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By: Jawad

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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Backlit office keyboard


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Blue Backlit Keyboard


Keyboard With Blue Switches

The MageGee keyboard features different colors of switches, and it has more than 60 compact layouts due to its different layout it has customizable many types of LED backlighting that makes it very valuable and looks gorgeous. In this keyboard, there is not much force to press the key of the keyboard its keys are very soft.

The buttons on the keyboard are soft allowing you to do your work very fast and get a good performance in your typing speed this high speed is a great benefit for gamer to play their games very fast. The keyboard is also quite small and lightweight, which is perfect for homes and offices. You can replace the switches on a hot-swappable keyboard by simply pulling out the old ones and plugging in the new ones; it’s that simple.

MageGee is a company that manufactures computer components and an innovation of different technological products. The products of the MageGee Company are mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards, keyboards, palm rests, desk pads, etc.


Mechanical and Gaming Magegee Keyboard with LED White Backlit

MageGee 75% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Red Switch, LED White Backlit Keyboard, 87 Keys Compact TKL Wired Computer Keyboard for Windows Laptop PC Gamer - Pink/White

Its special feature is its linear switch performance. A good balance between linear switch performance and click switch performance in terms of acoustic feedback and trigger.  This Magegee keyboard is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with a mechanical design. 

It has individual buttons, which give faster output and better performance. It has 87 mechanical keys and 12 multimedia keys that make your work so easy and faster, Due to the multiple keys it makes your work easier than a normal keyboard.

We picked up this product due to the good quality of the keyboard and it is affordable as well.

Product Specifications:

Special FeatureErgonomic, Backlit
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Number of Keys87
Keyboard layoutQWERTY

6O Percent Wireless Mechanical Magegee Keyboard for Laptop, PC, Mac & Smartphone

MageGee 60 Percent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, 2.4G/BT5.1/USB-C Mini Gaming Keyboard with Red Switch, 68 Keys Compact Blue Backlit Office Keyboard for PC Laptop Mac Smartphone, Grey/Black

The Magegee wireless mechanical keyboard has 68 keys and is a perfect size for portability. This keyboard has three modes of connection type-c wired/Bluetooth wireless/2.4G. By pressing FN+Q/W/E, you can connect up to three devices in wireless mode, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The 68-key Magegee keyboard is completely anti-ghosting due to its mechanical characteristics. F1 to F12 are some of the additional function keys on this keyboard.

This keyboard features a backlighting effect, thus you should use it in dark mode. There are 18 distinct backlighting options on this keyboard. It also has a special feature that lets you push the FN + ↑↓ ← → keys and change the beach light brightness. The measurements are typically 12.99 inches in depth, 5.08 inches in width, and 2.05 inches in height.

We choose this product due to its wireless modes and dark mode effect.

Product Specifications:

Number of Keys68
Compatible DevicesGaming Console
Included ComponentsUSB Cable
Switch TypeLinear

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Biologioholic purchased this item and reviewed as “It works” It does all that it’s supposed to do as a mechanical keyboard. Literally the cheapest much keyboard that can connect through adapter and Bluetooth  It could’ve been even greater if hot swappable is a feature. But for this price, it’s good value

Compact Magegee Keyboard With USB Connectivity Technology and PBT Pudding (White)

MageGee Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Red Switch, PBT Pudding Keycaps RGB Backlit Compact 68 Keys Mini Wired Office Keyboard for Windows Laptop PC - White

The Magegee keyboard consists of 68 keys, a fully anti-ghost mechanical keyboard with a 60% compact layout that comes in a cute small size. This keyboard has some extra arrow keys like F1 to F12 function keys to save space while gaming or working. It is made from high-quality, high-wear-resistance PBT material, this double-layered pudding keycap is not only long-lasting but also excellent to touch and do its work in a good performance.

The keyboard has a special feature of 16 backlight modes, including static and dynamic, and a wide range of effects and colors. You can also control the brightness and speed of the backlit by pressing the batten of the FN+↑↓ keys (ups and down). This keyboard can be connected to the computer with a USB port and has 2.0 connectors, is compatible with Windows (2000, XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8), Linux, and Mac, and is plug-and-play so you do not need to install any drivers or software.    

