin cycle should have removed the majority of the water. We hang our Costway portable washer and dryer on a clothesline on our back porch during the warmer months. The Hawa tour Elastic Travel Clothesline can extend up to 10 feet in length for tiny outdoor settings, stays taut, and has built-in clothespins for convenient laundry attachment.

  • [Washing Machine & Spinner] This portable Costway portable washer and dryer offers tremendous convenience by combining washing and dehydrating into one process. You can put your clothing in it and then go about your business to save time. Additionally, the fully automatic design offers more convenience.
  • [Large Capacity in a Compact Size] If you place this fully automatic Costway portable washer and dryer in your bathroom, apartment, dorm, or RV, it will only take up a small amount of space. Additionally, the big 9.92 lbs. capacity fits numerous articles of clothing at once, including a working suit, pants, blending coat, jacket, sheet, socking, underwear, shirt, pajamas, and blanket, among others.
  • Safe child lock and convenient design A child lock feature on this small Costway portable washer and dryer prevents you from mistakenly using it to keep your children safe. To set the kid lock, simultaneously push the “water level/spin” and “program/delay” buttons for more than three seconds. Additionally, it is simple to operate thanks to the water inlet, drain hose, and washable filter.
  • Unbalance automatically detected The auto unbalance detection will automatically correct the imbalance if there is a bothersome vibration brought on by incorrectly positioned garments. Additionally, you may place this Costway portable washer and dryer on uneven terrain because to the adjustable feet.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

LeAnn Justus purchased this Costway washer and dryer and reviewed that “Very nice like a full size washer” I love it
Fits small space
Noise level is fine
Maneuverability you would need a wheels platform under to move around


Costway portable washer, 2-in-1 Portable Washer, 8.8lbs Capacity, costway mini washing machine

COSTWAY Portable Washing Machine, 2-in-1 Laundry Washer and Spin Combo with 10 Programs, 8.8lbs Capacity, Drain Pump and LED Display, Full Automatic Washer for Apartment, RVs, Dorm, White

The separate washer and spinner tubs in this 2-in-1 Costway mini washing machine from Super Deal allow you to use them simultaneously: The spinner can handle up to 5 pounds and the wash tub up to 8 pounds. Its Costway mini washing machine cycle can last up to 15 minutes, and you can set it to run, drain, or soft. You can then transfer the clothing to the Super Deal’s spinner, which cycles for no more than five minutes. It can be stressful to go Costway mini washing machine shopping. They’re a significant investment for your pocketbook and your living space. A portable Costway mini washing machine might be a wonderful option if you reside in a smaller apartment or have recently moved into your first starter home in order to conserve space and avoid transporting laundry to and from a laundromat.

  • Two-in-One Features in a Single Tub The Costway mini washing machine, which has a single cylinder, may be used to dry your clothes in addition to washing them. Dehydration and washing can both be employed separately. A separate dehydrator is no longer necessary to purchase.
  • Large Capacity and Simple to Operate: The Costway portable washer and dryer capacity and strong motor enable it to wash up to 8.8lbs of clothing or other goods. The washer is easy to use for daily cleaning because it has 10 washing options, 5 water level selections, and a timer on the control panel.
  • You can monitor the condition of your clothes at any time when using the Costway mini washing machine thanks to the glass lid. Additionally, one of the feet is movable to accommodate uneven surfaces. Additionally, the kid lock mode locks this mini washing machine to prevent youngsters from using it.
  • Automated Correction of Unbalance: Equipped with an automated unbalance detecting system, the Costway portable washer and dryer will automatically fix an imbalance in the tub and prevent vibration if the distribution of the clothing inside the stainless-steel tub is uneven.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Japenny purchased this product and reviewed that Gets the job done. I would definitely recommend this to someone that doesn’t have washer hookups. The noise is tolerable and thats coming from someone who works from home. So I definitely would give the noise level 5 stars. Was super stoked to see that it came with the aerator adapter for the faucet! This machine was probably the best decision I’ve made so far!

