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By: Muhammad Hassan

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The ieGeek camera provides advanced features for the best home security. These cameras are best for indoor as well as outdoor security. Things like real-time two-way communication, high-resolution images and videos, support for SD card storage up to 128 GB, and cloud storage are best enough. These cameras, with their wide-angle lens and enhanced detection technology, minimize false alarms and identify potential threats. Because of their built-in rechargeable battery and external solar panel, these cameras do not need to be charged frequently.

They also contain a mono-crystalline silicon solar panel for a stable power supply.  We like that such ieGeek cameras are easy to install and do not require any drilling. Due to weatherproofing, there is no need to worry and no need to be covered in rain, snowfall, or bad weather conditions.

Overall, in terms of performance and ease of installation, these ieGeek solar security cameras have a very good value and a really great setup. The quality of these cameras is much better and clearer; our experts didn’t find any lag or drops in the frame rate. We appreciate how it can move from left to right up and down, which enables a wider range of view.

Wireless Motion Sensor Waterproof Solar Security ieGeek Camera with Smart Siren and Spotlight

ieGeek Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor 2 Pack, Battery Powered WiFi Home Surveillance Cam with Smart Siren & Spotlight, Motion Sensor Camera System 2K, 2 Way Audio/IP65 Waterproof

This ieGeek camera provides a latest-generation 2K colour sensor and LED lamp to give you clear night vision video, much like daytime. It boasts a night vision distance of 65ft, in contrast to other cameras. With its 130° wide-angle lens, it can detect and alert you to potential thieves before they approach your car. This outdoor camera detects people, pets, and vehicles with advanced technology to reduce false alarms. With a siren alarm it notifies you after detecting motion, granting you to hear and speak to visitors or activate the siren to warn thieves.

This solar security camera keeps working 365 days with a guarantee of a built-in rechargeable battery and an external solar panel. It stores recorded videos via Micro SD card and cloud storage. For hands-free monitoring, combine the ieGeek camera with Alexa, and speak out to view the live feed on Alexa-enabled screens. You can share the live stream and camera access with friends and family, while conveniently managing multiple devices on a single access point (AP).  

We recommended these solar security cameras because they give the latest features like a 2K colour sensor, night vision, and wide-angle for enhanced security. This product is best because of its amazing features and export security and helps us to keep an eye on unwanted visitors and alert them or talk to guests (providing a 2-way communication function).

Product Specification:

Connection MethodWireless
Special FeatureNight Vision, Motion Sensor
Dimension8.7 x 7.95 x 4.96 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Glenno purchased this product and reviewed that “clear views with reliable service” These cameras are of great value and contain long-lasting quality solar panels. In many environments, these cameras are durable and easy to install. It contains great reviews and reliable service.

Solar Security ieGeek Camera System in Black with Smart Siren and Color Night Vision

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K Solar Security Camera System 360° PTZ with Spotlight & Siren, ieGeek 2.4Ghz Outdoor Security Cameras,Color Night Vision, Work with Alexa, PIR, 2-Way Talk, IP65

This wireless ieGreek camera reduces false alarms by enhancing humanized recognition in custom alarm area upgraded PIR motion detection AI algorithm. With the use of the ieGeek App, you can adjust the alarm period or adjust the 10-level alarm sensitivity. This solar security camera can guide the non-automatic tracking on the app side. It can easily rotate a 355° pan and a 120° tilt (non-automatic tracking) for wide-area monitoring. With the siren alarm, this camera can tolerate acid rain, snowstorms, and other severe weather in the surroundings by supplying IP65 weatherproof design and ABS polymer material.

With the spotlight, it gives you a clear colour 2K visual experience making no difference day or night. It comes up with 4X digital zoom to enhance details. It provides three alarm modes (light only/ siren only/ Both siren spotlight). Also, this camera works according to the mode that you selected after detecting motion with a real-time two-way talk function you can talk to the person in front of the camera by using the ieGeek App.

Our team recommended this security camera because it reduces false alarms with specialized settings and humanized recognition with 2K clear vision. It provides special features like alerting unwanted visitors or talking to guests (a two-way communication function).

Product Specification:

Connection MethodWireless
Special FeatureMotion Sensor, Night Vision, Solar Security
Dimension6.8 x 5 x 6 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

David Pace purchased this product and reviewed that “Great Surveillance Camera! Easy Setup, Rugged Construction, Highly Recommended”. I am impressed with this camera and its working. All the features are unbelievable. I would highly recommend this to people who want to see what is going on. Furthermore, he reviews that it is a great surveillance camera and highly recommended. 

