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By: Muhammad Jawad

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Lasko bathroom heater


Dreo space heater

A portable bathroom heater is a great product that can be used for many purposes like as living room when you are sitting in the living room this heater is used to heat your room at that time which is easily adjusted from one place to another.  We have picked up two different brands of heaters. One of them just requires one push of the button to come on for an hour and then turn off, which is absolutely notable and convenient. It has temperature control, which is high or low, just by pushing a button. 

The other one is remote-controlled. It has five different modes and a 12-hour timer, and from this portable bathroom heater, we experienced that it would easily warm up bigger areas. It has a simple, very attractive bronze and black exterior and uses little space. When not in use, just unplug it and put a hand towel over it to keep it dust-free. We observed they’re a good choice, especially for bathrooms, as they’re compact and easy to install. It is easily move able and very easy to control. You can avoid the harshness of winter by getting portable heater

Lasko Ceramic Portable Bathroom Heater in White Color with Heat Output of 1500 Watts

Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor Home Use, White, 6.25 x 6.25 x 7.65 inches

Lasko heater is to warm up your chilly bathroom or any room in your house or apartment. This portable bathroom heater heats the bathroom quickly when you shower during the winter, avoiding the chilly feeling when you shower outside. You can use it in different places, like your bathroom, office, living room, etc. We had reviewed and researched many ceramic heaters for bathrooms, but chose this one, which gets really chilly in the winter. The on-off switch is a big button on the top of the heater, making it easy to operate heat to low, high, and off without bending over.

Using bigger heaters gets the room too hot, but this one heated the room very well, and it didn’t get too hot. Its heat output is a 1500-watt ceramic heating element with three heat settings. The dimensions of this heater are 8 inches tall, and its footprint is 6.25 square inches. You can place it anywhere, like on your desk or floor. There are some safety features available in this heater, like built-in safety features, including overheat protection, a self-regulating ceramic element, and cool-touch housing.

Anyone looking to get a portable heater for their bathroom, there is no need to look further. We are happy to see that it is equipped with an ALCI safety plug. It is what cuts off your power in one second in the event of a short circuit. The heater gets hot, but the exterior of this ceramic heater remains cool and warm on the inside. 

Product Specification

Special Feature Energy Efficient,
Form Factor Table
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rick Maluchnik purchased this and reviews that Nice so far Just got this Bathroom Heater and boy does it ever put out heat quickly and efficiently . . . so far. Will update post after three months.

Dreo Led Digital Display Portable Bathroom Heater with 40-95°F Digital Thermostat

Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor, Portable Heater, 1500W Safe and Quiet PTC Ceramic Heater, 40-95°F Digital Thermostat, 70°Oscillating, Remote, ALCI Safety Plug, 12h Timer, 5 Modes

A great solution to protect yourself from the cold in the winter is a heater that protects you from the winter and keeps you warm in your room, your bathroom, etc. Some space heaters are prone to malfunctioning, so this heater is a great and cost-effective replacement for them. This portable bathroom heater will give you complete protection and heat your bathroom very quick. As noise reduction of up to 36.5 dB and with low energy consumption of up to 1500 watts it heats your room to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 24 °C) in just two seconds.

It has a motor that heats your room in the blink of an eye and makes you feel great. it comes with some safety features that are used to protect you, like the use of ceramic material in its construction that keeps the heater warm from the inside and cool from the outside. The 10.3-inch complement takes it wherever you want, like the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. It is effective for all kinds of places that are closed from all sides. this heater is V-0-ratedflame-retardant materials which automatically shut off your heater when it overheats which providing you with safety.

This is a wonderful, compact electric ceramic heater with a fan and an easy-grip handle to pick it up. The cord of this heater is approx. 6 feet, and there is a special plug for bathroom use. It is remote controlled, so there is no need to get up. By remote, you can set up your heater the way you want without losing your comfort zone. We had a great experience with this portable bathroom heater. We like the timer of 1 to 12 hours, so there is no worry in mind that the heater is running all day long. You can set the timer before going to bed or out. Also, there is a washable, detachable filter at the air inlet and it is easy-to-clean filter in the back.

Product Specification

Special Feature5 Modes, LED Digital Display
Heat Output1500 Watts
Product Dimensions5.51″D x 6.69″W x 10.31″H

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ricky Chui purchased this and reviews that Excellent Customer Service I bought this little heater from Amazon for my bathroom use during the winter months. I loved this heater and used daily for about 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Install wall-mounted heaters or, if necessary, anchor heaters against walls to prevent them from toppling over. Never use a heater to dry clothes; instead, keep them well away from clothing, drapes, and furniture. A heater can cast light on your clothing or chair, so always sit at least one meter away from one.

Small space heaters operate by radiant heating or convection, which is the movement of air inside an area.space heaters consume a lot of power when used alone, especially when several are used in a house or place of business.

High-wattage devices like portable electric heaters have the ability to set fire to everything in their immediate vicinity, including clothing, paper, mattresses, couches, curtains, and flammable liquids. A large fire might occur if a heater that is left on and unattended causes ignite.

When you switch on a heater after not using it for some time, you could detect a musty odor. The accumulation of dust and other particles on the heating components is the reason of this. These particles are discharged into the air when the element warms up and may produce a disagreeable odor.