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Programmable Macro Functionality


Chroma RGB Lighting


Mechanical Gaming


Upgrade Set Bundle


Grade Metal Construction

The Razer Black Widow Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that is small and can be hot-swapped. Customize it to fit your preferred style of play, from adding new switches to making distinctive lighting effects.On some of their more expensive models, razer uses optical-mechanical switches that are more technologically advanced. Because razer devices are meant to be used for gaming, they frequently outperform Logitech in terms of latency, RGB implementation, and customization.

All keys are macro-programmable, and there are additional dedicated macro keys on the left side. Light and responsive switches enhanced the beauty of the keyboard. These keyboards have quite a few extra features, including LED lock indicator lights, dedicated media keys, and configuration software.

Compared to conventional mechanical switches, Razer black widow keyboards are lighter, quicker, and more resilient. Dual-step actuation and 360-degree motion inputs provide very granular control. The biggest gaming device lighting ecosystem in the world features dynamic lighting for hundreds of integrated games.

Razer Classic Black Widow Keyboard with UV-Coated Keycaps and Multi-Function Wrist Rest

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Mechanical Switches - Tactile & Clicky - Chroma RGB Lighting - Compact Form Factor - Programmable Macro Functionality - Classic Black

Razer Black Widow V3 keyboard has green mechanical switches that are clicky and tactile, giving us a satisfying feeling with every keystroke and reset points for better performance during typing and gaming. Its clear design displayed the true brilliance of razerchroma, from deep lighting customization to over 150 integrated games. The key caps of this multifunctional keyboard are UV-coated, more durable than regular keys, and resistant to a shiny finish.

This keyboard has an ergonomic wrist rest and easy cable management that relieve pressure on the wrists and maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions. Enjoy the reliability that caters to competitive play and is equipped to handle intense and regular usage of this keyboard.

We recommend this keyboard to you because it has a complete wrist rest and nice light-colored illumination with great click and touch of the keys.

Product Specifications

Compatible DevicesPC
Connectivity Technologywired
Keyboard DescriptionMechanical Gaming

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Daniel Medel Meza purchased this item and reviewed as Perfect keyboard” the keyboard is very durable and it has bright backlight rib keys. i bought white keycaps to customize my keyboard and it is fantastic. The only issue is that the rib could only be customized while using the custom app by razer. The green switches are very loud and click which for me is perfectly fine

Mechanical and Gaming Razer Black Widow Keyboard with an Impressive Spectrum of Colors

Razer BlackWidow Chroma: Clicky RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 5 Macro Keys Green Mechanical Switches (Tactile and Clicky)

Razer Black widow keyboard has full programmable keys with macro recording and +5 additional gaming keys. This fantastic keyboard has improved lighting with individually backlit keys. The razer mechanical key switches are virtual clones of Cherry MX keyswitches. It provides easy-access media keys for convenient volume and media playback control. Chroma keyboards provide a distinct feel, and faster responses are given to us with their mechanical key architecture.

We recommend this product to you because this stunning keyboard gives you the unbridled freedom to truly express yourself. The build quality of the keyboard is great, and the typing experience is awesome.

Product Specifications

Special featureLighting
Dimensions‎7.17 x 18.52 x 1.54 inches
Hardware platformPC

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Halle purchased this item and reviewed as Perfect for gaming” my husband loves this keyboard! I got it for him as a gift and it’s perfect for him. The arm rest, the fact that the keys aren’t loud, he has been nonstop playing since he received it. Highly recommit

Wireless Gaming Razer Black Widow Keyboard in Unique Stealth Design

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed 65% Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard + Phantom Keyboard Upgrade Set Bundle: Green Mechanical Switches - Tactile & Clicky - White

The Razer BlackWidow Keyboard is 65% wireless for lag-free gaming. The mechanical keyboard supports Bluetooth for efficient power consumption and USB-C for charging while using the keyboard. The design of the V3 mini hyperspeed keyboard is unique. This keyboard is incredibly sleek and feels clean when its RGB is off.

