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By: Halima Sadia 

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Acoustically Transparent Screen


In-ceiling projector screen


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An acoustically transparent screen is a modern and unique product with different modern features. There are of various installation types like wall mount, ceiling mount, floor mount, etc. High-quality material is used in their internal products that are low-emitting and also betters the air quality. These transparent screens give large images and put less strain on your eyes. Sound passes directly through the obsidian focus ambient light rejecting the screen. So they enhance the audiovisual experience.

The transparent screens have unique features that make them better and perfect for TV. The specific features are a standard throw projector, a programmed remote kit, and a space-saving design, and are easy to set up and easy to install. Various brands manufacture this product but Elite Screens and Vivid Storm Since 2004 are the most famous brands to produce this high-quality and modern acoustically transparent screen. They use high-quality materials to manufacture modern products.

Elite Wall and Ceiling Mount Acoustically Transparent Screen with 106 Inches Display Dimensions

Elite Screens Evanesce, 106" Diagonal 16:9, 4K/8K HD Ready, Recessed in-Ceiling Electric Acoustically Transparent Projector Screen, AcousticPro UHD Projection Screen Surface, IHOME106H2-E14-AUHD

An acoustically transparent screen is ideal for permanently installed motorized projection screens. It is a high-quality interior product that is low-emitting and enhances the air quality. It is compatible with standard throw projectors and is ready for 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D projection.

It comes in an aluminum housing encased in white enamel, making installation easier. It offers fast operation via the tubular motor. The screen has an integrated low-voltage 3-way wall switch and IR and RF receivers, which are controlled by a robust tubular motor, along with an RJ45 wire connection and a 5-12 Volt trigger.

This transparent screen is recommended to you because of its 106-inch display dimensions.

Product Specifications:


Programmed remote kit, Throw Projector


2 AAA batteries required

Product Dimensions    92.4″W x 52″H

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Chris purchased acoustically transparent screen and reviewed that “ Great deal – call a friend for install”. Product came with no defects. I called a buddy and it took us about 25-30 minutes to install it. Definitely would have taken a while doing it by myself given the need to balance on a ladder or something. The RF remote works perfectly so I’m not sure why you need the IR version but I’m holding onto it in case that becomes important later on. I’d really love to know if I could use a shorter throw projector with this (6-8ft) and might risk it and try it out. 

Vivid Storm Table Mount Acoustically Transparent Screen with Better Audiovisual Effects

VIVIDSTORM-Projection Screens S PRO P 120inch Perforate Sound Acoustically Audio Transparent Electric Rising Screen,HD/4K Home Theater Compatible UST Laser Projector,VWSDSTUST120HP-WB

Vivid Storm manufactures an Acoustically transparent screen that is free-standing and the best choice when wall or ceiling installation is not possible. The UST ALR material uses a unique optical serrated structure and a light suppression fitter, which reflects the light to the viewer effectively and blocks or absorbs ceiling light. A special optical saw tooth structure and a light-rejecting filter in the screen material make it stunning in ambient light from the ceiling.

This transparent screen is easy to install as installation will take just a minute when you plug in the power cord. You don’t need screws; you can change the viewing location anytime you want. It features a retractable electric screen with unique wire tension technology that makes it a high-quality, retractable electric screen

This product is selected by our experts as customers are satisfied because it is easy to set up and the picture quality of the screen is top-notch.

Product Specifications:

Special FeaturesSmart opening design, motorized pop-up system
Display Dimensions   120 inches
Product Dimensions107.48″W x 74.17″H

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sayer purchased acoustically transparent screenand reviewed that Simply the best! I ordered this with a six week shipping estimate from the manufacturer in China. It arrived 3days later… I literally couldn’t believe it. Apparently they had a batch of them a few towns over and ready to ship. I’ve had it for over a month now and have zero complaints. And I’m hard to please

Vivid Storm Floor Mount Acoustically Transparent Screen with Eye Protection Feature

VIVIDSTORM-Projector Screen,Long Focus Ambient Light Rejecting Screen,Perforate Acoustically Transparent,Floor-Rising Screen,Compatible with Lumen up to 2500ANSI of Normally Projector,VSDSTPALR84H

Vivid Storm produces this modern and unique transparent screen that shows the best picture when the light is on, especially in weak light. It is a versatile solution to use motorized projection screens as they retract back into their casings so that the space that was once occupied by large projection surfaces can now be used for other purposes.  This screen has a dual control system, which comprises Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) remote controls. To use the IR remote control, you must have a line-of-sight to the IR sensor.

The screen allows you to adjust the height; ensuring compatibility with your projector. You can switch off the power once the height has been adjusted. This conserves power and reduces the risk of unintentional screen pinching by children.

This best acoustically transparent screen is recommended because it is a great product with amazing quality.

Special Features

Eye Protection feature, motorized pop-up system

Product Dimensions85.83 x 9.45 x 8.27 inches
Operation Mode     Automatic

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Art Vandelay purchased acoustically transparent screen and reviewed that “Great so far for long throw ALR screen.I purchased this screen to use with my long throw projector (Optima 4K). This is used as room with ambient light. The screen operates very well and provides a great picture in both low light and moderate ambient light conditions. I had previously just used a painted wall and this screen provides improved picture quality. The USB dongle works well to automatically deploy the screen when the projector is turned on/off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Acoustically transparent screens allow speakers to be placed directly behind them. Hollywood uses the same technique when mixing dialogue with the soundtrack.

The sound quality of an acoustically transparent screen is improved by better speaker placement and often the ability to match the three front speakers without using different speakers.

Sound-absorbing panels absorb sound waves and reduce noise that travels within an open space, but they cannot prevent sound from transferring between rooms since they absorb echo and reverberation.

It is also important to consider the thickness of PET Acoustic Panels. Thicker panels generally offer better sound absorption for lower frequencies. 25mm thick panels are popular for studios.

In the description they emphasize Normal Throw Projector, so I’d assume it to be for that. They make these specific for short throw and long throw projectors, so I can understand your confusion with the image. To be 100% sure, you can always ask. They’re in China so it takes them a day to return a message. I found them to be responsive and message back within 24 hours. By the way, I love mine (long throw version)