We picked up this product due to a good budget and have new modifications.

Product Specifications:

Special FeatureBacklit
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Number of Keys68

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Aryan purchased this item and reviewed as Very nice keyboard. For a cheap price compared to big companies, worth it” I love how the keyboard is good quality, responsive time is good and comes with key caps. With the key caps, you can customize the keyboard any way you want.

Compact Magegee Blue Backlit Keyboard With 104 Keys for Laptop, Desktop & PC Gamers

MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 104 Keys Blue Backlit Keyboard with Red Switches Double-Shot Keycaps, USB Wired Mechanical Computer Keyboard for Laptop, Desktop, PC Gamers(Gray & Black)

The MageGee keyboard is designed with a simple blue light effect. This effect made this product valuable. This keyboard has 20 different backlit modes, five different brightness levels, and five different backlit speeds. Due to these features, it provides a cool and colorful gaming atmosphere to enhance the thrills of the game. As a professional keyboard with mechanical red switches, it delivers unrivaled typing and gaming performance, as well as long-lasting durability. As a result of their floating design, the keyboard’s keys trigger sensitively.

This keyboard has an ergonomic design and premium metal panel construction, making it super stable and comfortable to type on without wrist support. It has 104 mechanical keys that are conflict-free, so you can press or hold multiple keys at the same time. The top of the keyboard has 12 multimedia combination keys for quick operations, ideal for office work and gaming.

We chose this product due to the keys that are amazing to click and have long-lasting durability.

Product Specifications:

Special FeatureErgonomic, Backlit, Wrist Rest
Compatible DevicesPC
Number of Keys104

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Nate purchased this item and reviewed as Great for a workplace keyboard to look like a tech nerd” It’s a plug an play keyboard, I use it at work and everyone makes comments about it. Usually good. I enjoy the different lighting patterns it has, I thought it was but it’s a solid color. Not complaining though, it keeps it from being distracting for other co workers

Anti-ghosting Magegee Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows, PC & MAC

MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Wired USB Adjustable Backlight Keyboard, New Mechanical Storm 100% Anti-ghosting Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows PC/MAC Games (White)

The gaming Maggie keyboard has blue buttons that provide a linear backlight from top to bottom. The gaming console requires less force and feels smoother and easier to use. This is a great choice for the gaming and working. It has an 18 backlight effect that allows it to be used in the dark mode you can use its backlight lights.
You can connect the keyboard by the wire of the USB port. The keyboard has a USB plug-and-play design, so no drivers are required. Therefore, you can play without fatigue. In addition to the solid base, the double-injection ABS keycaps are also designed to withstand years of use.
We recommended this keyboard due to USB connectivity technology.

Product Specifications:

Special FeatureWater Resistant
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Number of Keys104

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mandee purchased this item and reviewed as “It’s beautiful and amazing quality” this keyboard was more than i expected! It’s heavy and made very well. love the extra set of keycaps and the extra case in white! Makes a beautiful colicky sound that isn’t loud or annoying

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once the USB dongle is plugged in and the power switch is turned to the left, the keyboard will immediately connect to the computer. No software or drivers need to be installed. Included in the packaging is a Type-C cable that may be detached.

The keyboard is indeed a three pin hot swap. A dual-purpose key puller is included in the box to replace switches and keycaps.

Using a key cap remover, gently push on the appropriate key cap to remove any broken keys. The key cap may be removed with a little pull. To ensure you know where to replace the keys, make a note of their location.

While the keyboard is disconnected, press and hold the ESC key. Re-plug the keyboard into your computer while maintaining the ESC key depressed. Release the ESC key after about five seconds. If the reset is successful, you will see a flashing of the keyboard illumination.

The keyboard has a double-shot injection molded keycap for exceptional durability and a clear backlight. You can vary the lighting effect by pressing Fn+ Ins/HM/Pg/Del/End. The arrow keys also alter the brightness and speed of the lights.