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By creating the best appliances in the world, GE Appliances brings good things to life. By offering high-quality appliances that were designed for everyday use, we hope to assist individuals in improving their quality of life at home. Whether tackling a mound of dirty trousers and soccer jerseys or savouring the tradition of preparing meals from scratch, GE Appliances is designed to support any and all household tasks. The 30″ wide top-freezer 28 wide Refrigerator with an 18-cu. ft. capacity has enough for both fresh and frozen favourites. The Flexi-SlideTM bin easily slides from side to side to provide you with more practical storage alternatives above the 28 wide Refrigerator crisper. Wall-to-wall storage of your food is made possible by frameless glass shelves, and electronic temperature controls allow you to set the ideal temperature for your frozen favourites. Additionally, the simple-to-install EZ Connect icemaker kit eliminates the need to refill ice trays inside the refrigerator’s top freezer compartment. 

A Miele refrigerator’s quality is difficult to match, and these 28 wide Refrigerator models is no exception. Every element, including the stainless steel inside and trim, the MasterCool temperature control, and the Active Air Clean filter, is designed for optimum longevity and luxury. The Push2open door mechanism on this 28 wide Refrigerator integrated refrigerator eliminates the need for a handle, enabling a flush installation straight into your kitchen cabinetry. You can’t go wrong starting with a 28 wide Refrigerator when looking for a full-size refrigerator that doesn’t take up all of the kitchen space. To summarise what we’ve covered in this article, these 28 wide Refrigerator are affordable, fit in almost any kitchen, available in a range of styles, and have enough space to organise food for a family of four.

28 wide Refrigerator, Single Door Salad Prep Table with 7.5 Cu.Ft Commercial-12 Pans Capacity and Cutting Board-(33 °F - 38°F)

KITMA 28" W Sandwich/Salad Prep Table Refrigerator, Single Door Salad Prep Table with 7.5 Cu.Ft Commercial Refrigerator Base, Cutting Board, and 12 Pans Capacity (33 °F - 38°F)

There are 12 pieces in the KITMA sandwich prep table refrigerator. Salad/sandwich pans, 6.8″ long, 6.25″ broad, and 4″ deep Ingredients, labelling, and food organisation. Pans’ insulated lids maintain temperatures at which food is safe. For slicing, assembling, etc., the cutting board is mounted to the countertop. A 28 wide Refrigerator located underneath the salad preparation table is ideal for keeping extra ingredients like cheese and meat. With its 1/7 horsepower compressor, Dixell digital temperature control system, and environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant, the 28 wide Refrigerator can maintain your food’s freshness by maintaining the cabinet’s temperature between 33- and 38-degrees Fahrenheit.

The sandwich prep table 28 wide Refrigerator interior and exterior are made of 430 and 304 stainless steels, which is strong and simple to clean. There is one reinforced adjustable shelf in the 28 wide Refrigerator. To arrange the refrigerator’s storage capacity, you can change the shelves’ height and spacing. Machines can be moved simply thanks to the casters, making maintenance and cleaning easier.

The sandwich prep table is solidly made for a long lifespan and ETL certified. With the Peace of Mind Warranty, we guarantee the quality of our work. Pizza, chicken, hamburgers, spaghetti, etc. can be stored in this hot box food warmer since it can accommodate four 13.4″ x 14.4″ x 0.6″ food trays or four 9.8″ x 6.2″ x 2.2″ food boxes at various intervals. Superior Aluminum Construction: 28 wide Refrigerator food warmer can keep prepared dishes at the right serving temperature for a long time because it is made of non-corrosive aluminium. 28 wide Refrigerator warmer’s lightweight construction makes it simple to move about. The door hinge allows you to open the door at a maximum angle of 180°, and the stainless-steel trays are very simple to draw.