Costway portable washer, 2-in-1 Portable Washer, 3 Heating Function, Laundry Washer with Drain Pump for Apartment, 7.7Lbs Capacity

COSTWAY Full Automatic Washing Machine, 7.7Lbs Capacity, 8 Programs, 2-in-1 Portable Washer and Spinner with 24 Hours Delay, 3 Heating Function, Laundry Washer with Drain Pump for Apartment, RV

Our Costway portable washer will be your ideal helper when it comes to doing laundry! This fully automatic portable washer is very strong because it has 8 programmed, 3 water levels, and can adapt to your washing demands by giving you the right setting. You can choose the ideal setting for your clothes, whether they are simple or baby clothes, with the help of the 4-level temperature heating function. Additionally, the child lock and the cover lock can both guarantee your children’s safety by preventing them from accidently pressing the buttons or sticking their hands in the tub. The laundry Costway portable washer multifunctional design allows you to select from 3 water settings depending on how many clothing you need to wash and save water. There are also 8 programmed Costway that can fully satisfy your various needs, and the smart control panel makes it simple for you to complete the operation.

  • 8This 6°F, 104°F, 140°F, and 194°F are the 4 temperature settings you may choose from on this full automated washing machine’s heating function to properly clean your garments. Say good-bye to the persistent stains by selecting the ideal temperature based on the clothing you plan to wash.
  • This clothes Costway portable washer is equipped with a cover lock that may ensure that the lid won’t open while in operation, protecting your family, especially your children, from harm in the event that they accidentally stretch their hands into the pump. Additionally, the child lock helps ensure that your children won’t alter the set if they accidently press the buttons.
  • Costway portable washer also has preset functions up to 24 hours, allowing you to wash your clothing while you are sleeping or occupied with other activities. Because the washer is fully automatic, you may relax and focus on your own tasks while it completes the washing task successfully and independently.
  • ideal size for a broad range of applications This Costway portable washer small size makes it ideal for usage in small places like apartments, dorm rooms, RVs, etc. It is your ideal option for a practical washer that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Additionally, you may wash more items at once because it can accommodate up to 7.7lbs of laundry.

Costway washing machine, Timer Function, Drain Pump, Costway Portable Washer with Twin Tub 26Lbs Capacity, RV

COSTWAY Portable Washing Machine, Twin Tub 26Lbs Capacity, Washer(18Lbs) and Spinner(8Lbs), Compact Laundry Machine with Control Knobs, Timer Function, Drain Pump, Laundry washer for Apartment, RV, Blue

When space is at a premium, our twin tub washing machine is the ideal choice. A strong motor speeds up and cleans up your laundry while also making it more handy and using less electricity. The Costway washing machine, which has a twin tub washing design and integrates the spinning and washing functions into one, provides excellent ease for laundry. This small Costway washing machine, which has a sturdy plastic body, is great for small spaces like apartments, dorm rooms, and camping trips. Additionally, it is capable of washing any type of garment, including sweaters, underwear, and shirts. Never hesitate to purchase one! The washing power is 280W and the spinning power is 140W, allowing for more efficient use. As a result, you may wash the clothes of your entire family at once. Additionally, costway portable washer has a drain pump that enables you to discharge unclean water right away after washing.

  • Twin tub Costway washing machine: You can wash and dry clothing in tandem with this Costway portable washer twin tub for more convenience. Additionally, you may utilize the washing and drying functions separately, which makes doing your clothes much more convenient.
  • The timing function and three selection modes make this a wise pick for saving time and freeing up your hands. On the control panel of our Costway washing machine, there are buttons for 5 minutes of washing time and 5 minutes of spinning time. Simply turn the timer knob to select the appropriate time for your needs. Additionally, depending on the fabric of the clothing, you can select the gentle, normal, or drain mode.
  • Big Capacity for Everyday Use For domestic use, washing tubs with capacities of 18 pounds and 8 pounds may carry a lot of garments at once. It has enough space for various things, including larger clothing like bed sheets or pants. The only thing needed is clothes and soap, and then you may set the portable washer to wash.
  • “Portable & Compact Design of Costway washing machine ” Because the washer cover is transparent, you can always see how the garments are being washed. Rusting is prevented in moist environments by the plastic substance. Additionally, due to Costway portable washer small size, it may be used in RVs, camping excursions, dorm rooms, apartments, and other small spaces.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kim C purchased this Costway washing machine and reviewed that This is a powerhouse. This cleans amazing. Even my husbands jeans. Don’t forget there’s a water inlet on the spin side for rinsing your clothes. If your washing water isn’t too bad you can reuse it and rinse your items on the spin side. Not many videos out there showed that. Love this machine. I cannot say enough good things about it. One of the best features- you are in control via the knobs. Not some computer😁👍