PIR Motion Detector ieGeek Camera with 2-way talk Communication Function and Rechargeable Batteries

ieGeek Solar Security Camera Outdoor, Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, Solar Rechargeable Battery Power Home Security Cameras, 1080p, Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Wirefree, IP66

ieGeek camera provides security solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. It is issued with a mono-crystalline silicon solar panel that can produce a stable power supply and high efficiency for this security camera. This camera is IP65 weatherproof and provides 1080P FHD images and videos about weather conditions for home security by issuing an upgraded Hi Silicon chip and colour sensor 1/3 CMOS. It contains 4 infrared lights that automatically feel the existing light and divert to night vision mode. The distance of night vision can be reached to 50ft/15m. In contrast to other cameras, the ieGeek Camera reduces 50% lag of recording and alerts after detection. In real-time wherever you are, alert notifications are sent to you and users.

This solar security camera makes the Wi-Fi connection more stable and broad by providing 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and 4dbi dual antennas. This ieGeek Camera provides the best real-time two-way communication function that allows you to talk and see the person in front of the camera with the help of ieGeek App.  We recommended this ieGeek camera because it provides advanced motion detection and real-time alerts. It provides high-quality images and videos in various conditions with a stable solar power supply and Ip65 weatherproofing.

Product Specification:

Connection MethodWireless, Wired
Special FeatureNight Vision, Motion Sensors
Dimension7.08 × 4 × 5.11 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Facto purchased this and reviewed that “great customer service”.This camera is very easy to install. Its solar panel is great and provides electricity to the camera. Thanks to ieGeek for providing good products and great customer service. 

Home Security AI Detector ieGeek Camera with Color Night Vision and Motion Sensors

ieGeek Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K Outdoor Security Cameras with Spotlight & Siren, Wireless Surveillance Cameras for Home Security, 3MP Color Night Vision/2-Way Talk/IP65/PIR/Cloud/SD

This ieGeek Camera is easy to install and it is 100% wireless and can be rechargeable. This outdoor camera contains professional rechargeable batteries and it has a compact design. It is very convenient and does not use cable wires. It has the property to be installed in 1 minute easily and can be connected in 10 seconds. It recognizes people and conveys alarm notifications by using the latest Wi-Fi camera AI/PIR quick response mechanism. It forwards alarm notifications after detecting the message.

The ieGeek CAM app is best for ieGeek camera as its features are all free. This app does not contain any subscription fees. It has a lot of features and assists Alexa. This outdoor camera has been completely upgraded to air tightness with the help of a rubber ring. This camera has motion sensors to detect motion properly. It is water-proof as well as weather-proof and can easily stand firm against rain, snowstorms, and bad weather conditions.

Our experts recommended this security camera because it is easy to install and does not need cables. It is wireless and rechargeable and contains solar-powered plates. We have seen that this camera activates alarm sounds and spotlights to demoralize thieves also it allows you to record audio and video and supports SD cards up to 128 GB.

Product Specification:

Connection MethodWireless
Special FeatureMotion Sensor, Night Vision
Dimension66 × 2.17 × 4.13 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Boobie purchased this product and reviewed that “easy installation” It is easy to install. It took one minute to adjust and pair with my device. It contains an option to add another solar panel and its rechargeable battery. It does not need to charge over and over again when triggered with a motion sensor. I am using this for outdoor security. This camera is weather resistant, so it does not need to be covered in rain or snowfall. It is a verified purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For alarm intervals, you can select 2, 5, or 10 minutes that customize the SD recording period.

ieGeek Camera is waterproof, motion sensor, and wireless. These cameras can bear the rain, snowfall and bad weather conditions.

ieGeek Camera usually takes 9-10 hours to be fully charged. These cameras’ charging time is different depending on factors such as the capacity of the battery, power source, and charging conditions.    

If ieGeek Camera is not working, you should restart and reconnect the camera. The camera may shut down because of insufficient power.

ieGeek App is used to connect the ieGeek Camera with the phone. Through this app you may allow people to see what is going on where the camera is set up for security, records and resume or back the video.

ieGeek Camera is a security camera. No one can hack this if the password is secured and strong.

You can share ieGeek Camera with others through email, or username and settings permissions by using the camera companion app.

The ieGeek app and the ieGeek CAM app are best for the ieGeek camera. You can find them on the Apple Play Store and Google Play Store. These apps provide remote viewing, two-way communication functions, motion detection, and alerts.

You can reset or change your password simply by going to the ieGeek CAM App and clicking on its settings, looking for the reset or change password option. Click on this option and reset or change your password.

No, ieGeek Camera does not work without Wi-Fi. A secured connection with Wi-Fi is necessary to get alarm notifications.

The home security ieGeek camera supports SD cards up to 128 GB and free lifetime cloud storage.

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