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By: Muhammad Jawad

"Big Electronic Store" Found This Pantum P2502w


Pantum P2502EW


P2502W Wireless Small Laser Printer Monochrome


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Pantum Laser Jet Printer


Pantum P2502W Monochromelaser Printer


Pantum P2502W Black Andwhite Laser Printer


Wireless Small Laser Printer

The pantum p2502W is the model of the printer that prints the papers in black and white color. In the comparison of the other printer, pantum is a well build and its quality of the printing is good and better than other printer, and it takes no time when begin printing. This affordable printer required no extra steps to set up in windows. It will work for a long time and do work very perfectly.

If you want to print a very fair amount of text this laser printer must be adequate for this condition. It prints very clear and high-quality images with the help of inkjet features. This printer does not produce noise when it prints the papers.  Pantum is an international company that produces and manufactures laser printers. This brand manufactures very high technology and advanced printers that benefit us.

Overall, considering all its features, benefits, and positive customer reviews, the Pantum p2502W is a great choice for individuals who require a printer for different purposes.

1)  Low –Priced
2)  High Quality of text
3)  Solid graphics and good photo-quality output
4)  wireless network connections

Wireless Pantum P2502W Laser Printer in Black and White with USB Connectivity Technology

Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer Home Office Use, Black and White Printer with Mobile Printing (V8V77B)

The speed of this printer is 22 pages to 23 pages print, per minute, with the quality of A4. The color of the printing is, black and white with a medium size. The design of this printer is very decent in medium size with a black color. The dimensions are 13.27 inches (33.71 centimeters) in length, 8.66 inches (22 centimeters) in height, and 7.01 inches (17.81 centimeters) in width. It will fit within the workplace very nicely.  The installation of this printer is very easy like only one step due to the wireless feature. This Pantum p2502W can be connected with Wi-Fi and USB and also connect with the mobile devices and Android system.

We picked up this product due to its low cost, simple and easy installation.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Printing TechnologyLaser
Special FeatureWireless, Compact

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Anne purchased Pantum P2502EW and reviewed that “When it prints, it’s a good little printer” I bought this to be a quick and easy to use, black and white laser printer. I need a printer available, and until my office gets rearranged and the new furniture put in place, my regular printer isn’t available. I set this new printer up in my bedroom and read through the manual to get it set up to be available for Wi-Fi printing. (This was an absolutely non-negotiable requirement.) Figuring out how to set it up was not easy. Hurray!

Pantum p2502W Laser Printer with Small Compact Design and USB Connectivity

Pantum Compact Wireless Small Laser Printer P2502W Monochrome (Black and White) Single Function, Wireless Mobile Printing Airprint for Business and Home School Use, 23 PPM, Black…

Pantum p2502W is wireless laser printers that work by connecting to computers and laptops and can print 23 pages per minute. It is available in two color options Black and White. Its frame is made of metal that has been used for a long time. The installation is very simple and by following only single you can set this printer in your home and other places. The design of this printer is very incredible and small and is perfect for the home and office use.

This printer is selected by our experts because it is small and adequate.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi, USB
Printing TechnologyLaser
Special FeatureWireless, Mobile Printing, Compact

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Benzi Colon purchased Pantum P2502W Wireless Small Laser Printer Monochrome and reviewed that “Nice little laser printer!!! Wi-Fi works great!!!”

Monochrome Pantum p2502W Laser Printer with Wifi & USB Connectivity for Home, Office

Pantum P2502W Monochrome Laser Printer for Home Office School Student Mobile Wireless Black and White Printing- Small Laserjet

It is a high speed printer that prints 23 papers in per minute. The manufacturing of this Pantun p2502W printer improves your work and your business. This printer can directly be connected to your device with the USB and also has wireless properties. The ability to connect with other systems like laptops, mobile phones via wi-fi or blue-tooth makes it useful in many places like schools, offices, factories, etc. The frame of this printer is made of metal to secure it for a long time. Only one step for installation and you can get its benefits like speedy work by connecting directly to your mobiles. This printer can be controlled and run by the Pantum app.

Our experts selected this product because it offers quality printing in a reasonable price and can easily be fit in any workplace at home and office.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi, USB
Printing TechnologyLaser
Special FeatureWireless
ColorGrey P2502

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

RC purchased Pantum P2502W Monochrome Laser Printer and review that  Excellent print quality. Good for Mac and Windows. Did not work right for mobile or Chromebook This printer installed easily with a USB cable. The print quality is excellent. For mobile it was difficult and the instructions needed more detail. I am a web developer with solid technical experience. I managed to connect and print for my Android phone once. However, when I changed the password it hung the app. Every time I tried to print after that it brought my WIFI to its knees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All things considered, this laser printer is excellent; nevertheless, don’t count on constant wifi availability. We are unable to comment more since we have not replenished the toner cartridge. Since wifi connectivity was a deciding element in my decision to buy the equipment, I hope the company would assist in fixing the problem.

Zhuhai Seine, a Chinese firm, manufactures printer consumables such as printer drums and toner cartridges, and Pantum is their brand.

The Brother boasts a more robust construction, quicker print times, and automatic duplex printing. Moreover, it doesn’t have the Pantum’s printing alignment problems. On the other hand, the Pantum has a little cheaper cost per print because it produces more prints per cartridge.

Laser printers are an excellent option for mid-sized workplaces, bigger workgroups, and small enterprises since they can produce results quickly and in huge quantities. An inkjet printer may easily satisfy the printing demands of small workplaces and home offices with smaller print volumes.

Selecting the right paper might be crucial if you want your laser printer to produce the highest-quality images. Even though a laser printer can print excellent images on most paper stocks, sizes, and weights (gsm), you should utilize specialized laser photo paper to achieve the best results and prevent any problems.

1) Configure the interface. 2) Select the network name. → 3) Enter the router’s Wi-Fi password. 4) Verify that the USB cable is plugged into the printer and PC.

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