Costway portable washing machine, Compact Washer(13.2Lbs) and Spinner(8.8Lbs) Costway Portable Washer with Semi-Automatic Laundry

COSTWAY Portable Washing Machine, Twin Tub 22Lbs Capacity, Compact Washer(13.2Lbs) and Spinner(8.8Lbs) with Control Knobs, Built-in Drain Pump, Semi-Automatic Laundry washer for Apartment, RV (Grey)

In your daily life, our tiny Costway portable washing machine is a great laundry expert. This Costway portable washing machine is ideal for a dorm, RV, apartment, or any other space-constrained setting because of its small body and huge capacity. You can wash or spin a lot of items at once thanks to 2 separate tubs with dual functionality (13.2 lbs. washing tub and 8.8 lbs. spinning tub). You can choose the appropriate washing/spinning time and corresponding mode (soft/standard/drain) using the big panel. Time, effort, and water are all saved by the flawless operation of the strong motor. Additionally, the extra water may be easily drained thanks to the filter, built-in pump, and drain hose. Simply place the clothing inside, add water and soap, and you may free up your hands to finish other activities. A little water inside is simply the result of the test since each Costway portable washing machine has been examined to ensure that it can drain easily before shipping.

  • Twin Tub with Big Capacity: You can wash and spin clothes simultaneously with this Costway portable washing machine thanks to its two tubs dual function design. Additionally, it has a spinner capacity of 8.8 pounds and a washing capacity of 13.2 lbs, which maximizes meeting the needs of the family’s laundry.
  • Timer Control & Simple Use: To make washing and spinning operations easier, our multipurpose Costway portable washer employs independent timer controls. And while the spin timer only runs for five minutes, the washer timer can run for up to fifteen minutes. Additionally, you can pick between soft mode, regular mode, and drain mode according on the materials of your clothing.
  • Various Scenes with Compact Design; This Costway portable washer, which measures 25″ x 14.5″ x 27.5″, can be used in small spaces like RVs, camping, dorm rooms, and apartments. Because of its lightweight construction, it is portable and simple to relocate. Additionally, the durable PP shell allows for extended use without breaking.
  • Simple to Drain and Use: The powerful drain pump and 54″ drain pipe make emptying extra filthy water quite convenient. Additionally, the filtering system keeps extraneous particles from clogging the drain exit. Simply place the clothing inside, add the detergent, fill with water, and set the timer to begin Costway portable washing machine the items.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

PAGolman purchased this Costway portable washing machine and reviewed that it “Works really well” I really love this washing machine and it works really well there was just one little tiny obstacle about it and that is is that it was shipped upside down and because of the weight and it being shipped upside down when I open the box the box was right side up but the machine was upside down and because of the weight of the machine it threw one of the doors a little bit off not bad about maybe a half an inch I can still use the machine and it does drip I have to put a towel on the floor but that’s to me is not a big deal the machine works well I like it very much and if I at least get a year out of it I’ll be happy well worth the purchase.

Costway Portable washer, 8Lbs Ca6 Water Levels, Child Lock, Costway Washer and spinner Combo for RV, Dorm

COSTWAY Portable Washing Machine, Built-in Drain Pump, 8Lbs Capacity, Full-Automatic washer with 6 Programs, 6 Water Levels, Child Lock, Compact Washer and spinner Combo for RV, Dorm, Apartment (Green)

The best option for you is this portable Costway portable washer!This fully automatic costway washer with a big capacity of 1.0 Cu.ft. can wash numerous items of clothing at once and meet all of your washing needs thanks to its 6 wash programmes and 6 water levels. Additionally, the portable and small form will conserve room. For your protection, the costway washer will automatically cease if the lid opens. This laundry cleaner will automatically refill water to balance the tub if it is out of balance. The portable costway  portable washer has a stainless-steel inner barrel with a number of small holes sprinkled throughout to allow water to pass through. Featuring the distinct built-in washboard design, which causes the clothing to tumble and rub just like they would in hand washing for a complete and very effective cleaning.