Our warming cabinet is perfect for keeping your food fresh. 28 wide Refrigerator can maintain a temperature of about 150°F and has good temperature retention. The on-screen controls also let you change the temperature. Additionally, the airflow is circulated while being protected from overload by the internal PTC heat source. Careful Planning Design: The entire body is designed with insulation. The inside detachable water tray is used to collect water vapour; the one-button switch is simple to use; the associated heat-insulating gloves are simple to use while removing food; and the non-slip feet at the bottom may steady the device and prevent it from slipping.


Commercial Undercounter 28 wide Refrigerator, Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator Single Door Under Counter fridge - 7.15 Cu. Ft, Stainless Steel

KITMA 28" Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator, Single Door Under Counter fridge - 7.15 Cu. Ft, Stainless Steel

The KITMA under-counter refrigerator makes 28 wide Refrigerator simple to store ingredients as well as additional equipment or tables. Its 7.15 Cu. Ft volume makes it effective for organising your kitchen area. This 28 wide Refrigerator has an excellent refrigeration system, an environmentally responsible R290 refrigerant that maintains a temperature between 33- and 38-degrees Fahrenheit to keep your food fresh, and a self-closing door with a seal that promptly closes to provide an effective refrigeration effect.

A 90-pound capacity reinforced adjustable shelf is included in the KITMA 28 wide Refrigerator. By adjusting the height and interval yourself, you can organise your storage area more quickly and efficiently. The 28 wide Refrigerator is quite simple to move in order to efficiently manage kitchen space thanks to the 4 pieces 5″ heavy-duty rollers. The under-counter 28 wide Refrigerator is made of heavy-duty reinforced 430 stainless steel, which is non-perishable, long-lasting, and simple to clean. The under-counter 28 wide Refrigerator is well made for a long lifespan and ETL approved. With the Peace of Mind Warranty, we guarantee the quality of our work.

Built to survive for years, the KITMA built-in under-counter countertop 28 wide Refrigerator. Because the bottom-mounted compressor in this under-counter refrigerator draws in cooler air rather than hot air, 28 wide Refrigerator is perfect for use in hot environments and near kitchen lines. The compressor is also simpler to maintain and keep clean. For plug-and-play convenience, this under-counter worktop refrigerator has an integrated condensate evaporator. Standard door locks restrict access to drinks and food while safeguarding the contents of the refrigerator. Automatic defrost and casters are included as standard.

This garbage can drawer is composed of rust- and corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and strong food-grade stainless steel. Even under harsh situations, it provides a long lifespan and good performance. Considerate Design of 28 wide Refrigerator: The soft borders and corners can protect you from injuries sustained accidentally. For long-term usage, the built-in design enables the door and cabinet to be snugly linked together, preventing the passage of water and other foreign items. Smooth Sliding Rails: On both sides of the outside drawer, there are smooth sliding rails, ensuring that the drawer will slide in and out without any issues or noise of 28 wide Refrigerator.

between 24 and 40 inches. The dimensions of a typical refrigerator are roughly 24 to 40 inches wide, 62 to 72 inches tall, and 29 to 36 inches deep. Counter-depth versions are typically offered in french door and side-by-side refrigerator configurations, but generally speaking, these two types of refrigerators will be wider and taller.

For comparison, a typical adult requires 4 to 6 cubic feet of refrigerator space. However, according to industry experts, a typical household of four requires at least 20 cubic feet of space in order to store a sufficient quantity of goods.

around 500L. A fridge with a capacity of 100 to 350 liters will do for a single or two-person home. I advise a refrigerator with a capacity of 200-500L for a family of 2 to 4. Alternatively, a fridge with a size of about 500L is perfect for a family of 4. Families with more than 4 individuals will want a refrigerator with a higher capacity.

A professional-grade refrigerator’s typical dimensions are between 30 and 36 inches in width, 67 to 70 inches in height, and 29 to 35 inches in depth. You should have between 14 and 20 cubic feet of inner room in the refrigerator itself.

 Apartment refrigerators are slimmer than 30-36″ (76.2-91.44 cm) width normal refrigerators but are often in the same 60-75″ (152.4-190.5 cm) height range. They are designed to fit into compact kitchens.

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