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Conditioner Hoffman M130126G1008


1000 Btu Air Conditioner


Thermal Edge 1000 BTU

A 1000 BTU air conditioner is a small and compact cooling system made for rooms, offices, or small apartments that don’t need a lot of cooling. It’s perfect for people who need a cheap, portable way to stay cool that doesn’t take up too much room. British Thermal Units, or BTUs, are a unit of measurement used to talk about how well an air conditioner cools. In the case of a 1000 BTU air conditioner, it means that the unit can remove 1000 BTUs of heat per hour from the air in the room. This makes it a good choice for rooms up to 150 square feet in size.

One of the best things about an air conditioner with 1000 BTU is that it is small. Most of the time, these units are small and light, so they are easy to move from room to room as needed. They are also pretty cheap, which makes them a great choice for people on a tight budget. Even though they are small, 1000 BTU air conditioners can still cool a room well. They usually have a number of settings and functions, such as the ability to control the temperature, the speed of the fan, and a timer. They may also have a dehumidifier feature that can help lower the humidity in the room and make it more comfortable.

A 1000 BTU air conditioner also saves energy, which is a plus. These units are made to use as little energy as possible while still cooling well. This makes them a great choice for people who want to save money on their energy bills. Some models may also be ENERGY STAR certified. This means that they meet or go above the US Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for energy efficiency.

One problem with a 1000 BTU air conditioner is that it might not be big enough for bigger rooms. If you want to cool a bigger room, you may need an air conditioner with more power or a higher BTU rating. Also, these units may be noisier than larger air conditioners, which is something to think about if you want to use it in a bedroom or other quiet space.

Overall, a 1000 BTU air conditioner is a small, cheap way to cool a small space that works well. Its small size, low energy use, and variety of features make it a great choice for people who want a cheap and portable way to cool off. But it might not work in bigger rooms or for people who are sensitive to noise.

1000 Btu Air Conditioner Hoffman M130126G1008 Side Mounting Air Conditioner, Steel, 800/1000 BTU, Light Gray

Hoffman M130126G1008 Side Mounting Air Conditioner, Steel, 800/1000 BTU, 230V, 50/60 Hz, Light Gray

The cooling capability of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs, which stands for British Thermal Units. A 1000 BTU air conditioner is one that can remove that much heat from the air in the room in one hour. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for homes with a footprint of up to 15 square feet. Advantages of a 1000 BTU air conditioner include its small footprint. Because of their compact size and light weight, these units can be relocated as needed. They are also inexpensive, making them a good option for shoppers on a tighter budget.

1000 BTU air conditioners may be compact, but they don’t skimp on cooling power. Controls for things like temperature, fan speed, and a timer are commonplace on these devices. It’s possible that they also include a dehumidifying feature that might help bring the humidity levels down for a more pleasant atmosphere.

One of the many advantages of a 1000 BTU air conditioner is its low energy consumption. Because of their low energy consumption and high cooling efficiency, these units are a great pick for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint. It’s possible that some models are ENERGY STAR certified, which implies they are in line with or even exceed the energy efficiency standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. A 1000 BTU air conditioner may not be powerful enough to effectively cool a larger room. Generally speaking, a greater BTU rating or more powerful air conditioner will be necessary for a larger room. In addition, if you want to use the unit in a bedroom or other quiet location, you should know that it may be noisier than larger air conditioners.

1000 Btu Air Conditioner; Indoor; 800/1000 Btu/Hr; 115v; 50/60hz; 4.0/4.0 A; Type 12/3r/4

AIR CONDITIONER; INDOOR; 800/1000 BTU/HR; 115V; 50/60HZ; 4.0/4.0 A; TYPE 12/3R/4

M13 and M17 Units each Standard models come along with a thermostat control that features an easy-to-read digital display of the temperature inside the enclosure as well as a high temperature alarm (125 degrees Fahrenheit or 52 degrees Celsius). The alarm situation is indicated by the flashing display in 1000 btu air conditioner. Stock models all come equipped with a noise suppressor for EMI/RFI as well as UL/CUL and CE as standard. Genesis Units Can Be Swapped Out for Similar Slimboy Series Devices, One of the System’s Featured Benefits In typical applications of 1000 btu air conditioner, the Genesis M13’s One-of-a-Kind Passive Condensate Management Technology Evaporates Moisture from the Enclosure and Eliminates Drain Tubes, Buckets, and Wet Floors, All Without the Need for Additional Power. In typical applications, the Genesis M17 makes use of an active condensate management system.

This 1000 btu air conditioner actively evaporates moisture from the enclosure, so doing away with the need for drain tubes, buckets, and wet floors. 1000 btu air conditioner compact models are perfect for cooling enclosures that range in size from 25 to 40 cubic feet in volume. The ultra-narrow M17 Series has a width of only 12 inches, which makes it an excellent choice for enclosures that have narrow side walls. Mount Flanges Make Installation of High-Performance, Industrial-Grade Ball-Bearing Fans Simple, With Only Two Steps and One Person to Complete.

Utilized to Get the Highest Possible Heat Transfer Most Components Remove the Grille and the Filter to Get Access Mounting hardware, gaskets, drawings, a mounting template, and an instruction manual that have all been fully and functionally tested are provided. Each and every Unit Employs an Environmentally Friendly or CFC-Free RefrigerantPower Dissipation: 293/527 W Refrigerant, Type: CFC-free Series: Genesis M13 Series Temperature, Operational, Maximum: 125/52 C -Power Dissipation: 293/527 WType-Indoor Voltage Rating-115 VACWeight-48 Lbs.

1000 Btu Air Conditioner Thermal Edge 1000 BTU/H, 120V, 60 Hz, UL Type 12 Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioner, Model CS01112612

Thermal Edge 1000 BTU/H, 120V, 60 Hz, UL Type 12 Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioner, Model CS01112612

Set point and temperature controls on the 1000 btu air conditioner can be programmed; error and/or alarm messages are visible; the system’s status is shown, and the keypad can be locked out. Constantly gets rid of condensate; increases unit efficiency by pre-cooling refrigerant. Stiff chassis and seam-welded shroud; well-thought-out interior for easy upkeep Highly efficient rotary compressor; Fully insulated and sealed cabinet; Thermal Expansion Valve to keep cooling capacity over a wide range of ambient temperatures. High and low refrigerant pressure cutouts with fault indication; compressor anti-short cycle protection; compressor run capacitors to reduce power inrush, save energy, and extend compressor life.

1000 btu air conditioner Thermal Edge CS01112612 indoor enclosure air conditioner uses 120 VAC/60 Hz power to cool the air at a rate of 1,000 BTU per hour. It has a slim body that fits on an 8-inch wide enclosure and is made without a filter. The NEMA Type 12 enclosure keeps out non-hazardous indoor elements like dirt, dust, lint, dripping water, and light splashing. The air conditioner in the enclosure has a condensate evaporation system that precools the refrigerant to lower the running amps, which saves energy. It also evaporates condensation and vents it, so there is no need for a separate drip line. A thermal expansion valve controls and balances the flow of refrigerant so that it works well over a wide range of temperatures and loads.

The unit has a digital controller that can be set up and has built-in alarms. 1000 btu air conditioner is made in the USA and has a UL listing. Thermal Edge Inc. makes air conditioners for enclosures, heat exchangers, and fan systems with filters. The company was started in 2006, and its main office is in Irving, Texas.