In every direction, the Chroma RGB frosted wall on ABS pudding keycaps brings full brilliance and is designed to let more light in. This keyboard still retains arrow keys for the perfect balance of function and form.

We recommend this product to you because users can enjoy seamless gaming in a sleek package.

Product Specifications

Special featureBacklit
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Hardware platformPC

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Carson purchased this item and reviewed as It’s a great keyboard” this is my 3rd razor chromo, my first v2. I expected to get this used and kind of gross and possibly dysfunctional in ways. What I got was a keyboard that appeared to be brand new, with fancy clicky switches and shiny lights that I like. Response time is unreal but i don’t have the specs. the larger keys (shift, space) are incredibly responsive

Razer ‎ BlackWidow Keyboard with Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting & Mechanical Switch for Gaming

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed 65% Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard + Phantom Keyboard Upgrade Set Bundle: Green Mechanical Switches - Tactile & Clicky - White

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard green switch technology provides a statisfying clicky sound and is best for typing and gaming. Keyboard mechanical switches deliver both top-notch performance and reliable durability without compromise. Its hyper shifts allow for all keys and their combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands easily. This keyboard is constructed with a military-grade metal top plate for minimal flex and to enhance the sturdiness of the keyboard. This keyboard has fully programmable macro support for gaming.

We recommend this product because it feels pretty comfortable, has great aesthetics, and has satisfying keystrokes. This keyboard is easy to clean, clicky and tactile.

Product Specifications

Special featureBacklit
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Hardware platformPC

Razer Blackwidow Keyboard Grade Metal Construction - Mercury White

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Key Switches - Tactile & Clicky - Chroma RGB Lighting - Military-Grade Metal Construction - Mercury White

Razer green switch technological advances produces an appealing colicky sound alongside 50 g of actuation force, razer blackwidow keyboard it the perfect mechanically switch for gaming and typing that demands the greatest level of accuracy. million colors are available with fixed profiles on each individually backlit key in the immersive, customizable chrome grab lighting, which also syncs with gaming, razer Chroma-enabled peripherals,

 and Philips hue products full support for macro programming all keys and getting cold combinations can be remapped to carry out complex commands using razer hypershift.military-grade metal getting cold: built to last, shivering a rugged, razer blackwidow keyboard metal top top plate for getting cold flex and shivering sturdiness durable construction:

 Getting cold up to getting cold with a getting cold year manufacturer warranty Place the wrist rest below your own Razer shivering Chroma , razor blackwidow keyboard line up the matching Razer logos, and slide it in to complete the installation. When they make impact, the wrist rest will snap onto your keyboard. Lift the wrist rest slightly away from your computer’s keyboard to remove it.

Using the included us-a to use-c cable, attach the power adapter to the keyboard and insert it into an electrical outlet. Note: when the keypad is charging, razer blackwidow keyboard the power indicator will turn red. The cursor will start to charge as well. The indicator will turn green when the keyboard is completely charged.

It can be ordered with razer linear optical and razer choose optical switches, razer blackwidow keyboard which are marketed as being quicker and more resilient than conventional mechanical switches. The Razer Black Widow is an aluminum-built, fully-featured wired mechanical gaming keyboard that is offered in black and comes with either Razer Green or Razer Yellow Mechanical Switches,

Whereas the Quartz version is only available with Razer Green Mechanical Switches. In general, Razer produces high-quality mice, and they rank among the top gaming mice we’ve tried in terms of performance. Performance-wise, razer blackwidow keyboard their line of upscale models presently sets the bar for the sector. The Razer black Widow is the best keyboard with RGB lighting at a higher mid-range price.

Product Specifications

Special featureBacklit
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Hardware platformPC

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Amazon Customer purchased this item and reviewed as “Great Aesthetics and Satisfying Keystrokes” this is the first time in over a year that I’ve used a mechanical keyboard and i am impressed. The main reason i chose this keyboard over others within the same price range was aesthetics. the white key caps on a smooth light metal finish was so refreshing over other boards, i was tired of having the same old black on black finish on all of my tech