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By: Sumayya Batool

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With increasing modern technology and facilities, the human desire to make life comfortable and easy has reached its peak. Alongside this desire came the inventions of new and portable handheld accessories and devices which made life more accessible with the least amount of effort used. One such modern technological advancement is the Kooltron mini fridge.

This portable, compact, and elegant, cute little fridge has made it easy for people around the globe to keep their travel snacks and beverages cool and chilled out even in a car without occupying much space and energy. Its dual power options have made it feasible and accessible even for travelers to use on the go.

Kooltron is a worldwide accepted and recognized brand for its elegantly furnished, eco-friendly thermoelectric coolers equipped with mini-fridges. It provides its customers with different retro styles and capacities of multipurpose mini refrigerators to keep their skin care products as well as beverages and baby milk bottles secure and cool at the ideal temperatures.

Some of the products by Kooltron are selected, reviewed, and recommended by our professionals. Their specifications, qualities, features, and other important configurations are mentioned below which are available for your easy and comfortable purchases.

Compact and Portable Koolatron Mini Fridge with Separate AC and DC Cords for Your Home and Travel

Koolatron Retro Mini Portable Fridge, 4L Compact Refrigerator for Skincare, Beauty Serum, Face Mask, Personal Cooler, Includes 12V and AC Cords, Desktop Accessory for Home Office Dorm Travel, Aqua

Koolatron mini fridge comes with different elegant colors and twists to open the door handle which makes it stylish, cute, and secure for your home, office, or on the go. It keeps your beauty, skincare, and makeup products cool and within your reach with minimum cost and energy usage. Koolatron has upgraded its mini fridges with dual power options to make it easy for its users to use them indoors as well as outdoors or during travel without compromising their style, size, and elegance. Moreover, its ample capacity allows you to store all your essentials in a single space.

These small coolers maintain a temperature of 32 degrees below room temperature without utilizing any CFCs and compromising your natural environment. It ensures the safety and cooling of your beverages and snacks during travel or picnic with its retro style and secure door handle as well as foldable carrying handle which makes it compact and portable.

Our professionals have recommended this mini fridge because of its twist-to-open door handle, elegant retro design, dual power options, and eco-friendly minimum energy requirements.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions 9.45″D x 6.8″W x 10″H
Capacity 4 Liters
Configuration Compact Freezerless
Special Feature Cools up to 32°F below ambient

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Shel S. purchased this product and reviewed “Perfect Size & Extremely Cold”. She further stated that this mini fridge is the perfect size to use for your desk, the car while traveling, or even to hold reptile food. It’s lightweight but will make your drinks extremely cold. It doesn’t take up much space on my office desk and offers the freedom to have a quick cold snack if needed.

Portable Retro Styled Koolatron Mini Fridge Equipped with Eco-friendly Thermoelectric Cooler (Black)

Koolatron Retro Portable Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Thermoelectric Cooler for Skincare, Cosmetics, Medications, Dorm, Home, Room and Travel (Black)

Koolatron mini-fridges are the most widely used accessories for homes, offices, and travel partners to keep your snacks and beverages at the optimum temperature as required. These travel fridges provide ample space of 4 liters and a shelf to organize your snacks or beauty products without compromising their vintage style and elegant design.

This car refrigerator has a 12V DC power cord for use in your vehicle as well as a twist-lock handle to keep the door secure and products from falling out during travel. It also has a flip-up handle to make it portable and a see-through glass window to keep a check on your stored products.

Placing this mini refrigerator on your office or home desk not only gives it an elegant and stylish look but also keeps your midnight snacks and beverages cool and secure. It is made with stain-resistant material so that its interior can be cleaned easily and installed a power-saving thermoelectric cooler to make it eco-friendly, safe, and efficient to use.

Our experts have recommended this matte-finished portable Koolatron mini fridge for its rounded vintage style, 32 degrees cooling below room temperature, and dual power options which make it a reliable accessory to be used in homes, offices, and on the go.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions

6.8×9.85×10 inches

Capacity4 liters/6 cans
Power optionsAC 110V, DC 12V
Special Featureportable, stain-resistant interior

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mike purchased this product and reviewed “Nice addition to my home offices”. He further added that this mini fridge stores several drinks for a few days and seems fantastic beside my coffee machine in my home office. 

Compact Glossy Finished Iceless Koolatron Mini Fridge with Bluetooth Speaker and 12V DC Cord (Red)

Koolatron 4L 6 Can Portable Mini Fridge with Bluetooth Speaker Compact Personal Cooler Includes Bonus 12V Car Adapter Desktop Accessory for Bedroom Home Office Dorm Travel Cosmetics (Red)

The compact, portable, rounded-styled Koolatron mini fridge is an essential accessory for almost every home, dorm, office, or car to keep beauty products hydrated and beverages chilled and ready to be used. This mini fridge comes with separate AC and DC adaptors making it feasible for the customer to use it anywhere as and when desired or required.

Koolatron has empowered its mini refrigerators with frost-freethermoelectric coolers which keep all the stored products at a temperature of 32°F (18°C) below the environmental temperature. It is furnished with a flip-up handle to make it safe and easy to carry along with a twist lock door handle to make it secure for our products and drive.

This mini fridge is also equipped with a bluetooth device for your convenience and ease. It has a capacity of 4 liters which provides ample space to store your essentials at your desk or bedside table without losing their cool and chill.

This Koolatron mini fridge is inspected, purchased, and recommended by our professionals for its retro design, ample 4-liter capacity, Bluetooth speaker, and dual power options.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Summer Stedman purchased this item and reviewed that, “Good sized”.

Got it for my husband at work, part of the handle was already broke off as soon as he opened it. But other then that he likes it.

Koolatron Mini Fridge Efficient and Reliable mini Fridge, Aqua

Koolatron Retro Portable Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Thermoelectric Cooler for Skincare, Cosmetics, Medications, Dorm, Home, Room and Travel (Aqua)

This compact and lightweight koolatron mini fridge has a capacity of 4.2 quarts (four liters) and comes with a shelf that can be removed for convenient storage. This compact koolatron mini fridge  has the appearance of a retro refrigerator, with shiny chrome accents and three vivid color options; koolatron mini fridge is an ideal accessory for the office, the dorm room, or the desktop.

Thermoelectric technology that is both efficient and dependable can effectively cool an area to 32 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) below the temperature of its surroundings while consuming only a small amount of power.

Koolatron mini fridge comes with both an AC power cord and a DC power cord, so you can use it in your home, dorm room, or office, as well as on the go in your vehicle, boat, trailer, or RV. This personal-sized koolatron mini fridge has a convenient carry handle that flips up and folds flat, allowing you to store it on a shelf, desk, or makeup table without taking up too much space. This portable car refrigerator’s door is prevented from opening while being transported thanks to the secure twist-lock door handle. This helps to prevent the loss of temperature.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sandy purchased this item and reviewed that,” Pretty good”.

The mini fridge is perfect I can store food and other things on it and it keep it pretty cold the only that sucks is that it makes noises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Koolatron mini fridge can cool up to 32°F below the surrounding room temperature.

A Koolatron mini fridge uses 54 watts of power.

Yes, ice can be stored in a leakproof container in a Koolatron mini fridge.

Yes, dry ice can be used to utilize your cooler as a freezer during a road trip or travel.

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