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By: Attiqa Aziz

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RV Washer And Dryer Combo


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RV Washer And Dryer

RV washer and dryer combinations are designed specifically to meet the needs of RVs; these units are both water- and energy-efficient, providing the ultimate blend of efficiency and convenience. Use only high efficiency (HE) detergent in the amount recommended by your machine, which is 1-2 TBSP of powdered detergent (or liquid equivalent) per load.  These washers and dryers are preferred by many RVs because they do not take up much space, and one drum handles both the washing and drying processes. They are perfect for compact settings like apartments, tiny houses, or RVs and do not require separate setups for drying clothes.

Homguava 2-in-1 Mini Compact RV Washer and Dryer Combo with Built-In Gravity Drain Pump

Homguava Portable Washer Machine 17.6LBS Capacity Mini Washing Machine 2 in 1 Compact Washer and Dryer Combo Twin Tub Laundry Washer(11LBS) & Spinner (6.6LBS) with Built-In Gravity Drain Pump(BLACK)

This portable washing machine is constructed of high-density plastic. It’s not heavy at all, and the handles are pretty easy to grip unless you have very weak fingers. With a capacity of 11 pounds for washing and 6.6 pounds for spinning, this compact RV washer and dryer combo is a great option for doing laundry.  The product dimensions of 14.2″D x 22.7″W x 25.8″H inches are suitable for limited space. you can easily be stored in an apartment or dorm room or taken on an RV trip. It has an easy-to-use control panel that lets you set the desired time and modes (soft, normal, and drain) for versatile use. 

Its noise level is less than 20 dB, which is quiet enough for you to run the machine even at night. The washer control timer runs for up to 15 minutes, while the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes for each load. This twin tub Laundry Washer operates at 1300 RPM on an 110V power source and uses less water. There is a long drain pipe and a high-efficiency drain pump that allow excess water to be automatically drained. The filter device in the tub can also collect debris with a powerful cleaning function.

The thing we like about this RV washer and dryer is that it does great laundry and saves electricity. You can wash everything in this twin-tub clothes washing machine, including queen-sized sheets and throw blankets. The spinner will totally stun you with how fast it goes. 

Product Specification

Capacity 17.6 Pounds
Product Dimensions 14.2″D x 22.7″W x 25.8″H
Special Feature ‎Portable,Light Weight,Compact

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Joyce purchase this and review that It’s washed good I like this washing machine it washes my clothes pretty good  

Giantex Fully Automatic portable RV Washer and Drawer with Built-in Pump Drain

Giantex Portable Washing Machine, Full Automatic Washer and Spinner Combo, with Built-in Pump Drain 8 LBS Capacity Compact Laundry Washer Spinner for Apartment RV Dorm

This RV washer and dryer machine is lightweight and small, making it easy to move around your house or apartment. The fully automatic laundry washing machine allows you to set the washing machine program and frees up your hands to do other things. The honeycomb-shaped inner tub can load 8 pounds at a time and wash multiple garments for you. A built-in drain aluminum pump and a drainage tube allow you to easily drain out dirty water. 

You can choose from six different washing programs, like wash-rinse-spin, soak-wash-rinse-spin, wash, wash-rinse, rinse-spin, and spin. The three water levels, like L/16L, M/23L, and H/30L, allow you to choose a suitable level according to the amount of clothes you need to wash. Simply adjust the different washing modes through the wash push-button and control the water level via the switch. 

Our experts highly recommend this 2-in-1 spin wash and spin dry as it is the perfect size for one person’s washing needs. There are many portable machines on the market that are not fully automatic, from wash to rinse to spin, but this one is. 

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 17″D x 17″W x 29.5″H
Capacity 8 Pounds
Special Feature Full Automatic

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Heather Matousch purchase this and review that “A good little machine with a few little quirks” So we’ve had our Giantex for a few weeks now, enough time to run quite a few loads

KoolMore 2-in-1 RV Washer and Dryer Combo With Capacity of 2.7 Cubic Feet (White)

KoolMore 2-in-1 Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo, 2.7 Cu. Ft., for Apartment, Dorm, RV, 16 Wash and 4 Dry Cycles, Compact Space Saver [White] [120V] (FLC-3CWH)

With this front-loading washer and dryer, you can load dirty laundry into the machine, and it will wash and dry it without needing to be taken out, making it a rapid and effective wash or dry system. It’s ventless which makes it easier to dry clothes without complicated setups. The high-powered performance with LED display makes washing and drying clothes quicker, easier, and more convenient for men and women. With a 1300 RPM max spin speed and an easy-to-manage push-button operations system, it spins super well, and washing is super easy in both directions. 

The RV washer and dryer provide multiple wash and dry cycles. There are 16 individual washing cycles and 4 drying cycles, allowing you to customize settings according to your clothes, like what type of fabric and what level of cleaning is required.

We would definitely recommend this for apartments, especially RVs. It makes your laundry easier. We noticed that it will wash and dry your clothes in almost 4 hours. It is very powerful, easy to set up, and UL energy-verified.

Product Specification

Capacity 2.7 Cubic Feet
Product Dimensions 23.1″D x 23.4″W x 33.5″H
Special Feature LED Display

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jen purchase this and review that “Great purchase”  Overall I love this combo