  • Innovative Technology The simple control panel has an LED display, 6 water levels, and 6 wash programmed. As a result, you can select the application you desire while clearly understanding the time needed of Costway portable washer. Pressing the “Additional Rinse” button will also add more rinse time. You may multitask while washing thanks to the completely automatic design, considerably preserving your valuable time.
  • Portable and Effective Washer With a large capacity of 1.0 Cu. ft., this fully automatic costway washer enables you to conveniently wash several loads of clothes at once. While the small size and portability make it ideal for confined spaces like a dorm, an apartment, and RV camping, etc.
  • Designed for Safety This small Costway portable washer for laundry has a child lock feature since it cares about your children’s safety. All you have to do is simultaneously push the “water level” and “extra rinse” buttons. Additionally, if the lid opens, all programmed will immediately pause.
  • Automatic Imbalance Correction and Automatic Water Level Correction By adding more water to the stainless steel tub, technology will automatically restore equilibrium produced by the uneven distribution of the clothing inside. Additionally, due to the adjustable fee, you may place this Costway portable washer on an uneven surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, but just the queen sheet on its own. You would have to do the fitted sheet at a different wash. I would run it on its highest setting. I can do about 3 towels at a time too. It could probably fit more but to be able to properly wash it so it looks and smells completely clean, I think less it more. Also, I worry that too many overloads may overwork this machine. It works amazing though

No wheels – It is lightweight – Not heavy when empty.
One of the tubs is for washing the other tub is for spinning the excess water from the clothes.
(it isn’t an actual dryer, it doesn’t heat, it only spins, so there is no need for a vent)
The washer doesn’t have a pump to drain it, it drains by gravity.

Which washing machine brand is the most dependable? The best washer brands include Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung. Less than 7% of these machines’ sales, according to Yale Appliance, required servicing. The two manufacturers with the highest customer satisfaction scores according to J.D. Power are Samsung

I’m not sure the answer to that but it dries out your clothes, it spins really fast. It doesn’t fully dry them but it gets them ready for a dryer or to hang and air dry. Only downfall to this machine is that you really need to participate. You have to fill it with water, put it on the wash cycle then you need to drain it and then refill it so you can rinse it. Then drain it again and switch all the clothes over to the drying area where you can only put so much in at the time. Hope that helps.

Yes. Spin the wash water out of the clothes for about a minute. Turn on the water going into the spinner tub. When you see the water draining out looks clear and has no suds stop the water and let the spinner dry things out.

According to the specs…it consumes 280 watts for the washing and 140 watts for the spinning. When divided by the voltage, you get 2.33 amps and 1.16 amps respectively.

On jeans size 34 x 32 you can wash 2 jeans at the time. If you add more than that you can feel the machine being forced. So 2 jeans maximum at once. Anyways this machine is great for space saving and works very good.

Put washed clothes in the spinner. Turn on its timer. After a minute to extract soapy water, turn on rinse water, which flows into spinner, through clothes (rinsing them) and out the drain. After a couple minutes, turn off rinse water. Spinner extracts water until timer shuts it down. Take out clothes and hang on the clothesline

Yeah you don’t need those hookups as long as you can fill it with water and if it just drains by gravity like most of these small machines you just need to be able to make sure your machine is up higher compared to whatever you will be draining your water into but you don’t need washer and dryer hookups and it just has a spinner that dries your clothes maybe about 80%, it doesn’t have an actual dryer just to tell you but all of these small washing machines seem to wash pretty good actually plus they’re pretty compact so they don’t take a ton of room and they’re really affordable compared to much larger more advanced machines.

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