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By: Romana Asghar

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Rounded Bread Toaster

It is important that your toaster fits neatly on your countertop, be reasonably priced, and, most essential, make consistently-cooked toast each and every time. This Rae Dunn toaster is the ideal choice if you’re searching for an affordable, space-saving electric toaster. With a self-ejecting feature, an adjustable browning control, and a defrost option, it is compact in size but packed with functionality. Its modern style will also look fantastic in any kitchen. It has sufficient depth to hold bread slices of any size or shape and toasts it uniformly on both sides.

In addition, Rae Dunn, a ceramic artist who makes Rae Dunn toasters, formed Rae Dunn. This Rae Dunn toaster satisfies the standards for quality, functionality, and durability. Superior cookware, home goods, and lifestyle items are produced by Rae Dunn. Rae Dunn creates timeless, unique, and collectible goods. This piece is perfect for any kitchen because of its superb quality and design.

Rae Dunn Toaster in Stainless Steel with 6 Browning Levels, Bagel, Defrost and Cancel Options

Rae Dunn Retro Rounded Bread Toaster, 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster with Removable Crumb Tray, Wide Slot with 6 Browning Levels, Bagel, Defrost and Cancel Options (Black)

This toaster is made of stainless steel and its 1.5″ slots are wide enough to accommodate thick bread, bagels, waffles, or whatever you feel like toasting. It automatically pops up bread when it is ready, but the lever can be raised higher to allow you to reach all sizes of slices with easy and safety. This toaster has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. Simply remove the tray and dump the crumbs to clean. This 2 slice RAE Dunn toaster comes with 6 browning levels and 3 easy push functions (cancel, bagel, defrost). It is designed to last and help you create beautiful memories while spending time with family and friends.

We recommended this toaster because of its handy high-lift feature for getting toast out easily, a crumb tray for easy cleaning and adjustable slots so you can toast your thicker slices without difficulty.

Product Specification

BrandRae Dunn
MaterialStainless Steel
Specific Uses For ProductBagel, Bread
Wattage825 watts

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

sam purchased this and reviews that  finally a toaster that actually works correctly I can’t tell you how many toasters I’ve bought in the past 10 years, but not one of them could make decent toast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They are designed to toast bread quickly and efficiently, and as long as they are used according to instructions, there should be no health risks. To ensure safety, it’s important to keep the toaster clean and in good working condition.

Toasters have many benefits, but the primary one is that they allow you to toast your bread and change the way you eat. The main purpose of a toaster is to toast bread. For those who enjoy toasted bread, this is the ideal piece of technology to have in the kitchen.

You’ll find a closed compartment on the backside of your toaster that you can pull out like a drawer if you look near the plug. It’s easy to pull out your toaster drawer just by pulling out the latch. You can pull it out by simply pulling the latch out.