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By: Arooj Bibi

"Big Electronic Store" Found This Canon Imageclass Mf264dw


Canon Imageclass Mf264dw Printer

Canon imageclass mf264dw is one of the latest types of photocopy machines. Printers  are the dire need of the day in schools, offices, businesses, etc. They ease the paperwork of administrators and policymakers. There are color prints and monochromatic (black and white) prints. Laser printers produce high-quality graphics and text using electron beams and powder toners. Unlike Inkjet printers, there is no risk of ink spread in them. They can make a large number of copies of a single document rapidly. 

Recent advances have modified the printers and now highly sophisticated products are available. They have high resolution, speed, and productivity. Others use a very small amount of energy in working. Canon is a reliable brand in the printer industry. Canon imageclass mf264dw printer is famous for high-quality resolution, clear graphics, high printing speed, and paper handling. It is environment-friendly with no release of harmful radiation.

Wireless Monochrome Auto-Duplex Canon Imageclass mf264dw Laser printer with USB Connectivity

Canon imageCLASS MF264dw II Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer, Print, Copy and Scan, with Auto Document Feeder,Black

Canon brings you a new model imageclass MF264dw II printer that can copy, scan, and print documents with a speed of about 30 pages per minute. This printer gives its first print in six seconds and handles 250 pages at a time. It yields up to 1,700 pages with In-box toner. The Canon imageclass mf264dw printer is easy to use, wireless, and compact. It is fit for small offices where black-and-white printing with high productivity and the best quality is needed.

Furthermore, you can carry it anywhere, the printer does not need a direct cable connection. The Canon printer has mobile capability along with built-in networking capabilities. You can even connect your USB to it. This printer is cost-effective and energy-efficient as it is an Energy Star-certified product. 

Our experts recommend this product because of its highly useful auto document feeder property. You can easily put up to 35 pages in it at once. The printer itself scans, copies, or prints all pages one by one. So one does not need to put each page separately. This saves both time and effort.

Product Specifications:

Special featureAuto-duplex, Display screen
Dimensions15.9″D × 15.4″W ×14.8″H
Printing TechnologyLaser
Printer OutputMonochrome

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Laser printers do not use any ink or dye rather they need a toner powder. An Electrically charged drum in Laser attracts and evenly spreads the toner over its surface.

A Canon printer is preferred by experts for its high print quality. If you are a professional who has to do printing work regularly, you should choose a Canon printer, to enjoy high productivity and quality.

This Canon printer is highly cost-effective in terms of energy usage as it is an Energy Star product. It also reduces ink costs by writing a large number of pages per ink cartridge.

This printer has in-built networking capabilities, and it can connect to Wifi, Bluetooth, and, even USB.

The choice of buying a printer depends upon the need to use it. However for day-to-day stuff such as forms, documents, and reports a monochromatic laser printer is recommended.

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